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Reversal - Why Wait and What to Consider

I’m just researching, but why do people say to try conservative measures for pain/discomfort before trying a reversal? My simplistic brain thinks that getting back to a pre-vas state ASAP is the best course of action unless you still want a vas, but don’t want the pain. I’m at the point where I’ve learned so much about a vas that I no longer want it…unless I’m guaranteed to not have any issues later on, but we know that guarantee isn’t out there.

Also, what should I be aware of/consider before getting a reversal. Obviously there are short term risks associated with any surgery, but what are the long term risks? What should I be aware of that I’m probably not even thinking about? Not sure how relevant it is to this thread, but the two reversal doctors that we’ve been semi looking into are Dr. Marks and the PUR Clinic.

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Reversals have the same risks as vasectomy if not more which include nerve damage or further nerve damage if you already have nerve damage from original vasectomy. It’s not uncommon to want a reversal once you get screwed from the original vasectomy and start researching the BS you were not made aware of ahead of time. Success rates on reversal depending on how success is measured varies doc to doc. Reversals can scar over and it’s not known how long they will last but could be immediate scar over, 2 years, or 10 years or maybe stay open indefinitely depending on how your body does with scar tissue. Some men get relief from the clean up of reversal so if and when they scar over they are in a better place pain wise. The reversal is a gamble and some think it’s better to exhaust all conservative options before trying reversal but ultimately it’s your call and decision. Sometimes time will get you to a better place and I believe your early in the process. Many stories on here on reversal and outcomes.

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I forgot to add that the reversal recovery timeline is a lot longer and also something to consider with a lot of ups and downs but someone who has had a reversal could comment further than me.

Reversal is not a trivial operation. It’s a serious reconfiguring of you junk, how it hangs, you spermatic cord etc… I wish I never had to get one but I was really messed up bad by the time I did. I was not working, could not sit for long periods of time, could not take long car trips, watch my kids play on the hard seats in the auditorium etc… I waited 5 years after my vasectomy to get one btw… I did not join a forum like this until 4 years after my vasectomy and did not blame my vasectomy for my issues until about year 3.

If you can wait and see if you get to a place where you don’t think about it you will probably be better off.

That being said, there are lots of threads that talk about what to consider if youre moving forward.

The most simplistic terms I would give you in regard to the quote above is, because there’s always a chance you will end up in a worse off situation in the long run.

Lots of men have faced the same challenges, and/or dilemma. Keep in mind that long term patency is a total crap shoot of sorts. And not only that, we are talking about two repairs, not one. I certainly wouldn’t bet the house that you will be any different than the others in this site, or elsewhere.

Another reason in regard to the quote above, you might change your mind about your current situation in time to come, especially if your one of them guys that gets the short straw should you proceed to move further with this idea.

And just FYI, and I’m not trying to scare you, more like being honest with you, it’s said there’s a 1-2% chance of making things worse in the long run.

I’ve wrote so much stuff for you, and everyone else to consider in other reversal threads, and so have several others. I’m simply not going to type it all out again every time someone asks the same or similar questions.

I will repeat what I’ve said in many threads before. I’ve seen, or in one way or another know of many men that had a reversal within 4-6+ months post vas that have a positive story to tell, but there’s always the occasional guy that doesn’t.

I will also repeat that I don’t shame any man for what they do, and that includes men that choose to opt themselves out early. Don’t take what I’m saying as any sort of encouragement to do anything. Ultimately, it’s your life, and your choice. Make sure you know everything about what your considering getting yourself into before you do anything.

Keep us posted on whatever you may decide to do no matter what that might be, and good luck.

Thanks Ringo! I think I’ll be playing the waiting game. My main concern is that I wait so long that things get worse and my chances of getting closer to normal reduce as a result of my worse condition. Maybe that’s a bs concern since almost everyone thinks time should be the first step.

No problem buddy. I want you to do what you think is best for you. Look into all the available conservative options. They are scattered all over this site. There’s got to be something you can try to help you possibly get through this.

If you look at vasectomy recovery timelines as a whole, the vast majority of men get better quite rapidly. Some claim to have no event recoveries, and down the line. If we go by data that’s out there to be read, and heard in person from people who are really in the know, many say that men that don’t get better by the 6 month mark are definitely not the norm, and may never get better. All at the same time, I’m definitely aware that many individual cases get better past the 6 month mark.

From there, the statistics go out approximately 12 months, and those guys are in an even lower tier far as what’s considered normal, or how rare they are in the big picture of recovery timelines.

We can step that out to 18 months, and once again, those guys are in an even lower tier in the big picture.

We can step that out to two years, and those guys are getting into a tier of what many would refer to as extreme rarities in the big picture of what’s normal. Step that out even further, and you get where I’m going with this.

Theres many things for everyone to consider regarding individual cases far as waiting things out, and everyone is different. There’s certainly no one path for every man, or some guidebook, or guidelines we all must follow like robots. Situations are different, symptoms, anomalies, abnormalities, common risks that are inherent with vasectomy, pain levels, frequency’s, etc. I think it’s fair to say all those things and then some play a role in when to hold’em, or when to fold’em.

Good luck.

This statement strikes home with all of us. Will waiting make things better or will pain centralize and become permanent?

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This is definitely something to take into consideration.

It’s a well known fact that many pvps docs do believe there’s something to this ideology. If they didn’t, which I’m certain they do, they wouldn’t be prescribing men specific medications to help with the possibility of nerves locking open, and/or the CNS not forgetting in the long run as they move forward in time with their recoveries.

Early treatment has been discussed in pvps forums since I started reading them. Early treatment is a bit of a crap shoot of it’s own, as are all the surgical treatments in general. Is this ideology right? Wrong? Sometimes it’s hard to know what to do. I tend to agree with not letting things drag out way to long myself, and as I said in a previous post in this thread, that depends on several things. Every case is different, as are we as individuals.

As for @Newballs, he’s dealing with his own set of circumstances, and challenges that many others are not. Seems he’s dealing with spermatocele/s, a scrotal adhesion, and then some.

Well here’s the part where my brain sends an entirely different message. The pain I’m referring to is debilitating and interferes with my quality of life. Ironically, I had the surgery to have more sex, worry free sex although it’s quite the opposite. The math concerns me frankly. This happens to < 1% of all men that have a vasectomy. I’ve read, researched and weighed the options for denervation, Botox, nerve blocks and reversals and it all just seems to me like we have no idea WHY this happens. Those options pose risks >1% and in some cases permanent disability. I’ve read about a man that refers to acid being poured in his lap type of pain and I can’t risk that. I KNOW that the medication works and gives me back something without the risk of more loss at this time. When I’m ready to allow someone to use scaple on my scrotum again I want to know that I made the decision when I chose to allow that. I’m sure a lot of it comes from fear of this pain getting worse. A reversal doesn’t guarantee anything. The PUR Clinic is the best I do agree, but always research statistics before anything

It’s kind of messed up that we are now living with pain due to fear of it getting worse. Where was this fear when we were 100% and pain free. These stories are a great lesson for all, but unfortunately most of the people hearing these stories on this forum are those who have their own stories they’re learning from. I was considering invisalign for my teeth, but thanks to my decision 9 weeks ago I’m not at the point that I’ll be very reluctant to do anything potentially negative to my body…especially something that just cosmetics.

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How are you doing? Would be great to hear au update

How are you doing? Did you go down the surgical path ?

Posted an update here. No additional surgeries for me…just papaya seed twice a day.