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Reversal scheduled for 13th of Aug

6th month update

At this stage, I don’t regret having a reversal. A number of problems which I had, have resolved now, but I feel there is still room for additional healing. Pain in the inguinal canal, spermatic cord and dull ache from within the testicle have nearly gone, I’d say 99% resolved at this stage. All prostatitis symptoms have also resolved, and I can urinate like a grown man now. I had prostate tests done, and am slightly elevated at 1.4ng/mL, but still well within the normal range. I have also checked under the microscope recently, and still have swimmers. Alopecia areata has also gone, hair has regrew again, shame they’re very white and it looks a bit silly with white patches in my beard, but this is very least of my concerns.

I still have got some, hard to pinpoint “diffused” ache from the anastomosis site, but it has been slowly improving. It comes and goes throughout the day, but good thing is that it does not stick around. If it weren’t for this, I’d be very happy. Main thing is that I no longer spend all day obsessing about pain, and have started returning to normality. Still haven’t tried any staining exercises, but am able to go for a 3 mile very brisk walk without problems. If anything, this seems to be helping matters. It also made me realise how badly out of shape I became. Last week I have done 100K steps, which is the most I have done in the past 2 years. Excessive sitting and driving for more than 3 hours at a time seems to be inducing pain in the inner thigh for some reason.

My left side, where I had orchiectomy is also improving. Area is no longer painful and numb, but its more tingling now, and I started regaining feeling. Scar tissue is still slightly raised and gets really dry and itchy, but I have started applying silicone strips , and this has improved matters.

All in all, I am cautiously optimistic, and am hopeful for further improvements, and quietly hoping that I will not scar over. Dr Marks mentioned that majority of men scar over within 6 months, so am hoping that I am over the immediate danger. I am still taking NSAIDs and various supplements, and panning to take it for the next 6 months.


Good to hear that on the whole things are improving for you …

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Great to hear @SomeGreyBIoke things are on the up for you


Thank you @Cannon83, fingers crossed we both will be able to put this whole ordeal behind us soon


Great to hear of your continuous improvements @SomeGreyBIoke.


7th month update

I have suffered a relatively big set back in the past 2 weeks. I was starting to feel much better with very little to no pain on most days, so decided to cut down on NSAIDs and probably pushed myself a bit too far, and I am paying price for it. I have a fair bit of pain now, mainly from the anastomosis site, which radiates into my abdomen. Reading my notes, this feels like being back to around 4 months post reversal. I have also been experiencing some leg pain, especially after ejaculation, mainly in the inner thigh and just above my knee.

One thing I have observed was that the sperm quantity dramatically reduced when pain was worst, but quickly bounced back after restarting NSAIDs. One thing for sure that I will be continuing medication regime for longer.

Emotionally I am very upset, but am hoping that this is just a small set back, and things will improve with more time and rest.

Keep going pal,with a bit of luck this is only a bump in your recovery.

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Sorry to read this. Hope things settle down.

Paul, how are you doing? Would be great if you could update your reversal recovery. Your last post wasn’t as optimistic as the previous ones. I hope you’re still improving!

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Hi @Juno, doing much better, still not perfect, but I’d say 85% recovered at this stage. I can go for hours without thinking about this whole ordeal. I’m going to get SA and Testosterone tests done, and will post detailed and longer update in the coming weeks.


10th month update

Although still not 100% pain-free, but in much better place now. On a good day, pain levels hover just below what I can register, maybe 1 or 0.5. I tend to get 1 bad day in a week, where it hurts from the back of the testicle, all the way to the waistline. When this happens, I also get some diffused ache around the area where the jeans pocket is, but this pain tends to be what I use to have at my best. At this stage, my prostatitis symptoms have not returned, have not felt hernia like pains and my urination is strong. Sex drive has also came back, I have noticed that I get aroused more often throughout the day, and sex itself has become satisfying again. I still ache ever so slightly after intercourse for around 20 mins, but it’s very minor. Rather than a couple of miserable drops as I had just before reversal, ejaculate volume has definitely increased, and it comes out at a decent pressure. I am not back to pre-v levels, but I’d say 75% there.

A couple of weeks ago, I have stopped taking naproxen, but pain levels increased quickly, and have started having aches in the hamstring, all the way to my knee, and felt tingling around my foot. I have also noticed a substantial drop in numbers under the microscope, so have restarted NSAIDs again, and pains dropped, and numbers have climbed up again. I will carry on taking NSAIDs for another couple of months as I tolerate them well, and I also take stomach lining pills in the morning to protect from any negative side effects…

I have started going to the gym, did some gentle jogging lately which made me realise how out of shape I became. I am able to go for a 7-10 mile brisk walk without inducing any additional pains and am quietly hoping for a continued improvements. At this stage, am concerned about scarring over, but hoping that if I got so far, chances of scarring might be diminishing.

I will get SA and Testosterone tests done at 1 year anniversary, and will post another update.


When you’re doctor phill, things are reeal easy. Vasectomy yup, reverse hell yeah get my buddies to take care of this shit. At 6 weeks bam the wife’s pregnant and aaaalll good. Is this even real? Is this guy some kind of pitchman for vasectomies. Very strange watching this after reading though so many nightmares here, including my own. I don’t know why, but watching this shit makes me angry as hell while I sit crippled in pain.

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I am at 5 months post reversal, and still having issues at the reconnection sites. Trying to stay positive about it. It feels like pressure, but not at testicles, more near the connection sites. Reading your story, I believe you had this pain as well. Is it just time? I hate having a good day and then get slammed with a week or two of hell. Just your thoughts about what you were feeling at about 5 months post reversal. Hope you just continue to get better.


I was still very sore at month 5. Stay positive brother, I’ve just passed year 1, and just about starting to feel better. In fact, I was very close to pain free around month 11, but have overdone it one week, and have suffered a set back. I am getting nerve pains, and any vigrous activity sends jolts of pain across my leg and kidneys. Hopefully this will pass and am remaining positive and hopeful to be one of those 95% recovered guys within a year.

I am stil taking naproxen with stomach lining pills as I have noticed a drop in numbers under microscope when I reduced the dose.

I would love to talk to you, could you email your number?


15 months update

Things have been steadily improving since my last update. I had a couple of small setbacks, but always managed to recover OK. Last week I was 95% pain-free, with small niggles every now and them, but as I have been dealing with this nonsense for the past 2 years, it makes me wonder if these niggles are just a normal day to day aches and pains as they came and went pretty quickly.

I still find that I can get a bit sore at the reconnection site after intercourse, so trying to be very gentle, and also had a small relapse when I temporarily discontinued taking NSAIDs. One thing I have noticed is that my semen levels have decreased substantially during these periods. At this stage, I have not had any pains inside testicle, fullness has gone totally, semen volume has definitely increased and I started enjoying sex again. I have not tested my testosterone levels yet, but have noticed that I am getting random erections throughout the day which was not the case days preceding reversal. I will not have further SA’s done, as just checked under microscope, and it looked stable and identical to what I have seen for the past year. If anyone is interested, I have uploaded videos here

Last weekend I went to a trampoline park with my daughter, where I was active for over an hour, we walked a lot as well, and all of this was done without any pain. At this stage I do not regret having reversal, only regret that I have not done it sooner, and have subjected myself to an unnecessary epididymectomy and orchiectomy on my left side. At this stage, I am hoping for continued improvements and that my reversal will not fail at such late-stage


Thought I’d post a quick update, unfortunately things took a turn for the worse in the past 2 weeks, I have accidentally hurt myself, and currently suffering with a lot of sharp pains at the reconnection site, struggling to walk any good distance, and am in at least 3/10 daily pain, raising to 6/10 some days.

Numbers dropped sharply under the microscope too, and am pretty devastated as thought worst was behind me, but this feels almost as bad as day after reversal. I am resting as much as I can, and trying to remain positive, but at this point feeling pretty crappy.

You say you accidentally hurt yourself. Is that related to your setback?

Hi @RingoStar. Yes, I became a bit itchy around scar, and woke up one night in severe pain as must have been scratching the itch and think I pressed too hard on the cord. Devastated, gutted and at the end of my tether

I feel so bad for you man, hopefully you recover soon from this. i am about to turn 9 months post reversal, and still have pain daily at the connection sites which flows to other areas, would you say you had similar experiences at this time on your reversal. dr. said i am still in the healing window, and some guys can take over a year to heal.