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Interestingly enough, no mention of pvps, reversal for pain, etc in that article. And the expert that sites many things in the article in so many words says an epididymal blowout isn’t painful.


I’ve actually read of at least one guy in the past who was told his pain was in his head by many urologists and/or reversal surgeons he consulted with. I read this guy’s story about 9~ (edit) years ago.

That guy ended up having to find someone unfamiliar with his story, problems, etc, lie to them, and tell them he wanted a reversal just to have another kid, or perhaps he changed his religion just to get some help.

I’m sure his number was never counted under the status quo, and I’m certain there’s many in this world that ended up doing what he did just to get help.


@Juno I have conclusive evidence confirmed by MRI I have the labrum tear. A lot of women tear a labrum during pregnancy in the stirrups. I was in the stirrups during my vasectomy and not numb on right side so I was clinched and was tightening my leg muscles as hard as I could for 5+ minutes. I don’t think it’s unreasonable to think with all that force that I tore my labrum at that point. I may have already had a small tear and made it worse but who knows. My pain has always been more body pains with hip, groin, back, and lastly neck. The classic symptoms of laberal tear issues are groin hip and lower back pain folllowed by pain up the kinetic chain to neck due to muscles over compensating. I was so focused on my issues starting a week after vasectomy that I never looked outside the box for answers. I’m hoping this is my main pain generator and will update my story as I go. It could still be nerve related but I doubt it because I don’t have the bent over skier symptoms like people with II and GF neuralgia. I want to do the opposite and lay back to take pressure of my groin and hip and back. Hope that answers the question.


From your linked article:

But after that, will Perk undergo a second snip job?

“Uh … no,” he said with a laugh as his wife listened a few feet away. “No, I will not do another vasectomy.”

Well… what is going on here? Why not?


Excellent post. Thanks Ben.


@gwhitman Have you checked with your family doctor or urologist? This maybe as simple as an infection. And antibiotics can possibly fix you. Don’t know details, but you may want to start a new post as this topic (ie my question) is unrelated to this post here. I want to know why you are worse after reversal.


I’d put myself in no difference- no better no worse. Looks like I’ve got my own category.


A lot of reversals get done every year, mostly by men seeking to be fertile again. It seems like there is a huge opportunity here for doctors to follow up with guys 1 year after their reversal and simply ask them whether they feel better/worse/same than before they were reversed. This could be an extremely interesting independent data point, because many of the biases that we suspect for PVPS reporting are actually flipped here.


  • Vasectomy providers prefer patients to report no negative side effects. It’s bad for business.
  • Reversal provider prefer patients to report improved sensation or comfort. It’s good for business.
  • Vasectomy patient has psychological resistance to admitting that the unnecessary surgery they got has left them in pain or reduced their enjoyment.
  • Reversal patient is primed to search for evidence that they made the right decision.

So I think we are missing a potential opportunity here until reversal docs start asking the question consistently. While they are at it, they could check testosterone before reversing and again at 6 and 12 months.


I’d like the see urologists required to check testosterone before vasectomy as well, but that would require them to admit that vasectomy causes drops in some men. Bad for business.


Exactly. Hence my proposal. For reversal surgeons the incentives are flipped. It is good for business if they check testosterone and it improves after reversal.