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Reversal Specialists in Europe and the US


I am coming back to this thread

and would like to learn about experiences with surgeons for reversals in Europe.
There are at least 4 specialists in Germany, as pointed out in the other post, but does anyone have experience with one of them, or experience with surgeons from another European country?

Along the same lines, who are the top surgeons in the US, and can anyone make a qualified comment about whether it’s worth spending a few thousand dollars extra, to fly from Europe to the US, to get the reversal done, instead of doing it in Europe? “Worth” in the sense of getting higher quality care and better results.

I know it’s a tough question, but there is no stupid question, only stupid answers.

Hope to hear some names!


Who are the top reversal surgeons in the USA? I’d say they all think they are the best, heh.

Best for fertility? Best for pain? Once again, that’s all a matter of opinion, and opinions certainly vary widely. Some of the most frequently mentioned reversal for pain surgeons on this site all think they are the best, and try to sell their ideologies, and methodologies during reversal consultations. You really got to do your own homework, and make an educated decision for yourself. Seems you said you are an engineer, so making educated decisions should be right up your alley.

I wrote a bunch of stuff in multiple reversal threads that you should find useful to give you some idea, or head start far as what’s going on out there in the big picture. I know I wrote a bunch in the ‘waffling over reversal’ thread, amongst several other reversal threads. There’s several other guys that have posted some valuable information in random places on this site as well.

There’s definitely some highly respected pvps reversal surgeons in Europe, the UK, etc, and some of them have been used by members of this site.

In all honesty, who’s the best type of stuff tends to start wars, arguments, etc, and that’s one of several reason why you must choose for yourself.

From single layer, to three layer, to full clean up, to no clean up, and then some. There’s a lot to consider, and all vas to vas reversals are definitely not created equally. Ideologies, and methodologies vary greatly, and all at the same time, a lot of these reversal surgeons do run in groups far as many of them do things very similarly. And obviously, some of them do things very differently. I wouldn’t get to hung up on single layer vs three layer, although it’s definitely something you need to take into serious consideration.

These guys/gals track records speak for themselves. Choose someone that’s highly experienced, has a solid track record, someone that frequently works with pvp/s pain patients, and someone that preferably specializes in reversal only.

Please don’t be the next guy to figure all this stuff out after the fact. Do all your homework first. The vast majority of what you need to be aware of can be found on this site.

Don’t forget about post reversal follow-up protocols as well. They ‘can be’ equally as important as the surgery itself. I’d recommend running as fast as you can from anyone that has poor follow-up protocols, or doesn’t think it’s relevant.


@Juno, rather than edit my last post, I will add that you, or anyone else for that matter doesn’t have to use a reversal surgeon that deals with pvps guys regularly. You just need to find someone that does the procedure in a way that you agree with, or perhaps like your preferred reversal surgeon does it. Their follow-up protocols, etc. Other than that, I stand behind the rest of my quote.

Obviously there are surgeons out there that specialize in multiple surgical procedures within the scrotom, and/or groin, and opinions vary far as who’s truly better at what. If you were having brain surgery, I’m sure you’d choose by the most experience with a specific procedure again.

Sometimes it’s hard to know what to do. I know of bad outcomes from specialized surgeons, and well rounded surgeons. Nobody is truly safe anywhere based on what I’ve seen, and far as I’m concerned.

There’s definitely guys on this forum that had a reversal with someone that wasn’t a well known hero of sorts that have a positive story to tell.

I do agree with the other post from earlier today in regard to conservative treatments first, and not rushing into a reversal. All at the same time, I’m not anyone’s momma, and men are free to do as they choose. I don’t shame any man for what they do, but if a reversal makes you worse off in the long run, you will regret rushing into anything. I warned you about this possibility a week ago, and I’m not going to mention it again. I know of many guys that had a reversal in less than 4-6~ months post vas that have a positive story to tell, but there’s always the occasional guy that doesn’t as well.


@Juno, and for anyone else that comes across this thread in time, in regard to my quote above, Dr Marks at ICVR is the only reversal surgeon I’ve ever seen recommending other reversal surgeons that he felt were competent to his potential clients. I’ve seen several instances of this posted online, and far as I’m concerned, he was just trying to be helpful to men with pvps.

I don’t think he’s in cahoots with anyone else far as profit sharing, or anything along those lines as at least one skeptic on this site suggested either.

I’m not saying he’s the best in the world, or that he knows every single thing about about pvps, or that he’s perfect, or anything else that could be taken out if context here, but turning down money, and recommending a surgeon that is closer, won’t require a flight, will save someone some money, etc is a pretty honorable move.

Perhaps other reversal surgeons do this on occasion as well, but I’ve never seen a single post online that suggested that. That’s not to be confused with it’s never happened though.

And to clarify the quote above, proper follow-up protocols as described… A surgeon who cares to know if your surgery was a success far as the fertility aspect. A surgeon who wants to know if your surgery was a success, and possible reasons for why. A surgeon who cares to save you from closing up early in your recovery with the assistance of steroids and/or NSAID’s etc. Any reversal surgeon that throws you out on your butt, and doesn’t seem to care to know if your even fertile afterward come off as a bit backwards at minimum to me.

Far as I’m concerned, all men need to know this stuff. You’d probably be surprised how many men run around assuming they are fertile afterward, and are not. At that point, they are caught up in silly head games within their own minds, and generally spread their misconceptions onto others as fact.

No point in wearing a condom if your not fertile shortly afterward, or if your not fertile further down the road at some point either. I can only imagine how many men in this world are caught up in this kind of silly stuff.


Thanks for your reply. I am researching like I last have for my thesis…

Best for pain, of course. I don’t care about fertility, not at all.

Can you elaborate what these “follow up protocols” are about? What is important to do after the reversal? How often should I do SA? How often should I see the surgeon? Anything else?

Thanks for your help, and anyone else sharing his experience here.


Thanks, I have read this now after I posted above.