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Reversal Success Percentage on this Site

I have been reading stories on this site for roughly 6 months and trying to determine the best steps to move forward. I find myself reading the same threads over and over again and trying to determine percentages of success especially with Reversal. I decided to try to put this into a spreadsheet based off what I have read and final outcomes by poster. I understand some of this may have changed over time and this is my own research so please let me know if anyone should be in a different category and I will readjust. Also let me know if I missed anyone so we can add them to a category to get a good overall percentage.
• Reversal Good Improvement
• Reversal Some Improvement
• Reversal Regret or Worse

So far I have found 50 men discuss Reversal on this site of which 8 seem to have gotten worse or regret reversal. The other 42 seem to have gotten good improvement or some improvement and don’t seem to regret the reversal. It would be nice if we had a place on the site where we could track these sort of percentages and men could update their results. Feel free to respond with anything I should change or send to me personally. Again this is my own opinion on stories and should not represent fact. This is also based solely on Reversal and no other procedures the poster tried.

Reversal Good Improvement
Raising4gils Good Improvement 10 yrs. Current Relapse

Reversal Some Improvement
ThisSucks no change in pain but happy with reversal and white blood cells, went on to have bilateral orchiectomy and doing well.
Don 3 1/2 years good improvement then relapse. Taking Meds now but doing well.
PVP75 Reversal helped but had nerve pain after eventually got better with Meds

Reversal Regret or Worse
Recoverd Cured but not sure which procedure helped but regrets reversal in posts.


Wow @Ben, you really sorted through some stuff to come up with this list. Obviously, and as you basically said, this list isn’t completely accurate far as how all these members are doing as of this post, but it’s fairly accurate far as last we heard from these guys.

At least one guy in the made worse list hasn’t given any sort of update beyond 2~ months post reversal (Markmc13), and I think about that guy on occasion. I was able to relate to his initial recovery with my first reversal.

Obviously some of the lower tier guys moved on to have even more surgical procedures, some had some luck sticking it out with purely conservative treatments, and many of them report better of sorts at some point many months, or years down the road. At least one of them isn’t even sure what procedure helped him after he “threw the kitchen sink” at his pvp/pvps with surgical procedures shortly after his reversal.

I appreciate you putting this together. You literally sorted through thousands of posts to come up with this breakdown :+1:

Hi Ben I am really happy with my reversal, everything feels so different, even after the length of time I was vasectomised, feelings that I had lost seem to be returning, I no longer feel a feeling of emptiness in the region,
I am in my fifties now , I know age makes a difference, I find out next week if I am fertile again and at my age of cause that does not matter, I am more curious to know. The urologist told me that I had a very good flow before he joined me up again. I am really happy with my decision to have a reversal, and can honestly say hand on heart that I am pain free and have been since reversal.

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Also, seems like last we heard from Don, he relapsed 3~ years post reversal, and I don’t recall an update in at least a year and a half~ since.

Obviously, raisingfourgirls is another relapsed case, and thissucks moved onto bilateral orchiectomy within 12-18~ months post reversal. I see several members in the top, and mid list that moved onto having more, and in some cases even more and more surgical procedures, and are not well to date.

I’ve edited this post three times because the more I think about the list of those who were listed under “good improvement”, and “some improvement” weren’t necessarily cured by reversal in the long run. Several of them moved on to have other surgical procedures, and then some. That’s not to be confused with they did, or did not regret having a reversal tho.

My reasoning for editing this post so many times is I don’t want people to be mislead by the information in the initial first post. Creating statistics on such data is misleading at minimum unless the statistics are purely reflecting, and/or regarding who didn’t regret having a reversal.

@RingoStar I reached out to some men individually and received a direct response. I

@Francis you are on the good list and a remarkable story.

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Interesting observation , the rate of significant improvement comes out at 84% from that, which is in a similar ballpark to the numbers Vic listed in his literature review many years ago.

Good to know, but I’m gonna guess it was a small fraction of these guys as many of them are long gone from here, don’t answer people anymore, etc.

Perhaps some of them will post an update someday.

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I just want to make sure everyone understands the results are based off my own research on the site and if the man regrets reversal. Feel free to review the posts and make your own judgment. Some of these can go either way depending how you look at it and with such a small sample number a few moving to worse could change the entire dynamic around. There have been some more accurate studies which have been mentioned before on this site which I have provided below.

Vasectomy reversal for the post-vasectomy pain syndrome: a clinical and histological evaluation. J Urol. 2000;164:1939–42. Nangia AK, Myles JL, Thomas AJ., Jr - 69% experienced full pain relief

Vasectomy reversal for treatment of the post-vasectomy pain syndrome. J Urol. 1997;157:518–20. Myers SA, Mershon CE, Fuchs EF. - 27 of 32 men had resolution of pain (84%)

Vasectomy Reversal For Post-Vasectomy Pain Syndrome: a Ten-Year Experience. volume 183, issue 4 of the Journal of Urology. Werthman P - 75% experienced full pain relief.

Vasectomy reversal provides long-term pain relief for men with the post-vasectomy pain syndrome. J Urol. 2012 Feb;187(2):613-7. Horovitz D, Tjong V, Domes T, Lo K, Grober ED, Jarvi K. - improvement of pain occurred in 93% and 50% were rendered pain-free

Below is from ICVR and PUR Clinic site I don’t know if we know for sure how they determine the success percentage so these should be taken with a grain of salt and discussed with these individual surgeons.

(ICVR) International Center of Vasectomy Reversal success rates with Reversal for PVPS-Vasectomy reversal, the only restorative treatment, where we remove under the high power surgical microscope any and all scar, granulomas if present, the damaged, scarred vas and then microsurgically reconnect the vas ends back together with a multi-layer ( 3 to 4 layers) microclosure. This is a 2 to 2.5 hour outpatient surgery when done correctly by a true expert, with very high chances as high as 90 to 95% success with total resolution of the pain or such dramatic reduction that most men happily get on with their life.

PUR Clinic Success Rates for pain with Reversal from site: In our cohort of patients undergoing robotic vasectomy reversal for pain, we have achieved a higher pain resolution rate (80-90%). More recently, we have incorporated the use of a bio-inert biowrap around the vasal anastomosis to try to further reduce granuloma formation or scarring at the reversal sites (based on prior animal studies that have shown an advantage). Currently, we achieve a 90-95% success rate in significantly reducing post-vasectomy congestive type pain after this type of reversal.

Some reversal surgeons I have spoken to only give 50/50 odds of success. Again you will need to do your own research and make your own decisions. I am just posing this information as a starting point if you are considering reversal which I am.

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Still having issues, and was still “much” better off before the reversal. So you can keep me in the failed category, unfortunately :frowning:

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Hey @gwhitman what kind of issues have you still got? Do you notice them daily? Thanks

I had my reversal June 2016. Took six months to get rid of pain and then pain free ever since. Hence no longer visit here much anymore

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Hello Ben, I just had my 2nd reversal anniversary last week. Like some others on this site I would never tell anyone to go for reversal or any treatment without doing research and making their own informed decision.
Prior to my reversal I knew I had congestion pains, I can’t explain it but I always knew it was congestion. Like you I read almost evey single post before my reversal. I made the decision to go for reversal because I believed it was my best chance to have long term relief given my symptoms. To date my congestion pains are gone, however there are still nerve flashes and sensations that come back once in a while, not pain per say but I feel as though my body is still continuing to adjust to being reconnected even after 732 days since my reversal. I don’t regret my decision to move forward with reversal, I wish I would have done so sooner. However I still live everyday knowing that there is no long term guarantee.
Like some others, I dont visit this site often, I go back to a bad mental place if I spend too much time here. I will be eternally grateful to all the guys (and gals) who posted their stories. I found this website when I was going through the worst of my post vasectomy pains. I was in a very dark place and spent several years trying to drink the pain and self hatred away.
I think I would have gone through reversal even if this site didn’t exist, however I would have been doing so blindly without the wealth of info from this site.
Best of luck with whatever you decide to do

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Hi Ben

Another sample group to be included - if the research is to remain unbiased - would be the percentage of men who’s symptoms improved of their own accord after year one / year two / year three.

An issue would be attempting to find sample respondents on this site that fit this category as most people just get on with their lives as soon as they experience relief.

I’m not Ben, but your throwing apples into a pile of oranges here @irishguy. The title of this thread isn’t about how many ways a man can get better, it’s about reversal.

If you want an unbiased thread regarding how many different ways a man can achieve a pain free state, there’s going to be a list of ways weather you like that or not. It’s just a fact in the matter. Perhaps you should start such a thread. And if you do, please be sure that it’s unbiased.

From my point of view, you seem to think that if everyone waits 3~ years, they will likely get better like you did. Where is your fact based evidence for this in large groups of men?

You’ll muddy the waters mate, might be idea to start a new thread as this one is decent source of info just for guys that reversed.

Mark me down for getting better after Reversal.

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@Ben, did you ever update your findings with PM you might have received?
Are you still considering reversal?

@Juno I have recently found out through MRI I have a tear in my right labrum along with some other issues in groin area that can cause all the body pains I currently have. Surprisingly there are a lot of injuries that can cause the pains I have outside of vasectomy and nerve damage so I am slowing things down to focus on ruling these things out or in as the cause of my pain. My best guess is I tore my labrum during vasectomy from being locked as tight as I could squeeze on my right side 5+ minutes because I was not numb. I was squeezing for my life. I started having hip pain a week after vasectomy and lower back pain after that. I have not ruled out reversal or nerve damage. I’m still digging for the smoking gun and right now that seems to be my hip. BTW I still keep a eye on reversal results from this site and try to update my notes. There are some reversal forums and you can read stories from men and wives of men through reversal. I often wonder how many reversals are done a day in the U.S. When I went to schedule my reversal in January the surgeon I was planning to use was booked through July and all he does is reversals. When you factor in how many reversal surgeons in the U.S that’s a crazy amount of reversals being done.

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Did you have more than 1 MRI by different doctors? How certain are you about your theory?
I agree, numbers for reversals must be quite high. The one doctor I spoke to who is only doing reversals, about 200 per year, said he had 5-6 patients every year for pain, ie 2.5-3%. That’s far higher that the 1 in 1000 he gave me for PVPS occurrence …

I’ve seen some sited annual vasectomy reversal statistics online before in the past, and commented in the sexual side effects thread about it a long time ago as I don’t believe for a second that it’s all about having another kid, a new wife, a new relationship, a change in religion, etc.

I beleive some men truly hate being vasectomized, having their testicles disconnected from the end organ the penis, pain, physical side effects, mental side effects, etc.

I just did a quick search and never found the statistics I viewed several years ago, but the article below comes from a reputable source (CC), and sites a general currently accepted idea regarding numbers, although it admits the true numbers are currently not known.