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Reversal doctor didn’t remove clips

Hello, I’m new here. Have had congested pain since I had my vasectomy in October of 2019 and just wanted to see if anyone ran into the same issue. I had a reversal done in St. Louis Missouri by Dr. Thomas Sommers at Midwest vasectomy reversals. The surgery went quickly he had both sides done in an hour. However he never removed the four stainless steel clips that were put on my vas when I had the vasectomy done, when I asked him he said it would be too much work to try and dig them out. which surprised me. Is this normal for docs to leave hardware in there??? Also it’s been 6 weeks and the pain hasn’t really went down it’s been about the same. Left side is worse than right. It almost feels like he cut too much out and there wasn’t enough slack so it’s all tight down there. Always painful to get up after sitting for a while… the congestion pain that I’ve had did go away after the surgery but the pains I have now are worse because I’m so tender down there, it’s awful. Any who… was just wondering if anyone has had similar experiences or knows anything about it. Thanks,

Believe it or not, it’s actually pretty common for a VR surgeon to leave the surgical clips in place during the VR procedure. It certainly has happened to several men that posted their stories on this site. Based in my take of all those stories, it would seem that in the majority of cases, those men were not aware of such things beforehand. And if they were aware, they certainly didn’t seem to know any better, any different, etc

In however many cases, it would seem that many of those men made a similar mistake as they did when they had their vasectomy. They ended up trusting another doctor, urologist, etc - and proceeded to go through with another procedure on their testes without fully understanding WTH they were getting themselves involved in beforehand.

What’s the general consensus here? It’s hard to say anything for absolute certain. The ~majority of the so called best of the best VR surgeons that get a lot of attention on this site do remove the surgical clips (hemoclips) etc, during the procedure.

FWIW, there are some other tricks that ~some VR surgeon/s do when they do not remove the surgical clips. I won’t post the details as I would have to look some of the details up to give it to you straight. In all honesty, I don’t think it’s going to make you or brake you to learn about those “tricks” now, and I think it’s unlikely that your VR surgeon preformed such tricks on you during your VR.

There is a bunch of reversal related stuff in the thread below. It’s unfortunate that you didn’t read it before you submitted to a specific variant of VR that you seemingly did not fully understand beforehand.

And BTW, I didn’t say that you may not get better in time. You are still very early in your recovery, so don’t give yourself a panic attack over nothing. It’s quite possible that you could make a near ~full recovery over time.

Hope that helps

Leaving vs. removing clips is on my list of questions for Dr. P tomorrow. I’ll try to remember to update here after the visit.

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Dr P. Stated today that he routinely removes the clips and cleans out scar tissue. He did mention that fertility concerns may change how he goes about it, but since I don’t care about that I didn’t have any additional questions about the clips.