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Has anyone ever looked at your low back?

@BallsBuster , Hey man, I wanted to chime in here about the below statement

I had a hydrocelectomy back in Oct 2019, and my incision site was middle/bottom of my scrotum. Your description of that area hurting more when you stand or walk is accurate. My incision did the same thing. My incision hurt for several weeks. I am 5 months out and I hardly notice it anymore. My incision site can still be uncomfortable If I roll the skin around at that location.

You have to remember its several layers of tissue that get sewed up. So, even if the outside looks good to go, the inside layers could still be healing.

I am slowly wrapping my mind around getting a reversal for my pain, since my hydrocelectomy didn’t solve any pain issues, but did fix the fluid build up around my right testicle.

If I survive this coronavirus shit and the recession/depression to come, I plan on scheduling a reversal, If I am still in pain January 2021.

Hope you keep trending well.

Stay home and stay safe everyone.

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No, and I have been concerned about my back since it has been a struggle to sit or walk with proper posture since the vas. I know that can take a toll. Still, my back is actually one of the few areas in the my body that is completely pain free right now. Also, considering how quickly my symptoms started post vas, and then my new set of symptoms post reversal, I don’t think they are related to my back. What are your thoughts regarding lower back issues and a possible connection?

Day 22 Update:

After 1 nocturnal erection the first week PR and 2 the second week, I have now had 5 in the last 8 days, including 4 nights in a row! The erections are not as strong as before, though, as each time they’ve pretty much faded by the time I walked to the bathroom. It’s progress still.

Everything else has stayed about the same ED-wise. It takes about 30 seconds to build an erection and about a 3 second lapse in concentration to lose it (almost the exact opposite of pre-vas). It’s actually really strange; I never imagined it was even possible to go from completely hard to almost completely soft that quickly. I can also go from feeling like I’m not even close to orgasm to reaching orgasm in a very short span of time. It’s like all of the middle stage build-up is missing.

Fortunately, I’ve always had very good control over myself and I can still last for as long as I need to and basically function as what would seem normal to my wife. I’m more concerned for the future, as I feel like I’ve set myself back 30 years down there and wonder what it will be like in, well, 30 years. I might need to try some neo-tantric stuff to build new brain–penis pathways, if that’s a thing.

I still have the electric shocks when I walk, my hands feel more numb than ever, and my legs have continued to feel weak and actually hurt really bad today (I think from doing some simple stretches the night before, even though they didn’t hurt at the time). I’m going to try some compression socks and see if that helps anything.

I’ve continued to eat a healthy, whole food diet. Normal daily foods are good amounts of broccoli, kale, and avocado, some almonds and flax seed, with small amounts of blueberries, strawberries, tumeric, and ginger. I also eat a good amount of mushrooms, garlic, and onions, with moderate amounts of high-quality non-processed meats and eggs, with occasional seafood mixed in (wild caught salmon mostly). I also supplement with krill oil, collagen powder, B vitamin complex, MCT oil, and quercetin. Small amounts of raw kefir, dark chocolate (90%), and cherries are also in my diet. I consume a lot of mixed green salads with plenty of olive oil, as well as olives and various kinds of nuts. Carrots, beets, parsnips, and sweet potatoes are in the mix, but in limited amounts to avoid going overboard with the sugar and the non-fibrous carbs (which break down to sugar).

I’ve eaten healthy since well before any of this, so the biggest change has just been eliminating any cheating. I can attest that the above diet increased my energy, eliminated any day-time sluggishness, trimmed my waist and made me feel great. I know I’m on the right path nutritionally to give my body the best shot.

I’ll keep you updated on how it goes. Best of luck to everyone getting through not only the PVPS, but all of the ramifications of this COVID situation.

Back problems are very common post vas. Lower back stability comes from your core muscles. It’s the reason everyone says “lift with your core, not with your back” when you pick up something heavy. These muscles are innervated by some of the same nerves that tend to get damaged during vasectomy. Nerve damage from the vas leads to weakness in these muscles and a weak core leads to a bad back. Many of us have a back issue going into the vas whether we knew it or not.


Day 33 update:

After a period of some gradual improvement, I had one of my worst days yesterday. My ankles and shins ached in the muscle, joints, and bones. My knees went out on me walking across the house and I could barely stumble into bed. My hands felt numb, tingly, and painful all day and night long. It appears the autoimmune stuff is still present in full force.

Interestingly, today I’ve felt rather normal. I even jogged around the house and rough housed with the kids without problem. My knees felt much stronger. My hands are numb 24/7 but weren’t as bad today. It’s incredible how fast RA symptoms ebb and flow.

The swelling and fluid in my sack have dissipated. The right testicle is high and tight with what appears to be hard scar tissue around it, but I can at least tell where the testicle is located now with the fluid gone, and it seems relatively normal down there.

Not much new to report on the ED front since my last update. I did achieve my best nocturnal erection since the vas one night (it was still half-hard by the time I reached the bathroom).

I’m considering taking papaya seed powder to see if attacking my sperm count will help with my auto-immune stuff. I would already be on it, except I do want to take the post-reversal test to confirm the surgery was a success. Does anyone know if papaya seed could contribute to tube closure as a result of greatly reducing the sperm flowing through?

I am of the opinion that papaya seed powder is probably not a good idea at this point. IMO, you are to early post reversal to be seriously considering that option just yet. I am with you in regard to getting that SA first and perhaps consider from there. The idea of papaya seed powder causing premature post reversal failure has been hashed out on this forum several times. I can’t say that we have any definitive proof that it might cause premature failure, but in theory, it definitely seems that it could.

Having a uptick in neuropathic pain somewhere in the timeframe that your are in right now isn’t unheard of. I do recall a quote from a highly experienced pvps reversal surgeon that basically said the same thing. That surgeon also suggested that it generally backs off over the months to come. I don’t recall if that surgeons quote elaborated on the thought that concervative options such as NSAID’s, steroids, etc, would be helpful during this period of time, but my guess is yes, providing you’re system can handle them.

My first reversal, acute surgical pain for at least 3 weeks - backing off slowly. By week 4-5 I was sort’v ok (emphasis on sort’v). By week ~6 I felt like I had to pee really bad, but didn’t have to pee. From there, my recovery turned into a complete nightmareish rollercoaster ride. Given it was a first for me, I was like the majority that post here that are/were very concerned and wondering wth is going on.

A year later, my second reversal, a completely different and much faster recovery, although I did have a slight uptick in neuropathic pain around the same point in time. Again, I was a bit confused, but I shouldn’t have been, as it wasn’t my first rodeo.

My third corrective procedure I experienced something similar. It took several weeks for a major uptick in neuropathic pain, and that was caused by an obstruction within my internal spermatic vein (vascular congestion). There was no cutting involved, no trauma to my left side, etc, but the pain it caused was of the likes of what many people describe as some sort of nerve damage, yet no nerves were damaged during my third procedure.

Bottom line, you will likely experience some ups and downs throughout your recovery process. And, anyone that says this that and the other means this that or the other… Meh, based on my personal experience, I’m not thinking anything means anything for certain.

Try to remain calm. Don’t let your recovery get the best of you. Try to keep your stress level as low as possible as higher stress levels can lead to anxiety and/or more pain.

Hang in there man.


@RingoStar Thank you for your thoughtful response! You always take the time to provide such insightful posts on so many threads and I just want to take a moment to let you know I appreciate it (as I know many others do too)!

I’m trying to keep the stress down (as much as possible for a man working from home with three kids 4 years and under). The hardest part for me is not being sure the exact issue to address (is it hormonal, auto-immune, inflammatory, nerve damage, some combination?) but really for any of those the best thing I can probably do is give it time and live a healthy lifestyle, so it might not matter. Thanks again!

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No problem @BallsBuster, and thank you for your kind words.

Have you considered ramping up your immune system via vitamins and supplements? Midpoint in my thoughts on something I was writing about yesterday in a non related thread I was thinking that it could be possible to improve possible autoimmune related responses by ramping up your immune system. I’m not sure if it would help, but it’s worth seriously considering. Furthermore, I don’t see how ramping up your immune system would have a negative impact on your recovery. In fact, it would likely be beneficial on many levels.

Chronic stress, poor sleep, etc, can deplete your immune system. A lot of the things us men deal with post vas, post reversal, post etc, can definitely drag men’s systems down further than they realize.

Just some thoughts.

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Yeah, I’ve been ramping up my immune system since the vasectomy (and to some extent before–I always paid attention to what I eat). I suppose the only potential downside is with the auto-immune stuff I could be stoking the flames. I don’t care, though. I will always choose to boost my immune system. The idea of trying to suppress the immune system is Ludacris to me. I’ll take my chances trying to get my body to operate on all cylinders versus subverting it.

1.5 month update

After a period of stagnation, I had some of my worst few days. My hormone issues appear to be back, with my skin drying up and my voice cracking, feeling weaker, frog-in-the-throat back, and an octave or two higher. And the weird out of character feelings made a return. I felt really upset. Then really sad. I just wanted to curl up into a ball and hide from the world. Then the next day, I felt extreme anxiety and helplessness. It was just like the first week after the vas. I feel a lot more normal now, at least. The worst of it didn’t last too long post vas either.

My knees and hands hurt, my joints are tight and sore, and my muscles ACHE. It’s crazy. I’ll sit in a chair or lie on the couch for 30 minutes, and when I stand up you’d think I’d been folded up in a tiny closet for a week the way I feel.

My hands have been tingling and hurting over night again. I still have the “electric shocks” in my feet when I walk after a long period of sitting or laying down, but they do go away with a few steps. That’s one of the few things I think has continued to get slowly better.

My ED stuff is as bad as ever. I can perform, but it’s still a case of slow build and easy gone erection (I don’t lose it because I’m able to mentally hold it, but if I choose to lose focus I can revert to almost totally flaccid in about 3 seconds). I’ve kept up with the every-other-day ejaculation rule, but it’s tougher than it should be. Masturbation holds no joy. My libido hasn’t recovered either. It’s not terrible as it’s always sort of there and I could have sex every day or twice a day and be cool with it, but I could also stop having it at all and it wouldn’t be nearly the big deal it used to be. It sort of reminds me of when you go into dietary ketosis and hunger vanishes; you sort of feel like you could eat at any point in time, but you never really feel like you NEED to eat. That’s how I feel about sexual relief.

Well, at this point, I can’t say anything has improved since my VR. Not much is worse either. it’s sort of same ol’ same ol’. The bad thing is that the longer it goes the weaker I get. Don’t want to think about what kind of shape I’ll be in one year, five years, etc. if trends don’t change.

Oh by the way, someone had asked about lower back pain. I hadn’t had any problem with it before, but it’s starting acting up slightly the last week. I attribute it to my weird sleeping positions and horrible posture due to not being able to walk/jog correctly or sit in a chair comfortably. I used to have excellent posture.

I have a meeting with Dr. P. coming up soon. Not sure what ideas, if any, he’ll have at this point. Che sera.

WOW, what a difference a day makes! After 3 of my worst days post vasectomy/post reversal, I just had my three best days since before the vasectomy! It has been an amazing turnaround.

My hands, which have been numb and tight 24/7 for months now with increasing pain, felt normal when I woke up! At least I think they feel normal–it’s been so long since I’ve experienced “normal” that I’m not sure, but they must be at least 90% normal. They had gotten so bad that I didn’t expect them to recover and was just hoping they would stay the same and not regress further. I can’t believe how quickly they improved!

The tightness in my knees subsided–overnight. My energy and mood improved, seemingly independent of the uplifting news. The super sore muscles are gone other than normal exercise related soreness (yes, I actually worked out the last 3 days!).

For three straight days I have also woken up rock hard! It lasts for like 10 minutes after waking and makes it difficult to urinate. What a great feeling! I haven’t experienced that since the day before the vasectomy.

My voice is still a little wonky (keep feeling like I need to clear it when there is nothing to clear and the strength fluctuates) but it’s been trending toward sounding deeper and stronger and may be normal by this weekend at this rate.

I’m also still hearing quite a bit of “pops” in my hands, feet, and even knees, and there are still small “shocks” in my feet when I walk after long periods of lying down. Other than that, I’m feeling pretty, dare I say, “normal.” I am so thankful!

My theory is that a major hormone fluctuation set in and caused all of the side effects, both bad, and then, mercifully, good. It seems hormonal changes can throw a body off its rocker and I am surprised to have experienced the same negative effects with the hormones “returning” a week ago that I did when they were “leaving” after the vasectomy (at least I think this is what is going on).

I hope things stay this good or better, but at least now I have a lot more hope going forward even if things do fluctuate again. I’ll continue to update from time to time. Take care everyone.


Glad to hear. Who else have had libido and erection issues post vas? And how long did it take to become “normal” post reversal? I am 5 months post reversal and my libido is still overall down significantly than it was pre vas but has gotten a little better post reversal. Its really been hard mentally.

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@MrValentino, I’ve heard some men talk about immediately improving ED symptoms after reversal, which made me hopeful. Obviously that didn’t happen for me, but at least I’m proof it can improve during the months following reversal (still don’t know if it will stay, of course). I do remember one guy talking about how he never did get the reversal and then almost magically his ED got better over a year after the vas. If someone could improve after that amount of time without even getting the reversal, then there should be long-term hope for you and I. Have you had any improvement over the 5 months?

Yes felt my libido come back decently right after reversal. Then between months 2-4 it peaked and valleyed. This past week I’ve had a major set back with same pain I had prior to reversal and totally lost libido and weak erections. It’s super depressing.

2+ Month Update

Well, easy come, easy go. After a blissful 3 days of feeling on the mend, I crashed back to earth over these last 16 days. My voice never fully recovered and has since regressed. When trying to speak normally, I sound like I have a cold (I don’t) and a softer tone, such as when people talk to dogs or kids with a softer voice. Sigh.

My overnight erections completely disappeared for 12 straight days. Nothing. It was the worst it has ever been. The last four days in a row I’ve had weak ones, so I’m sort of back to square one there.

Hands and knees come and go with the tightness and numbness and popping, but at least the problems haven’t returned 24/7. Shock feeling in feet has continued to improve and would probably only be an issue now if I dared to jump up and down. Random testicular pain comes and goes and sometimes lingers, but nothing I can’t live with.

T-test came back at 450, which is 90 points lower than the last test (which was taken a month after vasectomy with all kinds of problems). Definitely not trending the right direction, as I believe this puts me at a normal level for someone in 50s or 60s (I’m in 30s). Never got a baseline reading pre-vas, but would imagine if anything I had a very high level since all signs indicated that.

First sperm test came back “Moderate” and higher than 6 million per mm, although just barely (landed in the 10th percentile of “normal”)–I’ll take this as a victory since I’m flowing!

I’m in it for the long haul. I don’t know if I’ll get better, worse, or stay the same, but I do not expect to have a final determination anytime soon, if ever. It’s interesting how quickly I improve and then worsen–it’s like a light switch. The world is deteriorating so horribly and so quickly, it’s frankly hard for me to care as much about my own personal battle here, but I’ll keep taking care of myself and trying to recover nonetheless. Best wishes all.

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hey @BallsBuster sorry to hear your roller-coaster recovery and thanks for updating the group. I know we’re around the same timeline for reversal and can relate to the frustrations but also can echo the new perspective were all dealing with. I too wish I was in a better place right now with my recovery or farther along still dealing with left sided pains thankfully right is good!! Overall though things could be worse and need to be thankful that I can do everything I want and need to do but not at a point where am pain free. still dealing with spikes of pain that ranges from a 1-5/10 daily depending on activities. biggest issue is increased pain post intercourse where pain spikes and lingers. Doc thinks its all inflammation related which makes sense good thing is that pain has improved overall even after intercourse. So am thinking were both in it for longer than we expected but I need to assure myself that I’ll get better and be pain free. like you said we need to take care of ourselves and just take it one day at a time and keep recovering. stay safe and healthy everyone💪

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Thank you NC79. I agree that inflammation is likely a factor for both of us. Of course, it can be a chicken and egg thing trying to figure out if inflammation is the underlying cause of symptoms, or if something else is triggering the inflammation. I am eating as healthy of an anti-inflammatory diet as possible, however, I’m sure it will still take time for our bodies to heal regardless of what we put into them.

Yes, stay safe and healthy everyone. And stay free. Regardless of individual opinions of whether or not crashing the economy with stay at home orders is justified or not, there is a massive power and money grab going on. We all know the dangers of just sitting back and trusting the health experts and other authorities to look out for our best interests. Stay vigilant.

totally relate to the chicken and egg scenario. if its inflammation thats causing the pain then what’s causing the inflammation? A. inflammation from reversal surgery B. partial blockage lower down in the epididymitis caused by a blowout from vas pressure. C. Failed reversal and still blocked in the vas. D. Neither A or B or C and its nerve related. In today’s age of medicine still can’t believe its a guessing game when it comes to this bs. Praying its A and with time I will heal and be pain free what gives me hope is even with vas I did get much better. on those bad or setback days figuratively is a real kick in the pants pund intended.