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Reversal with Dr. Fenig next week

I am having my reversal with Dr. Fenig next week. I had a meeting with him earlier last week where we discussed what would be happening during the reversal and he said 2 things that I thought were off.

  1. He mentioned wanting to leave the vas clips in.

  2. When I asked if he could remove scar tissue or entrapped nerves, he said he didn’t want to do more than necessary in order to prevent inflammation.

I understand not wanting to exacerbate a tender area, but my thoughts are we’re trying to get everything back to the way it was pre-vasectomy, which would mean removal of the clips and freeing up any scar tissue that could be causing pain.

Guys, did you speak with your surgeon about cleaning up any scar tissue, clips, and entrapped nerves when getting your reversal? What are your thoughts?

Hey Bryan,

First thing I would ask is are you sure that your pain is congestion related and not nerve related? If it is nerve related, a reversal will not necessarily assist and may make things worse (this is what happened to me). I would advise against reversals unless you have done at least two diagnostic nerve blocks to determine the cause of pain.

Secondly, if you have seen photos of spermatic cord denervation, you will have seen that the nerves in that area are thread like and almost undetectable from other tissue. I have some skepticism that it is possible to remove scar tissue and entrapped nerves surgically.

Perhaps some of the other members can give a more scientific response, but these are just the issues that jump to my mind - you can read my initial post to see my background (vasectomy 2018, reversal three months later, still in pain now).

Best of luck!

I think we’re getting fooled by the pretty words that surgeons use. They call it “reversal”, but it’s not a “back to normal” procedure.

Did he specify what kind of procedure he plans to do? Your vasectomy was 6 years ago? It’s not unlikely that your epididymus has been clogged up in that time, so a normal vasovasostomy could be impossible. Did he say anything about the chance of resolving pain if he does a vasoepididymostomy?

Might want to read the thread below @bryan1. Don’t get caught up in personal opinions.

Thanks for replying.

Congestion is and has been the larger issue. And, I’ll read up on your posts; thank you for sharing your story. I hope things take a turn for the better for you.

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