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Reversal Scheduled / Recovery Journal

I’m scheduled for a series of appointments with Dr. P over the course of 3 days, the last one being a reversal. I’m excited to potentially reach a good outcome but also nervous and wondering if I’m doing the right thing. I had intended on going the course with pain management, but after a 3 month wait for an intake appointment I was scheduled another 3 months out for a diagnostic block, and also told that none of his PM treatments would likely fix my sexual related complaints. I’m more than over being miserable and not willing to wait another 3 months only to be scheduled that far out again. I wish I could say I’m excited and optimistic, but every treatment to date has been a letdown. Also, I’ve read enough here to know that reversal doesn’t always get you back to what you were before, but any improvement would be welcome. Since Dr. P also does blocks maybe he’ll propose we go that route instead after the first couple visits.

Anyway, I’ll use this thread to update about my visits with Dr. P and my recovery if the reversal does indeed happen.

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Good luck! Dr. P is awesome. And there is good reason to believe that a reversal will resolve your sexual issues caused by vas. It did for me (mostly).

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I travel and have my first appointment tomorrow, which I believe is an examination and review of my history. Ultrasound the next day and reversal is scheduled for the day after that. I’m not incredibly optimistic as I’ve seen several top doctors in the field, my symptoms have perplexed all of them, and none have solved what’s going on. I am, however, confident that I’m going to the right guy and that if anyone can get it figured out it’s Dr. P. Fingers crossed. I’ll continue to update here.

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Hope you find some relief.

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Today was my first in person visit with Dr. P. He went back over my history and reaffirmed that he thinks reversal is the correct way ahead. He believes that a nerve issue resulting from the vasectomy may be causing poor ejaculate volume and the testicle being out of place.

That’s been tough for me to accept, I was completely convinced that something was twisted to the point that I had an orchiopexy in February to repair what I, and that doctor, thought may be a partial torsion. Nothing was found then, but my ball no longer turns completely sideways on its own since it’s now tacked down in place. I had similar issues at age 19 that resolved on their own… Well before a vasectomy was ever in the picture. I dealt with the same kind of discomfort I’m having now but it resolved on its own after about 6 months. Maybe I just have ongoing nerve issues that come and go.

I’m off to my second appointment with Dr. P tomorrow for an ultrasound, then the reversal on Thursday. I have more questions for him tomorrow, I think mainly to reassure myself that I’m doing the right thing. More updates on the way, busy week!

That’s interesting, a nerve issue causing less ejaculate. Are you in much pain? Wonder how a reversal helps nerve issues. I have so much to learn. Hope all goes well for you!

At one time or another he mentioned something about a nerve possibly being pinched or trapped due to the clip or scar tissue, but the overall message has been that it would likely be beneficial to put things back together to the way they were before the vasectomy. That makes sense to me, but the fact that I had similar problems at 19 throws me off.

I do have pain but Gabapentin, when I take it, largely keeps it under control. The sexual issues and discomfort resulting from the testicle feeling out of place are actually more bothersome to me. I haven’t liked taking Gabapentin as I felt it just masked whatever the root cause of my issues are and didn’t do anything for the other issues mentioned above.

Thanks for the kind words, hoping this goes well!

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Appointment 2 is coming up in about an hour. Today it’s an ultrasound. I’m really interested in the findings. I forgot to mention that yesterday Dr. P felt what he thought might be a varicocele on the side where I have issues. This is interesting for a few reasons. First, right side varicoceles are rare. And second, I already had a varicocelectomy on the right side to mitigate what one doctor was certain was a varicocele. I’ve continued to feel something weird over there and thought it was the spermatic cord. Dr. P didn’t seem to think that’s what it was.

I’m still nervous as hell going into the reversal tomorrow without a clear diagnosis of what the varicocele-like thing is. Hopefully a definitive answer will come out of the ultrasound.

So everything looked normal in the ultrasound, which makes me more comfortable that a reversal may be the right move. I really hope it is. Dr. P mentioned denervation as a next step if this doesn’t do the trick. I really need this to be the last shot at fixing my issues.

Going in tomorrow. Hoping to have good news in the weeks and months to come.


I wish you all the best! I send you good vibes. Stay strong

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@vkarnod - I wish you the best. I meet with Dr P next week.

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He’s a great choice. I wish I would have gone to him first.

I’m awake late the evening before my scheduled reversal because focused on what Dr. P today descried as a possibly trombosed vein on the side that is giving me trouble. I assumed what had been swollen in there over the last year or so was the spermatic cord as I had a varicocelecomty in 2020 to get rid of what had been described as a varicocele. That could finally explain the sensation of something twisted/pinched causing my testicle to feel out of place. Dr. P has been reassuring that reversal is the way to go but I need to ask him again if that would do anything for a trombosed vein, I’m assuming not but what do I know?

@RingoStar, I read a few posts where you talked about dealing with varicocele. Assuming varicocele and trombosed veins are similar, do you have any feedback based on your research and experiences? Mine’s on the right side, which I understand is not common at all.

I wish I had read this last night. I haven’t been awake for long, thus no time to think about this with a clear head and come up with some real food for thought for you to consider.

There are some things that I could tell you, but in all honesty, I don’t want to sway your decision making one way or another, especially when you are scheduled to have the reversal today. Time seems to have ran out. You are just going to have to go with your gut.

Good luck with whatever you decide to do brother.

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Agreed it’s unfortunatel that I’m just now putting this stuff together. It makes total sense to me though that I have something like that causing some of the sensations I’ve been dealing with. I also now believe it was behind the episode I had nearly 25 years ago where I felt out of place for 6 months, and again in 2014 when I had a heart procedure via catheter through the groin and felt as I did previous for a few weeks. The catheter must have somehow irritated the trombosis/varicocele and caused a recurrence. I’m willing to bet the same happened when the vasectomy was done but it never resolved thereafter. I never considered this as a possibility as I thought it was impossible after having a variocelectomy. I still have a few hours. Will research further and discuss with Dr. P before this afternoon.

Yep, been there done that. Live and learn I suppose.

Good luck my friend.

Also, things didn’t start to get really bad downstairs until a few years ago when my cardiologist took me off anticoagulants for my previous heart issue. I found in my reading last night that anticoagulants are a primary treatment for trombosis. Would have been more fun reading that a few weeks ago.

I think it’s quite possible that you are on to something here. I suppose time will tell.

I have had my fair share of regrets in the past in regard to this topic. If your gut is screaming at you to not proceed with the reversal, maybe you should put it off for the time being. I understand that you are already flew to Florida and are running out of time to make a call. Whatever the case, that call has to be yours. Nobody has to live with your decisions and/or outcome but you.

I went in with doubts, talked to Dr. P, and the surgery was cancelled. The fact of it is that I felt far better a few years ago when I happened to be on anticoagulants for a heart condition and that’s something I want to look into before committing to a reversal. It’s unfortunate that it didn’t click until I got all the way to Florida for surgery. I may very well be completely wrong here, I’m not a doctor and it’s probably frustrating and a waste of resources having a patient with an M.D. from Google balk at the last minute, but I’d rather be wrong by skipping out on surgery I can have later than rushing into something I’m not yet 100% on board with that I can’t undo.

But I did shave my balls in preparation for the surgery, so at least I have that going for me.


kudos, tough call! Better to listen to your gut than rushing into yet another potential surgical undesired outcome

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