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Reversal Recovery Timeline?

Hey everyone! Almost 4 weeks post reversal at this point, and was just curious about how long it took anyone who has had the procedure to become pain free?

5 months before I felt the reversal was going to be successful long term.

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@dmazur89, I am exactly 4 weeks today. I am not 100% “pain free” yet, but I do have many “pain free” moments where as before I was in constant pain all the time. I have upped my activity level quite a bit this past week. I didn’t wear my jock strap Friday evening, all day Saturday and Sunday morning, and my connection sites started to ache a bit, so by Sunday evening, I needed to put it back on and felt much better.

I still have some firmness/swelling at the connection sites and I still have some stitches that need to fall out. I am thinking another 4-8 weeks should make a huge difference.

My orgasms are still amazing with no pain.

How have you been doing?

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Today marks 3 weeks for me. Still swollen at the surgery sites. Very tender still.

Shooting pains and throbbing pains mostly gone. Still dealing with sore testes, and I suspect that’ll take a while to heal still. I could only imagine what kind of tissue bruising happened while congestion was ongoing.

Still have some weird mouth iron-y taste. However that has also been going down. I described it to my doctor that I could feel the pain “in my teeth”. Started immediately after the vas. But it’s getting better.

Better overall I’d say.

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Not too bad, I had some uncomfortable pain on my left side for about a week, but I think it may because I was being too active too soon. Just a dip in the roller coast ride this all has been! That pain suddenly went away while I was at work last night which was strange, it kind of suddenly disappeared. Still a bit sore, but doing alright! Was hoping 4 weeks I’d be brand new again, but I think it will be a bit longer than that haha.

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Yea, I will get some moments on the left side at what feels like the original granuloma site that can make me stop in my tracks, but it fades rather quickly. When I don’t wear my strap for a while my connection sites can have a slight dull ache, but putting it back on helps.

I am approaching this like a marathon done at a walking pace. I have made significant progress, but I want more, and things have slowed down a bit. I am thinking the last 10%-15% I want will take a few more months to get too.

This thing does have its ups and downs, but before I was only experiencing downs, so I’ll take the ups when they come.

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12 days post reversal for me. I have had moments of pain-reduction, but nothing longer than am hour or so. Post surgery was probably the worst pain I’ve been in throughout this whole ordeal and those were hard days and night. And I still can barely move without irritating everything and getting throbbing pain.

Surgeon said “don’t expect pain relief for at least 30 days and maybe even 60 days.”.
So, I’m being cautious nd taking his advice. It’s a marathon, unfortunately.

If reversal doesn’t work, I am convinced that nerve damage may be the culprit and I will start looking at nerve ablation as possibilities 60 days post reversal if I don’t have significant relief. I believe that the reversal was a necessary step for me. So now I know I am at least closer to an answer and resolution.

34 days post reversal here! Its been another roller coaster ride that’s for sure. Jogged 3 miles yesterday, felt pretty damn uncomfortable after and into the night. Woke up today feeling really good? Jogged 2 miles after work and feel pretty good. Still have a ways to go I think and some more ups and downs. Pretty odd experience but I have high hopes still!

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@dmazur89 Glad to hear yours is filled with ups and downs too. I’m still mostly downs at this point (12 days post reversal), but I have seen some glimmers of hope and some days where I almost go 3 or 4 hours without pain medicine. That is an improvement vs before surgery, I suppose. I’m still on pain meds (narcotics and pregabalin) and I’m really praying that I will get back to normal. If I could run a mile without ending up curled up in a ball in the couch for days after, that would be a huge, incredible win for me.

I think it’s good you are starting to get a little exercise in. I started back some some very very light workouts and plan on turning things up next week as I will be at 6 weeks on Monday. Possibly as nerves start firing again with activities this brings the ups and downs. I still have some edema at the incision site on my right side that hasn’t completely gone away, but I do see improvements in that every day.

Hang in there man, at 12 days is still very early. You got a lot of healing left to do. I know it is hard to see right now, but you got better days ahead of you.

I know this might be tough to hear, but I don’t know if there is going back to “normal” after what we have been through. I think we can only hope we get to a point where we can enjoy things in life again. I am not saying this to discourage you, but just trying to set some realistic expectations for the situation.

I think you are on the right path, just give it some time, it may be a few more months before you feel much better. I would start keeping a daily journal so that when you have bad moments or bad days you can look back and see that you have made progress. I wouldn’t rush too quickly into more procedures, but I don’t know what you are experiencing and pain can push us to do anything we think can help.

Leading up to my reversal, my daily pain levels were increasing and the 30+ish days I had to wait, after it was scheduled, were probably the worst 30+ish days during my whole ordeal.

I am one of the unfortunate ones that gained no benefit from reversal. I am now more than two years since reversal, and pain has been on the whole worse since I had the surgery. My thinking is that my pain is nerve related not congestion, and so the second surgery just further aggravated, rather than helping. I really hope that you see improvement based on your reversal - good luck!

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I remember your story.
Are you still taking Lyrica?
Have you tried any other med or procedure for pain management?

Hi Juno - I have been on Lyrica 150mg twice daily since I had my vasectomy in November 2018. Other than the reversal which did not help I have not had any other procedures or tried other meds. I have an appointment with a pain specialist tomorrow, so I am hoping that he will have some suggestions on ways forward. I will report back!

Have you looked at selective neurectomy? This is the new method developed by Mayo Clinic.
They don’t go into the scrotum and destroy the the spermatic cord. Instead, they first use MRI guided nerve blocks to identify the exact nerve(s) causing the pain. Then once they know for sure, then they do a guided neurectomy higher up the chain, not in the scrotum. They have seen a 90%+ success rate with this and it’s much less invasive - and more targeted - than the traditional spermatic cord denervation. The Selective Neurectomy method is explained in this video here - exact time linked - (vs more destructive spermatic cord denervation explained and shown close-up earlier in the same video here:

Since your pain wasn’t related to congestion, presumably, this approach might be ideal for you.

Post reversal, my congestive pain has improved quite bit, but I still have lots of nerve pain. In a few months, if I still have severe nerve pain, I’ll be consulting them and possibly going down that route.