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Reversal scheduled for 13th of Aug

I’ve started talking to a doctor about a reversal. I can’t really afford to be out of commission at the moment, but I’ll possibly do it early next year.

It will be 10 days to my reversal, and I am becoming more anxious as days are nearing. My anxieties are closely tied to tinnitus, so my ears are raging at the moment, but after living with it for 5 years, that doesn’t bother me that much anymore.

I have continued to receive valuable information and read through posts from other member who went through with the reversal. Some of them had mixed results, some really good, and am hopeful that I will be in the latter group.

Pain has continued to improve on its own somewhat, I have started eating healthy and upped my daily stretching regime and pelvic floor exercises. On some days pain is not bad, probably 1/10 but its always there. It is without a doubt stopping me from living any meaningful life. Whatever pain remains can be described as:

  1. Testicle still feels tender. Visually it fluctuates between being very full and swollen with epidydymis also clearly protruding to being completely normal a day or 2 after. Pain is coming from the inside the testi itself, I very often get a dull ache which intensifies next day after intercourse.
  2. Inguinal region discomfort is always there, some days minimal but cannot get rid of it totally. I had a suspect hernia and was offered an laparoscopic surgery for it, but glad I did not go with it. Now I just feel what can be described as pressure pains in the inguinal region, they are not too bothersome, but seem to intensify after a brisk walk or certain exercises like rowing. I am continuing with daily massages to this region with oils and using heat pads ( even in this weather ). Pains seem to be getting worse day after my testicle swells up, my guess is that body is trying to get rid of all that congestion through the lymph nodes down there, causing some inflammation and discomfort.
  3. Sometimes pain migrates and moves to my inner thigh region, originally I thought it was a sports hernia, but now think that this pain is probably a referred pain from the testicle.
  4. On occasion, I get a weird sharp pain at the base of my penis that lasts for a couple of seconds. This has happened only a couple of times and went away as quickly as it came.

Now that some of the pains have improved, I am quietly hopeful that I will benefit from the reversal. If for whatever reason reversal fails to provide any meaningful relief, I can lead my life like this, it will be a very miserable existence, but will have to adjust.

In the past week or so, I have also managed to find a very sympathetic Dr who will be willing to prescribe me with a custom TRT program when I’m ready, he seem to be very knowledgeable in endocrinology, and uses a combination of various hormones not just testosterone to preserve the current function.

All in all, scared like I have never been before in my life but praying for at least partial improvement.


I’m new to this forum but I’ve read a number of your posts. Good luck with your reversal and I’ll be praying for you.

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Good luck @SomeGreyBIoke. I hope your back on those bikes soon!

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Good luck mate, it is nerve wracking thinking about having another surgery after getting done over by a previous one. You seem to have done your homework thoroughly though and cross checked your diagnosis with two experienced urologists who treat PVPS, and have both given similar guidance.

You will be pretty sore after surgery, watch very closely for signs of wound infection and if it occurs, go and camp in your GP’s until you have appropriate antibiotics prescribed.

It took 6 weeks for my surgical wound to fully close, and it was about 3 months or so I think before I very gently started into a “couch to 5k” to start getting my fitness back.

I still have some pain issues and flare ups, and need to be careful of hard seating , but very thankfully my own did pay off.

I know the recovery can be quite slow, but I really hope it will give you a decent outcome.

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Good luck mate with your reversal tomorrow, I will be thinking of you, I hope it works for you.

All the best tommorrow @SomeGreyBIoke on your reversal tomorrow will pray for you brother for a safe speedy and successful recovery. Keep us posted when you can on how your doing.

I’m out now, had an email from the surgeon, he said it was a straight forward operation, no issues. I have no bruising, but am in 6/10 pain and scrotum swelled up fair bit. I think I have hematoma forming. Would that have any detrimental effect on the vas?


I’m glad to hear everything went fine for you. My urologist told me to make sure and keep things compressed and on ice for a while to avoid hematoma. Wishing you a speedy recovery.

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Prayers for a full recovery.

Ok so it’s been 2 days since reversal. For the most part, I am in minimal pain and am not taking any painkillers, but take naproxen 3 times a day. Am pretty much in bed all day resting and icing. I have developed fair bit of swelling and there a bit of bruising as well.

At this stage it’s difficult to say if reversal worked, I haven’t felt pressure pains as I did before, but my testicle feels swollen and sensitive. You guys were right saying that reversals are not as straightforward.


Thanks for keeping us updated. I’ll probably be in your shoes eventually.


Stay strong…hoping next few weeks you will notice an improvement

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keep the faith @SomeGreyBIoke that you will continue to heal and get better and graduate from pvps and get back to living!!


Hi there on having a discussion with the Dr who preformed my reversal, when I asked the question about nerve damage he said, why would you think that there would not be any nerve damage, you are cutting in to the most sensitive part of the body, cutting through the vas you will cut nerves, he was very honest about things. Had I known this I would not have gone ahead with the vasectomy as it was the cause of my ED, you get to use a lot of Viagra.
I would say to you guys that are planning a vasectomy, be very bloody careful what you wish for, been sterile is not the best situation to be in. It’s not being sterile as much as how and what damage is done to get there.
It is body mutilation big time.
On a better note I have the reversal on the 14th of August, 2018 I am pain free, and no swelling with a little bruising, not like the original vasectomy where pain started that first night, with tenderness and swelling, and continued. Mind you according to my GP it was all in my head. NOT.
cheers guys and good luck with what ever decisions you make. I have made the right one


My reversal surgeon mentioned that the pains can get worse 3-4 days out, and unfortunately it’s true. I had next to no pain up to now, but a fairly rough night and am hurting today. As I have been in bed all the time, my back and bottom are starting to hurt too. As I am usually a very active person, I’m getting very bored with just doing nothing.

Swelling is slowly going away, bruising and pain is concentrated just to the side of the scrotum, I assume it’s where the surgeon accessed my cord.

Thought I’d post a quick update, it’s been 8 days and majority of swelling and bruising is now gone. I stopped taking painkillers, but am on nsaids and antibiotics as I was getting an infection.

External wound seems to be healing well now, I have touched it gently today for the first time and there is a sore patch running along where the incision was made and my testicle been very swollen and tender. Although this does not feel like the dreaded pvps, it made me a bit anxious. Have also got some aches running across my spermatic cord, I assume nerves are healing and figuring out what has happened.

I am still in bed most of the day, have not gathered the courage to venture outside of the house yet.


2 weeks post reversal today. Majority of the bruising and swelling has gone now. I had a slight infection last week, and have finished a course of antibiotics yesterday. I am still taking Naproxen 3 times a day. For the past 2 days, I had a very tight stitch, which had a bit of puss oozing from it, so have removed it and used antiseptic spray, and now feeling much better. One thing I have noticed, is that urinating improved, I no longer have to strain to start, flow is also strong and feels normal.

My testi still feels a bit sore and hard as rock when I walk for a bit, but as soon as I ice and lie in bed, it goes back to normal, so still icing regularly, using supplement and trying to be positive. I haven’t had intercourse yet, will leave it till around 3 weeks mark as don’t want to mess up any vas stitching.

There’s no way in hell I could have had intercourse at 3 weeks. Might want to find some other method to have an ejaculation.

Depending how I feel, but you are right, will find another way to release the pressure if still tender.