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Reversal saved my life

Don t give up.Go back to them.Re open the case.Find a lawyer that believes in you.Listen to me.It may take many years , but vasectomies will be outlawed one day.They are barbaric and VERY bad for men in many may ways(even if you have no pain).So you can sit back and let the world get to that point(with you,and me as its many victims) or you can say fuck this and do the research and know that what s happened to you is in the gendre as the rack, it’s just you went willingly(your vasectomy).When all those we see around us tell us it’s safe way to not have any children and you are sparing your wife the dangers of birth control,we as men say “we ll do it”.Its a fucking lie.Nothing could be more destructive to a man less actually cutting his dick off.Do your homework,then fight like hell for what s been stolen from you.

Do it.Reversal is the best thing for you now.

Get the reversal.I went 8 years pain free before things started to break down.4 years pain,test issues,so many issues even though I kept myself in awesome shape.I knew the Vas whether pain or pain free was at the root of it.Reverse before damage becomes too much(and it will).Heed these words.

Mainman, where was your pain and when did it manifest itself? Sitting, sex, exercise? What was the pattern of the pain? What was the nature of it? (ache in testicles, burning in cords etc)

Full ache that progressively got worse in the right testicle.Also radiating pain on my left side not in the testicle but on the hairline that radiated up into my abdomen.Like cramps from hell.I ve had MRIs , ultrasounds for everything and it showed normal.

OMG you are the savior of my life. I have had all the issues you previously had. I have mild pain and quite bad ed / soft erections, which I have loss erection mass. My hard ons are so much softer than the were pre vas. My wife can struggle to orgasm when I’m soft as she cant feel my penis as much as when its fully hard, as pre vas.
Had vas 2 years back. And its been nothing but stress and despair since. Started having ed 8 months after vas. Then pain soon followed. I have variococeles also which I believe were made worse by the vas, the viens / variococeles are loads bigger since the vas.

I’m scared to have the reversal as I worry it may make things worse, but its re assuring to see that someone else has had a reversal for the same reasons as me and it has worked. The ed is the main reason for me to get the reversal as the pain is manageable.

My cum also is like glue and smells different to pre vas. My wife says she doent like the taste of it any more.

Ive searched for 2 years on the internet in hope id stumble on a guy that had the reversal for ed / impotence reasons, as opposed to mainly pain reasons. So you sir have made me feel so much happier and I feel like I can now way up the risks for a reversal in order to, try to stop the mild pain and mainly stop the soft erections. So I assume you would recommended the reversal based on your positive experience of the reversal. Thanks in advance buddy. liam

Although I had t level checked 1.5 yrs ago. All came back normal ranges. But I assume my levels were through the roof per vas. Oh and Luke you my sex drive is studly high. Really hope it’s a chemical / hormone issue that’s Fucking me up due to the bad being cut, so a reversal will regulate the chemical/ hormone imbalance, that is if there is one currently

Get it reversed ASAP.I waiting far too long.I waited until things got progressively worse and worse.Do the research.Ask about success rates(2 years out should be good).Get a good doctor who has done lots and can prove he has been successful.Get a general done(most likely will anyway).And beg,borrow or steal the money if you don t have it.There s is nothing worse then a man not feeling like a man.You will change(not for the better if you do nothing).Just do it,seriously.

Mate, I applaud you for getting back to me swiftly. Top man indeed.

I think I’ll look to do it around Xmas time. I live in the uk, I’ve been recommend a doc named Duncan Harriss, Andrew Dawson and Mike Henley.

Andrew Dawson operates using multilayer and local anesthetic plus sedation. Think I may look seriously at him as he uses multilayer.

Duncan harriss uses modified single layer and has a good track record (this advice has came from a guy that used him via this forum)

Did you mean local, as in local anesthetic?

You seem as though your on top of the world again. That is how I used to be.

Where did you get your reversal done

Cheers buddy


I just wanted to voice that getting it done in the coldest time of the year might be a bad idea. Your body tenses up to the cold and could keep you from healing as fast your body is capable. I would wait til summer and then do it. That way your blood flow is less impeded.

In Edmonton Canada by a guy who s done lots.Life has really been great since I did it.Worst mistake of my life was getting Vas.One of the best was being determined/smart enough to get it reversed.It s the only decision you have.Period.I said general (like knock you out).But either way I have never felt such difference from where I was at to where I m now.Don t listen to other doctors that try to talk you out of it.They ll say it should change nothing.It s another problem or we don t know.There is something in the human male that when that s cut has tremendous impacts either overt or subtle over time.I m not a doctor , I don t know how the body exactly works.All I know that it is not a good thing for men.Good luck.I m happy I could help.

Once again thank you. Your advise has given me the courage to go ahead and do it. Will keep you posted. I’m worried that if I leave it any longer things could become that bad that even after the reversal it may never go back to how it once was, given that if the reversal works to begin with, which I’m hopful it will. Edmonton eh, I imagine it’s a nice city, but shame about the ice hockey team, the oilers, there useless lol

Hi mate, thanks for your comment. As I mentioned to mainman, I’m worried that if I leave it any longer my symptoms could become worse. Given the mild pain is become more frequent lately and my semen is starting to change to think glue like consistency, just as mainman expirenced.

I know where your coming from but I feel that it’s a ticking time bomb waiting to blow. As given guys accounts on here the early warning signs present themselves, then things can spontaneously go messed up quickly and irreversible damage could be more likely.

So I’m still weighing up the risks given what seems to be worsening symptoms to have it done asap, winter or summer, it doesn’t matter. As long as I can potentially reduce the risk of further damaging my endocrine/hormone system up to the point of a complete disaster.

All the best

Mainman, I think others tried to ask you this a couple of months ago, so apologies if I missed your answer.

Your original post seemed/sounded like it was “VERY” soon after your reversal. Most stories on here seem to indicate their reversal healing was a fairly drawn out process - months of downs and ups. How was your recovery? And what “type” of reversal did you get? I understand you were put under, but given all the options of multi-layer, single-layer, yada, yada. What was the doctor’s name (if you don’t mind saying)?


I understand where you are coming from. You have to weight it out pros and cons. I didn’t see where your semen was like glue thickness. I would investigate that still while contemplating the reversal date.

Dr.Grey was the name of the urologist.Had a bit of a scare after some rougher sex in which pain came back for a week or so then went away.Won t do that again.Every guy here who s had a vesectomy needs to get reversed.Also its up to all of us to warn everyone not to get it done.I already told my 3 sons never to get it done.I am very serious that even if you have no pain or signs that over time there will be issues.It may take 8 years like me.I went from no pain ,no issues,to ED issues and no cum as well as other health issues.People who preform vasectomies should go to jail.


Hi guys,

Here is my story…

I had a vasectomy in Nov. 2012 and I noticed immediately that my orgasms were less intense, watery and lacked that empty feeling (blue balls). I also began having sporadic bouts of pain in my left testicle that started at about 6 months post-vas and which increasingly got worse after 2.5 years After four years of dull pain and ordinary orgasms, I decided to have a reversal. Well let me tell you, ejaculation/orgasm sensation and semen consistency pre-vas is back! Also the pain is gone! I did a lot of research on the topic and read many blogs/testimonials such as these which convinced me and gave the courage to go ahead with a VR. I am so glad I went through with it - it has literally changed my life! The physiological changes that occur after a vasectomy are real and can profoundly impact men’s lives.

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Nice work Machoman.I too did the same thing , but dull ache as well as a whole lot of other things didn’t t start until after 8 years post vas.I too am very happy I got the reversal.You made the right choice brother.

Thanks Mainman,

Yes indeed the right choice to put back as it was! Worst decision of my life to have a vas!! The VR recovery was as expected and after 5 days I was back to work and then after 7 days almost back to normal. It has now been over 5 months and it just keeps on getting better. Thanks for starting this thread it has really made the difference for me to go ahead with the VR.


Are you able to do normal things? Like running and cycling and things?
Cause I can’t do any thing and I dread getting a reversal for fear of not being able to do anything and or still ending up in pain afterwards.