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Reversal Recovery Updates

Hello all. I started a thread about my Q&A with Dr. P. at PUR (see “Q & A with the Good Doctor”) and have updated it leading up to my reversal. I’m starting this new thread as a journal to keep you up-to-date on my experiences post-reversal. I started this new title so it will be easier for people to search for the specific info they need in the future. I hope others will benefit from this. I also think it helps me to share my journey and I appreciate the support from everyone on here.

To start, I’m going to rehash the symptoms I experienced post-vas that lead me to this reversal decision:

To recap, here are the symptoms and thoughts going into the reversal (I posted this in the other thread on March 10th and did the reversal on the 11th):


  • Diminished sensation in penis
  • Increased difficulty in achieving erection (takes a minute instead of seconds)
  • Softer erections
  • Brain–penis disconnect (hard to explain, but you know it if you’ve experienced it)
  • Almost complete disappearance of nocturnal erections (it used to be difficult to pee over night due to erection practically EVERY time; that hasn’t been the case at all since the vas)


  • “Pins and needles” tingling in arms, legs, hands, feet, and fingers (off and on sometimes for hours during the day and almost all night long)
  • Extreme tightness in knees (no visible swelling)
  • Lots of popping and cracking in all joints
  • Strange crepe paper like sound in connective tissues in knees (only lasted a few days)
  • Weakened knee joints (had minor tear due to walking too fast)
  • Tightness and numbness in both hands (this has progressed to a 24-7 issue)
  • Basically classic rheumatoid arthritis symptoms, and an advanced case too


  • Slower and softer growing beard (FYI–my “T” was tested a month after vas and came out at 542; however, I suspect it may have been quite high prior to vas, and my andro wasn’t tested, which I know is associated with a TON of hormone symptoms)
  • Natural oils in skin and hair have completely dried up (doesn’t feel like my hair anymore, which used to be soft and silky; it freaked my wife out to feel it now and even stabbed her hand with the roughness when she gave me a haircut)
  • Sudden feelings of anxiety and helplessness/hopelessness that def didn’t feel like me; this happened early on and seems to have balanced out; I wouldn’t even bring it up, except I’ve heard similar stories from so many others; FYI my worst case of this occurred soon after vas before I even knew anything was wrong and not just normal, short-term symptoms


  • Random shooting pains varying from a 5/10 to a debilitating level in my waist, testicles, lower back, foot, hands, wrist, shin and toes; these come and go (different areas at a time, not all at once) and don’t last for very long, usually anywhere from 5-15 seconds; I’ve had maybe one occurrence per day on average

Prognosis for Reversal
A lot of individuals have noted an improvement in ED symptoms post-reversal, so I’m cautiously bullish on this improving.
The Auto-Immune stuff is rarer, however, the Dr. did say he has had good success with these types of symptoms improving or disappearing altogether with reversal; this is the area I’m REALLY hoping for success, as the alternative reality is quite bleak (you know it is bad when I’m focused on this more than the penis problems lol)
Regarding hormones, the Dr. didn’t think this was an issue and said it would take a couple months for symptoms to show. I can assure you that my symptoms listed above are real, and manifested pretty quickly (every symptom listed above started occurring between 48 hours post-vas up to about a couple weeks), so I think there is more to the hormone connection. In fact, EVERY SINGLE symptom I’ve described above shows in the medical literature to be possibly related to hormone malfunction. Rheumatoid arthritis is specifically known as a side effect of hormone imbalance, and obviously the ED stuff would fit that mold, particularly considering the equipment still functions but seems to be missing some hormonal support. I’ve considered the possibility that everything I’ve gone through is hormone related and perhaps not auto-immune at all. If so, that would seem to more strongly support the possibility of reversal working. Of course, I don’t know for sure.

One more symptom I forgot to include in the above list is a constant feeling of “frog in the throat” or being on the verge of losing my voice. This has gone on continuously for more than 2 months almost immediately following the vas (maybe 3 or 4 days out and ever since). I have not been sick except for a 2-day cold I knocked at with awesome nutrition. I also have not lost my voice completely. It’s just constantly weaker and physically feels, in my throat, like I’m on the verge of losing it.

IMHO you’re in constant state of anxiety hence the frog in the throat. Most likely your testosterone has taken a nose dive.

Immediate post-surgery update

Things have gone as well or better overall than I expected! The surgery itself was a success. The doctor said there was a lot of scar tissue (considering I had the vas less than 3 months ago and ate an extremely anti-inflammatory diet the entire time, I’d say that escalated quickly!). He also said there was pus and “a lot of nasty stuff” coming out of the vas ends. He felt like he cleaned it all up well and removed the scar tissue. Dr. P. said he thinks there is a great chance I’ll improve considering the obvious tangible things he was able to address down there.

This is also a good time for me to mention that I did take the antibiotics post vas (ceph. starting a couple days after the procedure) and took the whole amount until it was gone, with only one time I can think of that I missed one of the 3 daily doses. Also, due to the early negative symptoms I had, I also IMMEDIATELY followed the Ceph. dose with Cipro, taking two per day as directed until the doctor told me to stop after 5 days. So I had 12 straight days of antibiotics, including a really strong one. I also consumed a lot of garlic (although not until week 2 post-vas, due to in-person work meetings lol), and I mean a lot of garlic (multiple cloves per day) as well as a lot of tumeric (fresh and ground up, heated with black pepper curcumin to fully activate it, and mixed with coconut oil for optimal absorption).

So in a nutshell, other than waiting a couple days to start the antibiotics, I was about as on top of preventing/treating an infection as imaginable, and still ended up in the above condition. I should also note that I never got a temperature or felt ill, other than the 2-day cold. If I hadn’t moved forward with the reversal surgery (which I’m so glad I did quickly) then I would’ve had no way to guess I had a bad infection and who knows what it would’ve progressed to in another 2.5 months or more!

Moving on, I woke up from the surgery feeling pain free. Then I sat up slowly and hurt pretty intensely in my stomach and testicles. Then, with help, I stood up and it hurt again. I can’t explain it, but it hasn’t hurt since. Even five minutes later, when I got out of and back into the wheelchair after urinating, it did not hurt at all. Ditto for getting into the car and moving around since!

I want to take a moment to say that I realize a lot of you have been dealing with incredible pain for a long time, so while I’m sure you are glad to hear I’m doing well with it, it can also be tough to hear (in the same sense that we are glad for our friends who got vasectomies and did well, but it can add to our personal frustration in regard to our own situations). Although testicular pain was never my primary symptom for getting the reversal, I’m still very grateful to be doing well in that department. Before my own procedure, I said a prayer for all the guys on this forum that you may achieve the greatest level of comfort and recovery that is possible in each of your respective current states. I’m not the most religious person in the traditional sense, but I do believe we are all connected in a spiritual, sub-conscious level and that there really is something into putting the right “vibes” out there. I can tell you for sure at least it has never benefited anyone to put the “wrong vibes” out there!

My brain-penis connection feels like it may be better, although I’m trying not to test it out too much since I’m sexually restricted for a couple weeks. I was disappointed that I did not get any nocturnal erections last night, however, while awake, I thought about my wife and got a pretty quick hard-on that did not want to go down! This was quite the reverse of the delayed hard-ons that can go down quickly I was experiencing after the vas and up until the day of my reversal!

First the good: for the first time since the vas, I neither went to bed with tingling legs nor woke up with tingling arms! In fact, I haven’t felt any “pins and needles” sensations since the VR.
Also, my hands, which had grown quite tight and numb 24-7, feel much more flexible and sensitve!

Now the neutral: I won’t call this “bad” since I need to be patient and let my connective tissues heal, but I am still hearing the pops in my knees and knuckles, and my knees still feel weak.

The Bad: Same as above I know I need to give this time, but my knees are tighter feeling today than they were going into surgery. They are not as bad as when they were their worst post-vas, but they are much worse than they were yesterday. I’m hoping it’s just general inflammation either from the surgery or my body working to heal them and that it will go away with time, but of course I hoped the same thing when this happened post vas. I’m not dwelling on it (my mind is in a good place), I just want to make sure I report on everything, good or bad.

New symptoms:
Although I don’t have much pain down there, the bruising is incredible! both sides of the scrotum have huge purple splatches, and the base of the penis is even worse, coming up a couple inches and engulfing half the circumference. These are same spots I had this after the vas, which cleared up within 10 days (this time it’s worse though). I also have a new bruise mark, smaller but still very noticeable, further up the shaft and actually closer to the head. I’m icing regularly and hope that will help get it under control.

That’s about it for updates for now. I did not sleep well at all last night, even though I was pretty comfortable and excited about some immediate progress (maybe that was part of the problem). I will try to do better today.

I will continue to provide updates. Thanks for reading!

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Thank you for the feedback. I honestly don’t feel like I have much anxiety (I had bad anxiety the first week following the symptoms manifesting, but have calmed down since). I’m a very calm and level person in general, although I suppose this could definitely be eating away at me unconsciously to an extent.

Regarding the testosterone, I have definite signs of hormonal effects (softer, slower growing beard, natural skin and hair oils completely drying up). I had my T tested a month post-vas because of this and was at a 542. I don’t know what it was before, but would guess it was more likely high than average. I also wonder if after your body dips in production if what is already there hangs around in the blood for long enough to artificially boost the reading. They only tested total T, so I don’t know what the “free” T reading or anything else was. They also did not test andro, which I’m reading a lot can affect many of the symptoms I’ve been having.

Day 2 post reversal update:

It feels like the anesthesia is wearing off as the pain has ramped up from a virtual 0 to a constant 2/10. It feels like it’s coming from the scrotum wound itself (Dr. P. only left one incision, in the center–I’ve heard other doctors make two incisions, one on each side) and maybe a lighter pain internally, perhaps at the reconnection sites. It’s hard to tell for sure, as I avoid touching anything down there as much as possible.

The wound itself looks pretty good. The bandages actually fell off on their own the morning after the VR, and the wound doesn’t look red or wet or particularly swollen. I washed it for the first time post-VR this morning, using antibacterial soap and then patting dry. I lightly smeared a little raw honey on it after, which helps with healing, preventing infection, and dries into a little bit of a protective layer (it also moisturizes without keeping it “wet”). The bruising looks as brutal as ever for the time being.

I’m very pleased with how limber and light my fingers feel! They haven’t felt this good in months. The numbness and tightness after the vas seems to have vanished! I’m also glad to report my knees, which were REALLY tight yesterday feel much better today. I’m hoping that my body was reacting to the last of the sperm released during the VR and that these Rheumatoid arthritis symptoms will take a hike.

I also noticed this morning some natural oil on my face, which had gone completely dry post vasectomy! My wife and I both thought it looked like a little oil returned to my hair too, although it still doesn’t lay quite the same as it did pre-vas yet.

For the second straight night, I did not receive a nocturnal erection. I’m still extremely early in the recovery process and I imagine my junk is pretty traumatized by second surgery in 3 months. I’m holding judgement at least until after the 2-week mark when I’m allowed to test it out. I will say it looks plumper and feels more connected, even in it’s shell-shocked completely flaccid state. Following the vas, it felt empty, disconnected, devoid of blood and kind of cold and separate in a way.

So all in all, the reversal is going very well! I hope and pray that the progress continues. I’ll continue to provide updates and share anything I’ve done that might help others.


Glad to hear you are feeling good so far. Im about 6 weeks post reversal and feeling very good. Any ED issues are long gone for me and hopefully before long you will feel the same. First and second weeks were long and you have to be careful, lots of rest, no lifting, eat healthy foods. Then it starts to get better. My doc told me no heavy stuff or intense exercise for 2 weeks, but I waited 4. Just didn’t feel ready. Listen to your body, not everyone is the same and the timeline doctors give is a general timeframe for most, but not all.

Hang in there Balls and good luck.

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Thank you, @ThunderTrain! I appreciate the good advice and I’m glad to hear you’re doing so well. My doc told me to wait a month before any real lifting/exercise, so perhaps that was a good idea that you waited 4 weeks just in case too. I’m being very careful and making sure to error on the side of caution.
Question–did you take a non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug or any other drug besides the antibiotics or pain meds, if applicable? My doc prescribed a NSAID but there are so many possible side effects and conflicting info about if it’s even good for helping you heal that I’m not sure about it. Just wondering what others’ experiences have been. Thanks again!


No, I didn’t take any additional NSAIDs. I asked my reversal doc repeatedly about anti inflammatories or supplements or special diet, anything extra and he said it wasnt necessary. I trust him so I ran with that.

I had some 800mg ibuprofen from kidney stones and I take these for bad sinus/allergy issues as well. When I asked about taking these for inflammation the doc said its not recommended post surgery as it has some blood thinning properties that could cause issues with bleeding, so I didn’t take any. Maybe took extra strength tylenol once or twice for general discomfort, but that was it.

Im now looking at serrapeptase as Ive read here it can help with scar tissue build up, but I want to look into it a bit more before I start taking it. Reversal doc said i had a lot of scar tissue built up on my left side after the reversal. Not surprisingly i had started to develop pain on my left side 6 months post vas, which I now attribute to the scar tissue. So if this can help minimize that im all for it.

Hope that helps and your recovery continues to trend upward. Reach out if you have more questions.

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Yes, it does help, thank you! I feel better now about shelving the NSAIDs. I’ll have to start looking into serrapeptase as well. The doc said I had a lot of scar tissue built up on the right side (which was the testicle that had shooting pain from time to time) and this was only 2.5 months post vas.

Hey @BallsBuster when was your reversal? My was two days ago on Wednesday… taking it one day at time for now with minimal swelling and bruising and icing like crazy… also wearing athletic support underwear. might i add am taking Celebrex daily and started back on my supplements also included serrapeptase. Best to us all with a speedy recovery.


Speedy recovery @NC79!

Thanks @SomeGreyBIoke will touch base soon. I havent provided a real update yet but will soon. What I can say so far is bruising and swelling is minimal today am feel an increase of pain but nothing too crazy but again taking it one day at time and still feel this was the right decision. One thing I can say is my morning erections are back!! Even though sore and tender but seem to be back.

Hi @NC79 my reversal was also on Wed, the 11th. I’m glad you are doing well.

I’m dealing with a huge increase in bruising and some pain down there, but it’s not too bad when I stay still. The right side hurts more, which is where the doc said there was a lot of scar tissue and puss.

The nocturnal erections have not returned for me at all yet, but I do see signs of possible positive hormonal changes. My skin and hair oil has returned (both dried up post vas). The “pins and needles” tingling also left the first couple days, although I’m feeling a little bit now (much less than before, at least).

With everything going on right now with corona hysteria, I’m very glad I got my procedure when I did. Dr. P had asked if I wanted to give it a month the last time we spoke and I said nope, I’m ready to schedule.

I’m going to stay patient and positive and see where the healing takes me. I hope you continue to heal and do well! Thank you for reaching out. Keep us updated and good luck!

Day 5 update:

For the first four days, the bruising continued to spread and darken until my entire penis and scrotum were engulfed. Finally, today, the bruising has lightened some. My right testicle is very swollen and I have pain on that side and occasionally in my stomach.

When I stand up, painful shock waves vibrate through my feet. This is a new post-VR symptom, which I attribute to agitated nerves and I hope will pass.

I still have not received even a halfway erection over night. In fact, if I hadn’t consciously willed an erection one time since VR, I would be unsure if it was capable of functioning at all (it is, thank goodness). I still have plenty of time to recover, but am a bit disheartened considering the instant changes some have reported when being reconnected. That has not been the case for me, so I will hope for gradual improvement over time.

Today is the last day of my antibiotics. I am NOT a fan of antibiotics and the way they wreak havoc on gut health, however, I was happy to take these in light of the signs of infection the Dr. reported on my right side (puss and lots of “nasty stuff”). I’m very concerned the right hand side is still infected, since it is swollen and painful. I don’t know what else to do, as this is my 3rd round of antibiotics in under 3 months. I’ve been eating garlic and tumeric like crazy, and I have completely avoided all added sugar, grains, and processed foods for the last 3 months, with the exception of just one night when I ate a sandwich and had a few beers with an old friend two weeks ago.

I’m still having weird things going on with my throat and voice. Sometimes my throat aches and feels like I need to clear it, but there is nothing caught in it. It felt a little bit like it was cracking (flashbacks to 6th grade) and then my voice felt stronger for a little bit, but then got weaker again. I think this might be a sign of my hormones returning and hopefully my voice will stay for good in the not so distant future.

Mentally, I’m in a good place. I don’t feel any of the panic, stress, or general weirdness that hit me after the vasectomy. So far the VR has been a mixed bag, with somethings doing better than I had anticipated and some things worse. It’s still too early to definitively make heads or tails of any of it. I’m very glad I got the VR regardless, as the Dr. confirmed I was a mess down there and I feel much better about the prospect of time bringing relief now that I’m back together.


Hang in there buddy @BallsBuster were both so early… I just keep saying to myself one day at a time. Like you am bruised all over and some pains that go into stomach which I believe is nerve related. Whatever is going on were healing and we need to stay mentally strong which for me just getting past the surgery was a huge weight off my mental well being which just now puts me in the right mind set to heal. All of this really tests your mind over matter. Oh yah ice is my best friend right now :grinning: 20 mins on and off is my regiment which I believe helped with minimal swelling. I keep walking around my house citing that slap chop infomercial line “your gonna luv my nuts” :rofl:. But in light of everything else going on with this pandemic just puts all of this into perspective about how important our health is the centre of our well being


Day 6 Update

Thank you @NC79 and everyone for your encouragement. I have some ups and downs to report today:

My right testicle is very high, very swollen (about 2 times larger than the other) and very painful any time I stand. I don’t feel much pain at all lying down or sitting down. The area around it is very hard, as if encased in scar tissue, but I’m less than a week out so I don’t think that could be the case.

The shocks in my feet are as bad as ever. Any time I stand up it’s like little lightning bolts on the bottom of both feet shooting up the legs. I feel it for the first few steps and then it fades to a dull shock. My legs feel weak and useless in general, which is just as well since I’m in the “bed rest” phase. I limit movement as much as possible.

Now for some good news! I woke up twice last night and both times I had raging boners! I’ve only had one single nocturnal erection since the vas 3 months ago, so this is big news for me. I remember my dreams too and they weren’t the least bit erotic, so this was 100% involuntary morning wood. Hopefully this portends good things to come (knock on wood, haha).

One Week Update:

I will start posting less frequently going forward, but wanted to wrap up on how week one post-reversal has left me. Basically, I’m the same as my last post, but with a few updates:

#1–The swelling on the right side has decreased. It is still swollen, but probably only 50% of what it was at it’s worst. The main pain I’m feeling is in the middle of my scrotum, which hurts more when I stand or walk. It’s hard to tell if it’s internal or external, but it feels like it might be the incision site itself. It more or less healed completely, and almost immediately, with no redness or trouble. I’m wondering if the stitches that are still stuck in the skin, which has healed all around them, is causing pain that will cease once they dissolve. Time will tell.

#2 Unfortunately, I did not experience anything close to nocturnal wood last night. I’m at 1 out of 7 nights so far.

#3 I found something that helped with the electric shock pain in my feet when walking! Massaging my legs and feet and applying pressure to them with my hands from all different angles helped! I am able to walk now with a fraction of the jolt I had just this morning. I probably should’ve thought to try this sooner. Hopefully this info helps the next person that goes through this.

I’ll likely update again at some point next week. Take care all!

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hey @BallsBuster how are you doing? Were two weeks out and just checking in, i hope your doing well. For me overall am doing ok, swelling/bruising has gone down and incision are healthing good. Still icing everyday but more at night time, and taking a combination of serrapatese and naproxen. Overall the pain has been pretty low which is great i barely had to take any tylenlol. For the negative side, I still have pain on left side its intermittent and low grade with a jolt of pain every so often. Right side seems good so far… knock on wood. The pains on my left seems similar to pre-vas… at least i think it is… so am not sure if it’s still congestion, scar tissue, or a combination causing nerve issue. But overall for two weeks i still think am trending pretty well… Am hoping its congestion or internal brusing that will subside over time…

Thanks for the update NC79! I hope things keep trending in the right direction.

Day 16 update

I have a sack of fluid on the right hand side above my testicle that is going down very slowly. There may be scar tissue all around the area too, and that testicle is high and kind of mixed up in the mess . The whole area is tight and compressed and I’m not really sure what is what over there. The left side is essentially normal now.

I’ve only gotten nocturnal erections twice in the last 8 days, after getting it once during the first 7. So I’m 3/15 right now. The sensation has returned to my penis. Everything still feels a little off some how, but I think I’m about 90% on the sensation. It’s still difficult to get an erection quickly. I can achieve one through thoughts alone or through physical stimulation, but it takes a good 30+ seconds and extra focus. Gone are the not very distant days of a 2-second erection. The only way I seem capable of achieving an erection is through slowly building it.

Sex has gone well. There isn’t any pain during ejaculation and it stays erect for a good time after orgasm now. I think my libido has improved although it never tanked at any point.

My knees still pop (something that never happened a single time before vas) and one day the tissues were making weird stretching noise when I walked. This happened post vas too and, while the popping has continued ever since, the tissue noises passed both times. I’m hoping it’s a sign of a hormonal change (hormones shutting off post vas and now turning back on post reversal). The tingling sensation in my arms and legs has not returned, so I’m hoping I"m past the autoimmune stuff, although my knees appear to have been damaged to the point of weakening regardless.
My new issues, which are a lightning shock in my feet when I walk and a subtle numbness in my feet, toes, and fingers have continued. Neither is unbearable, and the lightning shock feels like a mild version of one of those prank handshake buzzers now. I slept without a wedge between my knees last night and woke up with aching testicles. The lightning shock was much more intense too, so I wonder if there is a direct nerve connection between the two areas that was agitated.
My voice has returned! Stronger, deeper, and almost zero frog in the throat feeling. This is a significant victory in itself, but especially since it is tangible proof of improved hormone functioning.
Overall, I would say the reversal has gone about as well or even slightly better than I anticipated at this point, although the jury is still out and I’m concerned about how the right side is going to end up.
I’m very grateful I was able to get my reversal done about a week and a half before the hospital stopped allowing those surgeries. I feel for those of you who had your procedures or plans for procedures nixed and I do think about you all and wish you the best.
I’ll continue to post occasional updates. Take care all!

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