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Reversal with Dr. Marks tomorrow morning, 15 years post vasectomy


Any good news? I’ve been following your posts because I’m getting a reversal. You and I have very similar symptoms and I’m eager to see how well things turn out for you! Thank you!



@Eric_Greatwood, good timing on asking for an update, I was giving it another week and was planning to post today.

I am 16 days post-reversal, still extremely happy with the results. All my prior issues are gone and I have very minor discomfort if I am too active, like a few days ago when dealing with the foot of snow over the weekend. I returned to the office this week, sitting for long periods has been fine during the day. I noticed last night and tonight a dull ache on the right side which I’m not sure is typical healing, lingering affects from the activity this weekend or perhaps the meloxicam is not working as well as the prednisone. I am giving it another day then will call ICVR to see if I should the fill the Rx for meloxicam or celebrex (it says it can be filled with either).

Given I am only just over two weeks since the surgery, I am doing much, much better than I expected!

A summary of all the positive changes:

The urination issues remain resolved. The stream seems stronger and no more dribbling after I think I am finished.

None of the old pain and pressure exists anymore . The new discomfort I mentioned above is different and far less extreme.

I feel way more horny now. I am 46 years old, so I don’t feel the need to go at it multiple times in a day, but my wife is amused because she can see the look in my eye when I arrive home from work…and when we cross paths in the kitchen…and when I join her on the couch… Etc, etc. Last night I hugged her from behind when I got home and told her I think the reversal has made me way more horny, she replied, “Yeah I can tell, I can feel you poking my back.”

I think my penis is slightly larger (more girth) when flaccid. It feels a bit larger when erect, and definitely gains more girth than pre-reversal just before ejaculation.

Orgasm is now absolutely fantastic! I can’t really say if it matches pre-reversal because it has been 15 years. But it was way, way more intense and explosive than I expected. I am so, so happy with this! Before reversal, orgasm triggered a bout of pain and pressure which lasted a few days. Plus I was missing that sense of release. Now I feel an incredible, body shuddering release. There is a lot more volume, it smells like it used to and the velocity is crazy compared to before! The other night my wife finished me using hands while laying on my back and I shot up past my head. Previously it barely shot out a few inches, mostly sort of dribbled out. Even if the mild pain I am feeling remains with me the rest of my life the restoration of orgasm alone is worth it.

My only regret in this was waiting 15 years before taking this action. I realize every story here is different and some guys have had poor results. But for my situation, I think a reversal was exactly what I needed.

I also have to say I feel grateful and blessed that my wife has been extremely supportive and willing to help me out with the frequent ejaculations. I think I am going to settle into every other day because going every day has been tough. I suppose I will evaluate that plan after my first semen analysis in a few weeks. Going every day for me now physically feels like it used to when I was younger and went for a third time in the same day.

I will post another update with my semen analysis results in a few weeks, or sooner if anything notable happens or anyone has other questions for me.

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Thank you SO much for the detailed response. I had my vasectomy September 27th, 2018. I am 27 years old. Currently living in Hayward, CA. Originally from Las Vegas, NV. I served 6 years in the Air Force as a diesel mechanic. I am clinically diagnosed schizophrenic/ bipolar. But really all I have is PTSD in my book. My girlfriend agrees that there isn’t anything wrong with me. But the doctors convinced me I had this illness, so I did the right thing by getting my vasectomy because I didn’t want to pass on my “schizophrenic” genes. Since then it takes me about 4x the effort to ejaculate. My orgasms are about less than half of the strength of my old ones. When I do finally finish my body is so weak from trying, and the orgasm value doesn’t meet the work half of the time. No sense of completion. Mild testicular pain. I also have two slipped discs in my back putting pressure on my sciatic nerves. Which is why doctors say I have a lack of sensation in my penis. My girlfriend goes down on me and I can feel about 20% of my skin. So really the idea of her doing the work is what keeps me hard, not necessarily sensation. That’s what I can think of right now but I’m sure there are other issues. The reversal might not fix all of it, but any fixing of this will be worth going under the knife again. No matter how terrified I am.

Oh yeah, terrified. I didn’t know this about myself, but apparently local anaesthetic doesn’t work on me unless 15 minutes goes by. So my original surgery I felt every single thing that happened. I dropped body temperature on the table and had cold sweats so bad it dissolved the exam tables paper.

I’m hoping they can put me under completely for the reversal, but will stick it out again if I have to.

Thank you so much for your detail, you are a life saver. I am currently working with the VA and ICVR to get myself set up. The money was approved from the VA, ICVRs team is AMAZING. I haven’t even spoken to everyone yet but the receptionist was so genuine in her care it made me break into tears over the phone.

Luckily I am self employed so I don’t have a schedule. I work the first week of February and hopefully Ill have enough money to make the trip and heal down there. Unfortunately I would have enough money if the government shut down didn’t happen. The government owes me over 5k in disability. I’ve been barely keeping myself a float.

Thank you InForSomeChop. I will keep posted in my recovery. I really am happy you are getting some much deserved happiness out of your reversal.



Hi Eric,
Welcome to the unfortunate group of people took the vas route. I did my Vas only 18 months ago, but my reversal is already booked for February 7. I hope we all get great results from our reversals and that we can warn people about the dangers of vas.



@InForSomeChop, hi thanks so much for the detailed updates. It is really encouraging!

Just curious since you mentioned a blowout on the right epi. Did Dr. Marks say he removed any granuloma from your epi on that side?

In my case my urologist said he saw on ultrasound a marble sized granuloma from blowout at base of my left epi, which is the side I have pain. When I spoke with Dr. Burrows a few months ago he said if I went ahead with reversal he’d remove the epi granuloma (if indeed there was one) and it wouldn’t impact the reversal. But it would be good to know of someone else who had one removed successfully during reversal. =)



Hey Daniel,

Without a doubt I would never wish this on my greatest enemy. I’m sure there will be some people we can save from this unfortunate journey.

I can’t wait to see how it helps you. All the positive energy from me to you in your reversal. Please keep an update as I will do my best to do the same.

  • Eric
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@Eric_Greatwood Thank you for your service to our country! Sorry to hear you are among the victim crowd here, another brother in pain. Regarding your concern about local anesthetic not working for you and hoping you will not feel anything : If you are using ICVR I can tell you I felt nothing during the surgery and remember nothing about the procedure itself. The last thing I remember was insertion of the IV, then it was lights out for me. I assume even if the numbing does not work right away you probably either won’t feel it any way because you will be asleep, or you won’t remember. My sister-in-law is a nurse anesthetist and she told me the Versed used in the IV prevents memory of the procedure and the fentanyl makes you fall asleep. It is a mild sedation compared to deep anesthesia, so you are breathing on your own, low risk She was also pleased to hear they use both quick acting, short term numbing before they do any cutting. Plus long term numbing and more quick acting numbing throughout the procedure. She told me when monitoring patients under deep anesthetia their vitals jump as soon as the knife cuts. Even though there is no conscious reaction the body reacts physiologically. She said some surgeons numb locally before cutting and the reaction does not occur. Dr Marks told me they numb before cutting and during the surgery because it helps reduce inflammation and improves healing. Basically it reduces the body’s perception of trauma, helping to mimimize its reaction.

I was also terrified to have the reversal done, as well as what the surgery experience would entail. The fear of making things worse is the primary reason I waited 15 years. After I found this website and read many, many stories I considered the risk might be worth it for me. Then after reading very positive experiences at ICVR following by a wonderful phone consult with Dr. Marks I decided to pull the trigger. I definitely reccomend anyone in the US read through the ICVR website, talk with the staff there and set up a free consult. The extra expense of traveling to them for the reversal is worth it in my opinion. Everyone there is excellent and I couldn’t be happier with the experience overall. They are first and foremost a clinic for restoring fertility, but affectionately refer to guys like us as their pain patients. I truly felt compassion from everyone there. Plus the tremendously different climate and landscape of Tucson was a nice benefit too, coming from the “great white north” that is Maine in January.

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@worship01 I did not have a granuloma on the blown out side. The surgery notes indicate scarring at the tail of the epididymis, no granuloma. My left side had more significant scar tissue, “very dense, very vascular peri-vasal scar tissue” , wrapped around the five clips. I imagine excising that was akin to removing a granuloma. Dr Marks told me they try to clean up anomalies they find, but are very careful not to cause undo damage.

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I should note that my interpretation of the blowout on the right side was internal blowout near the base of the epididymis, not a blowout of vas around the clip or actual external rupture of the epididymis. So no opportunity for sperm to leak and form a granuloma. My general practice doctor thought the mass on the left side was a granuloma, but it was the mass of scar tissue and clump of clips.

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It was my pleasure to serve my country. No matter the cost. Unfortunately leadership and war are nothing I support and I intend to rehab our system until the day I die or I am relieved of my duties.

Again thank you for the detail, please only answer with what you want to.

Can you give me a little advice on some more things to do and not do during recovery? I’m worried about walking and going to the bathroom. Showers, etc.
Is it necessary for me to stay in the local area?

Can I hit a flight back afterwards?

Is there a need for an in person follow up appointment?

How long before I can work or lift things? I’m very active and do not want to jump the gun.

How hard was it to not want to play with yourself before healing time?

Thank you,

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Happy to give you insight from my experience. I guess I wouldn’t call it advice since your experience, anatomy, pain tolerance could be quite different from mine. But I will give you my story and thought process surrounding recovery, travel, etc. I will make multiple posts, quoting each of your questions to make it easier to follow.

Overall, for the first week I tried to strictly follow the doctor’s orders. So the first thing I would say which helped me greatly was having another person with me while in Tucson, and having a person to help a week or so after you return home. For the first few days you are home you will feel most comfortable on your back and following what seems like an excessive ice routine (30 mins on, 10 mins off, repeat most of the day). That means it would be best if you either have another person around to help change the ice packs and bring you food/water, or have them set you up with a big cooler each day or something like that so you can minimize getting up. That is my opinion. They want you to minimize being upright to keep the swelling down.

ICVR wants you to remain local at least two nights following surgery. First night is the day of surgery, doctor comes to hotel the next day for housecall visit, stay that night, then can travel the following morning. For example, my surgery was on a Monday, I traveled Wednesday. That worked well enough for me, I’m not sure another day or two there before traveling would have benefitted me much.

You also might consider adding a couple of buffer days before your surgery. My wife and I flew out on Friday, which gave us the weekend in Tucson to relax and see some sights. The main reason we wanted the buffer was to guard against any travel issues causing me to miss my surgery date.

The day of surgery I was flat on my back icing, only got up to use the bathroom. Showered the next day midday, but didn’t shower again until the day after I returned home. Then showered about every other day that first week.

Definitely arrange to have a wheelchair when you book your flights. You should not walk around the airports. Sitting up all day to travel will be bad enough. This is also where having a travel companion is helpful because they can get ice for you and help you keep fresh ice on your groin. We brought a bunch of gallon baggies with us so we could double bag the ice, toss it when melty and set up a new bag.



No in person follow up needed. ICVR is super experienced with men traveling to them from far way. And given their high level of expertise they say complications are very rare. Should that occur they want you to let them know so they can directly coordinate with your local doctor. They want to ensure the local doc does nothing which could jeapordize your long term success.

Someone from ICVR will call you at the one week and two week mark to check on you. The doctor also provides their personal cell phone for any after hours urgent concerns.



They recommend very limited activity the first two weeks, very light duty for two weeks after that. Then ease into your normal routine, especially anything which will activate your core muscles. Definitely tell them your usual activities so they can tailor their recommendation to you. I am merely giving you my interpretation of their instructions.

I will tell you I think I jumped the gun a little bit because I was feeling pretty great. Just under two weeks from my surgery we had a large snowstorm (14 inches over two days) so I cleaned off my truck twice and spent two, one hour long rounds plowing my driveway, plus a bit of light shoveling. I definitely felt that the next day.

I have an office job now, so my days of manual labor at work are behind me. If your work is physically demanding definitely coordinate with ICVR for advice.



Ha, so that was a bit of a challenge by about one week after. I was feeling good physically and my libido was definitely higher compared to pre-reversal so I had to resist that urge. The reconnections are very tiny and fragile, so I had to keep that in the forefront of my mind. Doc says abstain for 14 days to prevent damage, so I told myself I must hold to that so I do not undo my chances to get my life back. My wife and I actually cheated by one day, we had sex on the night of the 13th day after surgery.



Thanks again for the replies! I will read them soon as well as inform you on what my next steps are!



Great news on the progress.



@raising4girls Thanks for the encouragement. The progress remains good. I will get my first SA next week, I will post the results. I can say the volume, color, smell and viscosity remains like it was since reversal so I think that bodes well for my SA. Compared to pre-reversal:

  • Noticeably higher volume
  • Color is more white-ish, it used to be yellow-ish
  • The smell is stronger. Fom what I remember it is the same as it was before vasectomy
  • The texture is more creamy and bit more slippery, maybe a bit more liquidy. It used to be a thicker consistency, sort of glue-like.

Pain is moderately improved since my post last week. Not pain free yet, but far, far better than before reversal. At this point I have mild kicked in the balls feeling in the right testicle, only when walking around. When prone, sitting or standing there is no pain. Wearing a jock strap over my underwear helps. The right testicle is also super sensitive to touch, such as even a light tap spikes a short kicked n the balls feel. I am chalking this up as normal for where I am in, since I am not quite 4 weeks post-reversal. Many guys here said it took months for them to fully heal up.

Orgasm remains great! I get that whole-body feeling of release. The oniy odd thing I’ve noticed since reversal is it often takes me a longer to finish. For example, when going full on I used to last maybe 5 minutes to finish. Now it can be anywhere from 10 minutes to 20. Not sure if anyone else here experienced that. It is not bothersome, just different and unexpected. I will say the first few times I ejaculated after reversal it took way longer due to a mental block; I was seriously worried about pain on ejaculation as well as concerned I might blow out the connections. Perhaps I still have some mild mental blocks causing me to last longer, even though it definitely does not hurt and feels amazing now. IDK, the mind can mess with your body for sure.

Overall, I am very happy, so glad I am finally moving on from the hell of vasectomy issues.



Funny in a sad way that the urological community insists there’s no change in our sperm but virtually every one of us has experienced this. I remember how little I was discharging post-vas/pre-reversal. Just last night, 12-1/2 years post-reversal, my wife joked about how much came out of me and that it was dripping out of her! I know all we have is anecdotal evidence, but good God, all of these similar stories can’t be coincidences.



It’s funny how much satisfaction men get out of an impressive ejaculation. I have to admit that I’m down to pretty small amount and it makes me sad when I think about the 3 - 5 solid streams I would get just a few years ago. I guess I want to perform well so that I feel like I’m at peak performance and so the wife feels like she coaxed all that out of me. Psychologically, sex is complicated. :wink:

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Lab results from first SA, about 30 days post-reversal. Numbers are lower than they want so going back on prednisone with orders to resume icing a few times per day, plus limit any strenuous activity. They expected somewhat lower numbers because the vas-to-epi on one side typically takes a few months to open up. But they want to attack things as described to help the vas-to-vas side.

The relevant numbers:
Motility was 3%, target is 40%.
Count per ml was 8 million, target is 15.
Total count was 29 million, target is 39.

Can any of you other post-reversal guys comment on your numbers at around 30 days out? And your number trends thereafter?

I am still feeling great and remain very happy. Similar to my earlier post a few weeks ago, I only have mild ache when walking around, and that only occurs sometimes. Even that is slowly trending better. I will say because I have been feeling great I have not been super careful or mindful about lifting or strenuous activity. I will limit that again another 30 days as per doctor recommendation. Hopefully that combined with icing and steroids will help reduce any internal swelling which is limiting my numbers.

Another new observation is I simply feel better overall, as in I have more energy, no more brain fog, and generally more vigor. I remember seeing something along those lines in other threads on this site, it is interesting to experience it. It sort of snuck up on me, as I was walking around the grocery store tonight I really noticed the improvement. I believe it must be related to the reversal since I hadn’t quite felt that way in many years. Whether it is psychosomatic, biological or both I will take it!