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Reversal scheduled for 13th of Aug


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2nd month update

Still continues to be a battle, mentally very taxing and exhausting. Some days I ache a lot and am in good spirits, some days I have minimal pain and am in tears. I lost it a couple of times and just needed to punch my poor car to release all that anger.

Usually I have next to no pain first thing in the morning, gradually increasing to 1-2 towards the end of the day. Looking back at my notes, I am improving and hopefully will continue with this trend. Pains are also changing, they fluctuate between dull aches, burning sensation, sharp shooting pains and stabbing, mainly behind the testicle where the reconnection was made. Main thing is that I had no congestion pains at all, and no increase in pain after ejaculation. Last months aches in the spermatic cord have gone, and have not felt them ever since. My mood is definitely lifting, and am a bit more positive about the future.

I had SA done at 6 weeks, and it came back just shy of 46mil with 2.5ml total ejaculate - all coming just from 1 testicle. Semen volume has improved, still nowhere near what I use to have prior to vasectomy, but progress nevertheless. I have another test scheduled at 3 months mark, so hopefully this will stay roughly the same.
I also had hormones tested, they went slightly up again, I started at 4.5nmol/L T in May, then 8nmol/L just before reversal and now I’m at 9nmol/L. I will wait for at least a year before deciding best course of action, but if it continues to be on the low side, I will look into TRT therapy. Maybe if I start excercising more regularly and stop taking mirtazpine, this will also have a positive effect.

I still am taking prescription NSAIDs regularly as well as natural ones, and will continue for at least another month. I have also started walking and stretching more, still mindful not to over do it, but will start pushing myself a bit more within the reason.

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3rd month update

I had an SA done this week, and it came back at 72 million, so improvement from 6 weeks ago ( 46 million ). Motility went down from 65% to 45% and I hope its not indicative of any blockage forming. Can you guys chime in? Did your results fluctuate too?

As far as recovery is concerned, many ups and downs, but I think I am trending in the right direction overall. Had an odd day here and there where pain was minimal, and I were able to feel normal again - forgot how good that feeling was. Since reversal I have not had any pressure pains, and I am thanking God for each minute without it. My testicle feels normal back again, and only pain seems to be coming from the back of it where re-connection was performed. On a good day, I can touch my epi without inducing any pain. I had some setbacks as well, but trying to remain positive.

I still cannot exercise at all, which I miss very much, but started walking more, around 10,000 steps a day which does not have any negative impact. Still taking NSAIDS, but will stop after this prescription is finished.

My biggest regret is listening to my uro who recommended epidydymectomy which led to orchiectomy, as I still hurt a lot from that operation. On some days ( like today ) pain from reversal is none, but ache a lot around orchiectomy scar. I am hoping that this will carry on improving over the course of months.



Thanks for update mate happy to hear your trending better and your starting to get some normalcy back which I can only imagine is great mentally as well.



Thank you @NC79, I am hoping this trend will continue and that normal living will resume. Hope you’re doing well?



Good news @SomeGreyBIoke and 10K steps a day should be considered adequate exercise. Probably no where near where you were pos Vas but it a start.

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Having a set back today, was in the car for 5 hours and walked to the shops, and now have shooting pains up the spermatic cord. Feels like hernia, and very similar to what I had just before reversal. Pains are concentrated to where reconnection was made. Was hoping that the worst is behind me 3.5 months out, but feel so messed up right now.



Just pm’d you Paul stay strong Pal

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HI mate , I had a couple of relapses myself in the first year, and I still get a few more minor pain spikes each year nearly 5 years on.

I found naproxen was enough to get through mine , but yours may be worse, plus you had the prior surgery done and potential complications from that.

I had problems with “sitting wrong” for over 18 months post reversal too, and can sometimes still get caught out by it.o

Hopefully your overall direction is going to be improvement in spite of the setbacks, if you can look at it that way?

My opinion is to hit non opioid pain relief and see if it helps.

I still always have painkillers stashed in my laptop bag when working just in case I get a spike .



Thank you for your comments @Cannon83 and @atlanticcoast. Totally blindsided me, but took 2 naproxens last night, and have better day today, but not looking forward to car ride back home tonight.

Yes, overall heading in the right direction. Hope you’re having a good day today too.



Ups and downs are normal. We’re all generally more vulnerable than the average guy even years after the vas or reversal. Take care, things will settle down.



Robo balls are no fun, I am just back from a very slow 7 mile trails run and feeling mildly tweaky, but not in pain per say, just a bit nippy and a minor burning sensation.

A Lot better than I ever was in the pretty horror show year before getting a reversal though.

Try to ensure you keep pressure evenly distributed along your ham strings when sitting and to avoid pressure on a single area, never “perch” on the edge of a seat only with pressure focussed towards your arse near where the various angry nerves largely are, and adjust any seat so you can keep your legs reasonably apart so you are not causing compression around the scar tissue areas, also try to wear supportive trunks not boxers.

Perfect is the enemy of good as they say.

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4th month update

I had worst and best days the past month. About 2 weeks ago I drove for nearly 5 hours while wearing tight trousers, and had a really bad pain in the cord as a result. Luckily it subsided 2 days later. Past week was much better, and had a couple of nearly pain free days. It was only very slight and very livable, maybe 0.5/10.

Overall the nature of the pains is also changing, and am hoping its not a bad sign. When it aches, it tends to be without one particular point, but generally in the pubic and pelvic floor area and seems to be day after I had a busy day.

All in all, I feel better than last month, I still walk for at least 10,000 steps daily, and if anything, that seems to be helping with pain and recovery. Mood is also lifting and am nowhere near as anxious as I were. I had a look under the microscope today, and judging it, numbers are same as during my 2nd SA.

Thankfully, I have not had pressure pains and am cautiously optimistic and hopeful that I will continue to heal. It certainly was and still is a tough recovery for me.


Single or dual incision reversal

6th month update

At this stage, I don’t regret having a reversal. A number of problems which I had, have resolved now, but I feel there is still room for additional healing. Pain in the inguinal canal, spermatic cord and dull ache from within the testicle have nearly gone, I’d say 99% resolved at this stage. All prostatitis symptoms have also resolved, and I can urinate like a grown man now. I had prostate tests done, and am slightly elevated at 1.4ng/mL, but still well within the normal range. I have also checked under the microscope recently, and still have swimmers. Alopecia areata has also gone, hair has regrew again, shame they’re very white and it looks a bit silly with white patches in my beard, but this is very least of my concerns.

I still have got some, hard to pinpoint “diffused” ache from the anastomosis site, but it has been slowly improving. It comes and goes throughout the day, but good thing is that it does not stick around. If it weren’t for this, I’d be very happy. Main thing is that I no longer spend all day obsessing about pain, and have started returning to normality. Still haven’t tried any staining exercises, but am able to go for a 3 mile very brisk walk without problems. If anything, this seems to be helping matters. It also made me realise how badly out of shape I became. Last week I have done 100K steps, which is the most I have done in the past 2 years. Excessive sitting and driving for more than 3 hours at a time seems to be inducing pain in the inner thigh for some reason.

My left side, where I had orchiectomy is also improving. Area is no longer painful and numb, but its more tingling now, and I started regaining feeling. Scar tissue is still slightly raised and gets really dry and itchy, but I have started applying silicone strips , and this has improved matters.

All in all, I am cautiously optimistic, and am hopeful for further improvements, and quietly hoping that I will not scar over. Dr Marks mentioned that majority of men scar over within 6 months, so am hoping that I am over the immediate danger. I am still taking NSAIDs and various supplements, and panning to take it for the next 6 months.



Good to hear that on the whole things are improving for you …

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Great to hear @SomeGreyBIoke things are on the up for you



Thank you @Cannon83, fingers crossed we both will be able to put this whole ordeal behind us soon



Great to hear of your continuous improvements @SomeGreyBIoke.



7th month update

I have suffered a relatively big set back in the past 2 weeks. I was starting to feel much better with very little to no pain on most days, so decided to cut down on NSAIDs and probably pushed myself a bit too far, and I am paying price for it. I have a fair bit of pain now, mainly from the anastomosis site, which radiates into my abdomen. Reading my notes, this feels like being back to around 4 months post reversal. I have also been experiencing some leg pain, especially after ejaculation, mainly in the inner thigh and just above my knee.

One thing I have observed was that the sperm quantity dramatically reduced when pain was worst, but quickly bounced back after restarting NSAIDs. One thing for sure that I will be continuing medication regime for longer.

Emotionally I am very upset, but am hoping that this is just a small set back, and things will improve with more time and rest.



Keep going pal,with a bit of luck this is only a bump in your recovery.

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