Post Vasectomy Pain Forum

Reversal today at the Mayo

Getting ready to go under.
Vasectomy: August 25th
Reversal: March 8th (today)

Vasovasostomy bi lateral.

Wish me luck guys, and thanks again for sharing your stories. I’ll update how I’m feeling over time.


Doctor said it went well. Simple connection on both sides.

She noted that the right side had much more fluid build up. It was also the side that hurt more so that makes sense.

Hell, even if it’s the numbing medication, I haven’t felt a lack of pain in months and man… it’s been nice. I know it’ll be a rollercoaster, not my first rodeo in terms of operating for pain. But I’m going to at least relish in this feeling for today. It’s been too long.

I’ll post more updates later.


Glad to hear everything went well.

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How are you holding up with your recovery?

I’m still experiencing that burning pain on the right side, and I expect to for a while. I do already have a hyperactive nervous system so it’ll either be a long haul or… well, something I’ll have to figure out and live with. It also hasn’t been 24 hours.

The doctor noted that she didn’t find a lot of scar tissue when cleaning up the vasectomy. She mentioned that’s a good sign that I have lower chances of scaring over and getting plugged up.

I will say though that the shooting pains would get worse this time of night. Including random throbbing pain.

And I haven’t had much tonight. So :crossed_fingers:

Today is feeling okay. Sore. Not that black and blue, but sore to the touch. I was also given Exparel, so I know that that is contributing to my pain relief some. Curious if anyone else received that?

I noticed that I did not get many shooting pains last night in either testicle. Or throbbing pains. So I’m feeling hopeful.

Currently doing bed rest and having my partner rotate my frozen peas.

Giving a week update.

Still in pain, but that’s to be expected. However I will say it has gone down. Especially in the epis and testes. I’m not experiencing shooting pains into my pelvis area or legs. Still have quite a bit of weird nerve pain but that seems to be trending downward as well.

Feeling hopeful.


Where in the legs were you experiencing your shooting pains?

Shooting pains would go down from the groin and into the legs. They would also travel into my lower abdomen and into my sides.

So far, I haven’t experienced a lot of shooting. Pretty minimal post reversal. knocks on wood

Week 3: feeling a lot better, even though I still have a fair amount of pain at times. I’ve had moments where I felt no pain, which is not something I felt before.

Both testes and epis are still very sensitive and sore to the touch. I will notice that, while walking, if they’re being brushed by my legs they will start to hurt. So cowboy steps it is still.

Shooting pains have pretty much gone away. I’ll get the occasional throb in the scrotal area. Not sure if it’s just healing pains, but I would assume so. They don’t last long.

I tested out the pipes, albiet a little earlier than I probably should have, and no associated pain so far. First one hurt a little bit afterwards, but other ones were okay.

I would say that I still have, more or less, some constant pain throughout the day. But it definitely seems to be getting better. So I’m still hopeful.


Week 5: Pain has reduced considerably. I’m still walking funny but going downstairs has gotten a lot better. The impact of that would cause pain in the testes. Basically been bed/couch ridden most of the time.

So far so good.

Good for you mate, sounds like you have it under control !

You’re recovery gives me hope, I’m 10d post op. After having bust blood vessel tissue removed on left side vas-def, so also 2nd operation .

EPI and vas site EXTREMELY sensitive still and when nutsack drops/ relaxes then ANY kind of light tugging sends pain from vasdef to groin…it’s hell and I ice like 8x day
Guess I’m still early in healing process

Take care

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Yeah, that extreme sensitivity is bonkers. Can’t do barely anything without having to be cautious of that area.

I do think I have it under control. Still have pain, but it’s gone down considerably. It does seem that each day is getting better. Finally.

I am 3 weeks post-reversal. The pain is subsiding SLOWLY.
I can relate to your comment about being numb post surgery and it feeling amazing. I had that too…

I still have spasming in the lower abdomen that is driving me insane. That has been there for months… not to do with reversal. Just wishing I could find an answer for this and get it resolved.