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Reversal Jan 15. Trending Better

Hello everyone. I haven’t been here since early Nov, because I felt, while helpful, dwelling in these forums was causing me more harm than good.

I plan to create a detailed post about my entire expereince, from Vas until president, once I have a bit of a better idea on my longer term success.

I had a reversal at MUSC Charleston on Jan 15. The Dr was not as experienced as someone I might have got on my own, but it was 100% covered and I was taking a huge risk going to a private practice with the military: had something gone wrong, I was on the hook for any follow up costs.

I’m still not out of the woods yet, but for now, recovery seems to have gone smoothly. I still have some discomfort, but it’s more of a burny, manageable (I presume nerve) pain, rather than the ball crushing ache and shooting pains up what I presume was my vas before.

I’m getting a divorce. My regrettable, soon to be ex wife, offered almost no support throughout my whole ordeal. She also maxed out my credits cards, which left me in a bind had I had to pay out of pocket. I stared into the barrel of my 12 gage more than a few times. In the end I sold all my guns to help remove the temptation. Then, I met a very wonderful and sympathetic woman in Nov, even before my surgery; she has been an angel. Now, not yet 4 weeks post surgery, while not quite 100%, pain is drastically reduced, erection quality and consistency is much improved, orgasm is much closer to the norm, and ejaculation is almost pain free. So good riddens to my fat, evil, thriving, unloving, ex wife, because now I am lucky enough to have a beautiful, lovey woman and seem to be recovering well.

I still have pain in what I presume are the connection sites, and a bit of burning up my vas (maybe from pulling during surgery?) but it’s very manageable and seems to be trending better. I originally thought my problem was congestion, but I have a bit of a hunch it might have had to do with nerve entrapment at the electro carto sights that ejaculation was putting pressure on. I can’t confirm this, but that’s my hunch.

Again, I will give a detailed account once I’m more confidant that’s I’m really out of the woods, but I wanted to post this now to check in, and to offer hope to everyone still suffering in the hell that is PVPS.

Thank you everyone for all your help and support. I’ll check back in a few months for a detailed report.


Wow, that’s quite a journey you’ve been through! Best wishes for a full recovery and a happy ever after!