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Reversal doc recommendations

Greetings all,
Like you, I had a vasectomy that I deeply regret. It was done in April and I am just over 5 months post snip.

It truly has impacted my life, no working out, grumpy with kids, constant pain. My doctor (local urologist)?was less than helpful.

I am scheduled for a reversal with a a fertility doc based out of LA which is only about 2 hours away from. (Dr Phillip Werthman) I have met with him twice and he appears as an expert.

With that said, I am little concerned that I am not in the best hands. It’s nearly impossible to get a good referral for this. I know there’s Burrows in AZ (Marks doesn’t do pain patients any more) and the Pur clinic in Florida.

My concern is that these are all great sales. They tend to do a lot of marketing. I want the best and I want to find it. Can anyone help? How did you find the best surgeon to give you the best chance of a normal life again.

Any help appreciated.

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Marks and Burrows, in my opinion, are the best in the country. There are several others out there that are good but don’t have the cult following that the Tucson clinic does. I’ve heard of werthman, he might be great. I can appreciate your hesitation because you really only get one shot with this.

Based on what I’ve read from others on this site over the last 4 years, I’m not sure I’d go anywhere but Tucson. But that’s just my opinion. They are not “traditional urologists.” Reversals are the only thing they do. This is not a simple surgery.