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Reversal scheduled for 13th of Aug

After much thinking, I came to the conclusion that I will be going ahead with the reversal. This decision has not been easy to make, as I am fully aware of all the dangers and that the long term effects are a luck of the draw, but my gut feeling is telling me to do it. If anything, I know reversal is not a magic cure, so I am realistic about it, but mentally I will be in a much happier place knowing that I have tried.

During my PVPS journey, I have gained knowledge mainly thanks to the relentless badgering and messaging other forum members, who shared their experience and provided guidance - feel nothing but love and massive appreciation for you guys!

In recent weeks, my disabling pain in the inguinal canal / spermatic cord and constant 7/10 ache in the groin has subsided a lot, to the point where on a good day, apart for a heavy feeling in the testicle, I am nearly pain free, and now I am pretty certain, that the source of my trouble is pressure and inflamed epididymis. I believe that apart for giving it time, this improvement was also achieved by going on a low inflammation diet, taking vitamins, herbal supplements with papaya seeds and doing pelvic floor exercises.

Unfortunately sex still cause a dull ache inside the testicle and epidydimis sometimes for a few hours to a day afterwards. My libido and testosterone levels are also very low, and I am very quietly hoping that the reversal will change that.

My only concern is that the reversal might be doomed from the start, as for some reason, I have this nagging feeling that my epididymis might have been damaged by cycling.

If it comes to it, and my reversal fails due to the blockage or scarring later on, I believe I have the knowledge necessary to manage this condition. Ideally, I would’ve liked to try TRT before reversal, but due to the restrictions imposed here, this is not possible at this time. For now, I am trying to remain positive and hopeful that the reversal will bring at least a partial relief.

If you could share any tips for recovery after the operation, I’d really appreciate it. Sending big man-hugs to all of you!


Good luck mate, my reversal is on the 14th August, hang in there, pardon the pin,


Good luck , really hope it gets you to a much better place.

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Best of luck with everything Paul.


Good luck with everything


Good luck Paul. It’s a tough call but you’ve done your homework.


I hope it works out for you. Nobody should ever have to deal with this.


Good luck my friend. I had my reversal 9 months ago. Best decision I ever made . You can read my whole story at

Only advice is give yourself TIME to heal and be supper positive throughout the healing process. That really worked for me.

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Cheers mate, appreciate it. Yes I read your story some time ago. My expectations as to the reversal are somewhat muted, am hoping for a positive outcome, but am realistic and aware that its not always a magic cure.


Exactly 2 weeks to go. Never been so petrified in my life. Pain improved somehow, hovers around 1/10 as I am taking it very easy, I don’t excercise at all apart for daily stretches as per PT’s advice.

I am hoping that relieving pressure will help with pains.

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Day after the 14th for me and I am scared shitless,


All the best @SomeGreyBIoke and @Francis, have the faith that it will work and will be better off and rid of the pain for good.


@Francis @SomeGreyBIoke I’m scheduled at the end of September. I’m really nervous too, but at the same time, I feel like I’ve got to try. I think most of the men on here don’t regret their reversal.Also, it seems that if they do have increased pain, most have that pain die down over time. Maybe I’m just trying to force myself to think positively. I do know that if my pain stays the same, I will at least be comfortable knowing I tried and that it’s now time to just live with it and move on. Currently, it’s kind of hard to do that knowing that the reversal is still an option.


Guys, how long you planning on taking off work for the reversal? I am trying to gage the recovery time and are you able to get short term disability for reversal for pain?

Well said @Kyvas, this is exactly what I were thinking. This is a surgery and will hurt for some time, but hopefully good surgeon will minimise chance of any potential damage, and if by some miracle it will reduce the pain, then I will be very happy.

I will be taking 2 weeks off @Ben, and have desk job

I think reversal is best, to try and put the nightmare behind us all, I envy the guys that don’t have any problems, although I often wonder how honest that they are with themselves. Good luck Kyvas for September I have applied to work for to weeks sick leave, and it was given.

2 weeks mate, that should be enough time also I have a desk job.

Thanks, I have a desk job also and having a hard time now making to work daily

Good luck to all of you with upcoming reversals. I had mine back in June 2006 and never regretted it. I was pain free from late 2006 through April 2016 other than a 6-month relapse 2008-09. It’s a big surgery, and I was feeling pretty low 3 months post-reversal but started feeling better 4-5 months and didn’t look back much for nearly 10 years.