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Reversal Updates

I posted this in another thread, but I figured I would make a dedicated thread for my reversal recovery updates.

So, quick update as I just got home and settled. I will post a much more thorough update later in the week after I go through my wife’s notes and I have a follow up virtual visit in a couple days.

I wanted to hit the highlights now though.

Left side (Non hydrocelectomy side): My granuloma was fairly large, and had adhered to the side of my spermatic cord through/around blood vessels. From what my wife was told he was able to remove this, I will correct later if this isn’t isn’t the case.

I had Lots of scar tissue on the left side and that was surprising to him as this side didn’t have the hydrocele.

Backed up with quite a bit of sperm, but not as much as the right side.

Right side: LOTS of scar tissue, not surprising as I had the hydrocelectomy on this side He had to remove a lot of scar tissue to free up the vas for the connection.

The Dr. said when he cut the right testicular end of the vas deferens the sperm was so backed up it was like I ejaculated.

He said if my wife and I were doing this for fertility he would be really excited.

I have pictures of the connections, but I don’t think I’ve got any of the granuloma (wish I did). I’ll ask if they took any during the virtual visit.

Pain is very manageable at the moment. I’m going to refrain from saying much about it right now and wait a few days to see how I feel.

I will say my left side does hurt much more than the right side currently and the worst of it is “pulses” of periodic pain That shoot up the cord and originate at the original location of the granuloma. I also would say I don’t hurt any more or less from the vasectomy, but I’m going to gauge this a week or so out and compare because I know how bad I was hurting several days out, and I would say it’s currently less pain than after my hydrocelectomy.

I have not looked at anything since they wrapped everything up tight and I’ve got an athletic supporter on.

Hoping I don’t do anything to cause a hematoma and hoping nothing adheres to scar tissue or heals wonky. You guys send good vibes my way!

Edited: after checking my wife’s notes, I had the right and left sperm amount swapped. The right side was more backed up than the left. Which makes sense because the right epi was more achey/sore. Fixed the above to be accurate.


Update day 2: I know this is very early but I am very encouraged and doing well.

I’ve currently have no pain in my testicles/epis. No hip or back pain, no burning outer or inner thigh pain or groin pain, and I don’t feel nauseous,

For the first time since my vasectomy my prostate area doesn’t hurt and I don’t piss like I’m 80 years old. No dribble afterwards. (I can’t fucking believe this, I’d like to know what is actually happening in the prostate area and when it comes to peeing)

I can get up and move around with minimum discomfort with a athletic supporter. My scrotum is swollen to about the size of a softball, but overall looks fairly good. The bruised areas of my scrotum and inguinal canal hurt when pressed on, but they have been getting better. The really bad left sided jolts have greatly decreased in frequency and intensity.

I’ve been getting random boners the past two days and had morning wood yesterday morning and this morning. My penis actually looks healthier.

So far, comparing days 2 between my vasectomy, hydrocelectomy and reversal, my reversal has been much easier.

I am hoping I keep trending well. I will most likely get a testosterone test a few weeks from now to see where I’m at. I don’t have any prior to my vasectomy but I’ve got two a year after it, and my numbers were in the dumpster.


Who did your reversal?

Just had my reversal done! Day 1 of recovery as well. Feeling way better than I had expected to honestly. I have 2 incisions that are definitely bigger than my original vasectomy and have some bruising and swelling, but much less pain. That is interesting about the dribble while peeing, I had noticed that symptom as well. I feel like there are a lot more things going on in your body when you have a vasectomy than just cutting a tube. Pretty interesting stuff.


Congratulations to both of you. Very encouraging news, especially for those of us who are still on the fence with regard to reversal.

As to the weak urination thing, I have definitely had that too since my vasectomy. I can’t find the link right now, but I saw somewhere a guy talking about this and to paraphrase him, he said:

I knew urinating was never going to be the same when I tried to push harder and that made the stream get weaker. From now on, gravity is the master, so get used to it.

Whether this is mainly due to benign prostatic hyperplasia (which I feel safe in saying vasectomy gives to some men) or due to pelvic nerves not firing in an effective pattern, I don’t know.

The nerves that get nicked during vasectomy go from there straight into the pelvic plexus, where they mingle with other nerves from all over the pelvis. You hear doctors talk about the potential for nerves to “crosstalk” or influence the activity of nearby nerves.

I wrote about that, and linked to an interesting story about partial ED here:

Anyway, congratulations to both of you. I think it takes a lot of courage to get a reversal, and I’m glad it’s going well for you so far.

@dmazur89 glad to hear it. Just remember to take it easy the next couple of weeks. So far so good for me. The real test for me will come in a couple weeks when I test the new plumbing out. I’m hoping it doesn’t feel like I’ve been hit with a bat in the nuts. Which is what it’s been feeling like for a long time now.

@Ethan_Scruples That’s interesting. All I know is within a week of my vasectomy my “prostate” area started hurting and was some of the worst pain I experienced. Pissing was miserable and hard to do, later on I fought constant constipation. A few months ago I started to literally leak semen right after I pissed or after I took a shit, almost every time, It was like a yellow/green glob of semen that leaked out then turned clear. Would sting like hell when it happened. Was fucking unbelievable. That was it for me.

When I got home Monday after my reversal, I was starving, my appetite has been insatiable the past 3 days. My body feels good, my muscles feel good, no prostate area pain. I was worried about being constipated because of the pain medication but No problems there. Had the 3 easiest bowl movements in the past 2 years, and urinating has felt great. I forgot how good it used to feel to take a piss. I haven’t leaked any nasty semen shit yet either. If I do that I’ll let you guys know.

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Hey man, just checking up and seeing how youre doing?

Ill chime in! I’m interested in hearing about how lee is doing as well, I think we had reversals a day apart. Writing this from work as its my first day back. 8 days into recovery. Still feel a bit sore, but the swelling has definitely gone down a lot. Cant really chime in yet on how the procedure has effected the congestion pain yet. I think that maybe 4 weeks down the line, once I recover from the procedure itself, I will have more to add. Trying my hardest to not have the tubes pulled apart, kind of paranoid about that now lol.

How long after your original VAS did you decide to have the reversal? I’m scheduled to have mine on the 2nd of April as I feel mine is completely congestive related with some referred pain going up my side when the pressure is at its highest. Its also worse after sex or ejaculating so I hope the reversal kicks it.
It’s been 5 months since my original VAS, im tired of waiting around for things to change down there and according to Dr.Marks and Dr.P it’s best to do something sooner than later since pain signals can become hardwired. Especially since the pressure won’t go away.

I had my VAS done about 3 months ago. I kind of said screw it and threw the dice, hopefully things work out! Too early too tell though for me so far pain hasn’t been bad so far though, just sore from the procedure. Fingers crossed here…

What were some of your symptoms you were having post VAS if you dont mind me asking?

All of the symptoms that you described. The day that I decided to call a surgeon was the day that I tried to wear a pair of jeans… The pain was so unbearable that I said screw it I’m just gonna do it. Getting some referred pain up into my groin area now as it seems like some nerves are firing, but I think that this is normal this early in recovery. I really have no idea what things will be like in the upcoming weeks but i have hope!

I had something similar when I was reversed. I believe Dr. Marks said something to that effect that one side pulsed pretty good when resected. My vas doctor used a lot of suturing. He basically hog tied off the vasal ends. Marks mentioned the way it was done can result sometimes in the end dying/scarring and breaking off in a way that causes leakage. I think it also added to my discomfort/irritation of the nerves.

Ok guys, it’s late here but I feel like I must post this now.

What I have been through is not the typical thing most guys here experience (hydrocelectomy on right side, etc) I’m planning on cleaning up my profile and adding the appropriate information to it when I get the chance so people don’t have to click through 2-3 different posts to get my 2 years of information.

With that said, I’ve still got bruising, and swelling with my right testicle absolutely hard as a fucking rock (Zero pain though, just lots of hard induration and edema).

My left testicle still has some blood flow issues (Even though the granuloma is gone) the edema on both sides could be playing a part in this and I’m REALLY HOPING this gets better with time, as it is I can still manipulate the testicle manually to get the blood out.

I really feel the need to reiterate how bruised and swollen I still am…

HOWEVER, regardless of how fucked up I’ve been, I have had boners every single morning since my reversal. The morning boners after my reversal woke me up and shocked the hell out of me.

I was supposed to wait 2 weeks before having sex, but my wife said she was told if I had a good erection that didn’t go away after 10 days she could do a gentle release (I didn’t know this), well my balls felt amazing after my reversal but things started to hurt a bit more starting a couple days ago and I have been assaulted with morning boners and random boners throughout the day for the last couple weeks, and tonight I just told my wife I couldn’t wait anymore.

The rest of this post might be too much info, but guys my past orgasms weren’t just non-eventful, they were non eventful and they fucking hurt. It was like getting gut punched by “The Mountain” a minute or two before ejaculating and then he kicks you in the balls right when you ejaculate while you dribble a tiny amount of fluid on the ground and you’d be dead right? That’s how I felt. Absofuckinglutely miserable. Not only that I would get electrical shocks or some shit from my abdominals to my asshole. What the fuck was that shit?

I was anxious and scared shitless to try and orgasm tonight but my balls started hurting again and I was like fuck it, the outside looks great and they weren’t hurting a few days ago, I’m not waiting…I told my wife and that’s when she told me she was told about the 10 days thing, and that was all I needed to hear.

I can’t say what happens tomorrow or next week, 6 months or 5 years from now, but holy fuck tonight was amazing considering how bruised and swollen as I still am.

Not meaning this to be lewd, but I really think it’s important: I 7 roped my wife in the face while I was laying down. Then not 10 minutes later I 3 roped her.

It felt amazing the entire time both times. No pain leading up, no pain during and no pain after. I don’t know who had the bigger smile during the first go, her or me.

Don’t take this to mean I’m 100% pain free because I’m not, but holy shit I’m in a much better spot and still got more healing to do.

I have actually had many pain free moments the last two weeks (which I had none before) I chalk that up to the post surgical pain and hope I can have better updates later on.

This is interesting to me. Just as an FYI, I’ve asked 2 different pain docs about giving me 1 prescription of metformin for nerve stuff and both said no.

I’ve said the whole time I think I have a multifaceted issue and as encouraged as I am right now, I think I may have some lingering nerve stuff and I’m interested in trying metformin for it.

If I do, I will push and find someone to try it out with me. I won’t take no for an answer after what I’ve been through. If it doesn’t help, that’s fine, at least I’ll know.

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Well done! :clap::clap::clap::clap::clap::clap::clap::clap::clap::clap:

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I want to add that on top of not having any pain during the physical part of ejaculating, and actually ejaculating instead of having semen fall out of me: my orgasm was actually good. I felt amazing after, I felt the rush of chemicals that get released that make you feel good after.

That’s something I haven’t felt since my vasectomy, and I don’t buy that it’s a psychological thing. That’s a bunch of horse shit.

Edit: I’m feeling really good this morning.


Just got to day 10 post op LOL losing my mind, I might do it LOL! I’m going crazy haha

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Yea, I know how you feel. I know it goes without saying, but probably best to listen to the doctors post op instructions. If my surgeon hadn’t told my wife the 10 day thing, I would have waited the full 14 days.

I think.

LOL well I blew it… 10 days… can it really be that bad?