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Reversal questions

Ok so keeping this brief. Dec 26th last year I had a vas re-do in which Dr. removed scar tissue, granomala and removed clip on right side and cauterized. Nerve pain up high/cord has subsided (dr said clip was riding up on cord) libido issues and rubbery feeling along with epi pain still linger. Some days it’s a 1 others it’s a 5. Usually at its worst 1-2 days after sex. Dr noticed epi on right side larger but not to the point where it’s busting at seem. Assuming it’s a backup issue causing some soreness/inflammation but who the H knows.

So, a few questions for those that have been down the reversal road.

  • Dr wants to only reverse vas-vas on painful side not other side. Is that what Dr Marks/Burrows and others do or do they do both to equalize things?
  • one concern I have and Dr. has is that we might not have enough vas (upper end) to make the reconnection. Couldn’t find it and concern is we cut too much out during the vas re-do surgery. Anyone have similar issue?


If there isn’t sufficient vas to work with they often connect the vas directly to the epididymis. This is common when a vas to vas connection isn’t feasible.

You can do both sides or just the one with advantages and disadvantages to both. As with any surgery, vasectomy included, the more you cut the higher the risk. If only one side is problematic, many guys opt to do just that side. The advantage is not disturbing the happy side. The other nice thing is you know which side is patent when you do your post op analysis. If you reverse both sides and one side eventually occludes, they may catch it by looking at total numbers but have no way of knowing which side closed

Many reversal surgeons prefer to do both sides because it helps pad their success rate. It’s easier to get one of two open opposed to one out of one, especially when it only take one to get someone pregnant. I don’t think many uro’s think this way but Marks brought this to my attention when I consulted with him a few years ago.

Hope that helps.

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