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Reversal Recovery queries, please help?

Hi there,

I’m new here. I had a vasectomy in June 18 and for 18 months suffered left sided testicle and epi tenderness which I was advised by urologist was likely congestive epididimitis.
I proceeded with reversal in May this year in the hope that it would resolve or improve my issues.
I’m now approaching 4 months in my recovery and it’s been tough. Physically and mentally exhausting as I’m sure many of you know.
I expected to have pain for some time post op so I’m trying to stay positive about my recovery however there are 2 specific issues I’d like to hear of people’s experience with as my urologist doesn’t say much. I’ve looked around the site a bit but can’t find much on these.
Firstly, my left epididimus is now really swollen and tender at the head, so much so that I can see it protruding against my scrotum. This is new since reversal, my pain pre reversal was more in the tail of the epi. Has anyone else experienced this? Is this just a normal inflammatory response after a big surgery that I just need to be patient with? Any treatment that’s worked for anyone? ( I tried a course of antibiotics to ensure no infection but they didn’t help)
Secondly, I am getting this stinging / burning pain radiating from behind my testicle and what feels like up the cord and along my perineum. It comes and goes a bit and tends to be stirred up when my core becomes engaged. Is this a normal neurological response to surgery that will also settle down over time as recovery progresses and inflammation settles? Any treatments for this that have worked?
Other than that it’s really just the aches and pains that are to be expected after surgery. My concern with these two symptoms is that I didn’t expect them and they are new since reversal.
Any experience you could share would be greatly appreciated as they are really playing on my mind!
Oh lastly, I feel I’m still nowhere near back to running or gym. Any experience on how long it took until you could get yourself back running or in the gym would be great.
Thanks so much guys.

Welcome to the forum @Downunderben. This sounds pretty awful.

Do you know what kind of reversal you had? Vas to vas?

Your symptoms changed significantly and seemingly for the worst and your urologist doesn’t say much? That sounds terrible. Can you elaborate on what they said?

How many times have you seen or contacted your reversal surgeon since you had your reversal? Do you even know if you are fertile? Did or does your reversal surgeon or urologist have you on any anti-inflammatory medications (NSAID)? Are you even working with your reversal surgeon anymore?

Typically, the same or similar NSAID’s, same antibiotics, same meds, same/similar post surgical concervative protocols apply to vasectomys and reversals - especially for pain patients.

I have experienced some post reversal complications, but nothing like you are describing regarding the swollen epididymis. Considering you had the reversal in may - this doesn’t sound like a typical inflammatory response to me. IDK.

Yeah, a lot of men do get better in time, but it can be a very long road. Sounds like you might need a better urologist.

I just had a standard vas to vas micro surgery. Was told everything went fine. Had a test recently and I have sperm flowing through within expected range. I’ve tried nsaids. If I think about it, it has improved slowly over the 4 months. It’s just very very slow! I’m mindful of not taking too many nsaids also as they can cause its own issues. My urologist just tells me it’s inflammation and I just need to be patient. I have an appointment for a second opinion next week.
It just feels like my entire left side is inflamed all the time. It actually does feel like an inflammation feeling. Rest seems to help but that’s hard to get with a job and 2 little ones, not much lying around time!

Personally I doubt the efficacy of NSAIDs. I would try hard on steroids. 40 mg prednisolone tablet each morning for 7 - 10 days. That should dampen inflammation. They say corticosteroids mask any symptome but death. I tried it for a week, until I couldn’t cope with the side-effects any longer (insomnia, feeling of dizziness, general out-of-shape), but I do believe it did a little bit with the pain 10 weeks post vas. Most dr’s won’t recommend it though, I belive, and it’s somewhat risky since it wacks out your immune system.

Ok thanks I’ll ask the urologists views and give that a go. Anyone with any advice on the neuropathic pain that comes and goes since reversal?

Well, I guess that sounds like good news, but no post op findings to speak of is rather unhelpful to you or anyone else. It’s always nice to get a full report afterwards - ie - if were sperm granuloma present on either side, if the surgeon noted that you were cut to high or to low during the vasectomy, if he/she removed any hemoclips if present, if anything else unusual or abnormal was noticed during the procedure - the level of scarring, etc.

I always prefer to hear a mans actual sperm count and motility is myself. There’s no telling what within expected range means exactly. Those statistics tend to vary place to place, country to country, etc. But I suppose it’s good to know that you are fertile post reversal.

Yes, they certainly can. I’m not sure what kind you have taken. Some work better for some men than others. I prefer 200mg celebrex myself.

This is actually quite possible. I’m not thinking there is anything that is 100% typical about reversal recoveries either. Many men have their own unique stories to tell regarding so many things. In many cases, recoveries are not linear. They can be a bit of a rollercoaster ride for quite some time for many. I have experienced it myself.

BTW - how long did your urologist have you on antibiotics post reversal, post all of the new swollen epididymis symptoms? Do you feel pretty confident that these symptoms are not related to infection, epididymitis, etc?

That’s good. I don’t like the idea of you suffering if your urologist is missing something and/or if something can be done to help you. Perhaps your current urologist is wrong. IDK. There’s nothing wrong with getting a second opinion.

Side note - I have heard of several guys that had a post reversal story like yourself. I’m sure I have heard many stories that I don’t recall off the top of my head at the moment, but just wanted to say that I have seen, or know of men that eventually made a near full recovery that had similar symptoms for the first ~12+ months or so post reversal. Anything is possible.

There’s also a few guys that have posted similar post reversal stories on this site, but unfortunately they never posted an update in time. Hard to say what happened to them.

Time, meds, proper support, physical therapy, stay active, keep your mind busy, and so on. There are some other concervative options to consider, but at this point, I think I would stick with the former.

Let’s see what happens at your next appointment.

Keep us posted brother.

Thanks so much for the advice, I really appreciate it. I’ll let you know how I go with the 2nd opinion.