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Reversal didn't work

I had a reversal in September, but unfortunately it hasn’t reduced my pain level. I was 3½ years out from vasectomy. I’m back on Flomax now, seems to reduce my pain level as it did pre-reversal. I guess it’s denervation next for me.

You mean this September ? Reversals can take a year to know if they will work, hang in there.
What meds are you currently on ? I hope right after your reversal you were put on gabapentin, and strong nsaids. Did you also do any prednisone packs ?
Who did your reversal ? and whats your sperm count like ?

Yes, it was September 2016. A year to work??? I was planning on denvervation in February! Currently I’m on Flomax only. I didn’t take any gabapentin or prednisone packs after surgery. Dr. French in Dallas did the reversal. I haven’t had a semen analysis. Since I’m connected, I just assume I’m fertile; so I haven’t bothered to check.

Sentosa - Don’t despair. I was still in pain 3 months post-reversal, and my doc told me the same that it takes a good year for a pain patient to fully heal after a reversal. I noticed substantial drops at 5-6 months post-op.

I would ask your Dr about gapanetin, prescript nsaids and prednisone pack. I would also look into anti-inflammatory diet/lifestyle and there are a whole host of natural remedies for inflammation and nerve healing you can try. I would throw everything at this after the reversal to help in any way or slight chance of healing. I took a good year to feel really pain free for me. However after 4 years I am having a setback.

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It takes a long time to heal from reversal and about a year to fully stabilze. I had really bad pain on the right after my reversal. My right side is great now. If I made my decision based on how I felt at 1.5 months I would have made the wrong decision. For me my pain on the left got dramatically worse at month 11 but it has never come close to what it was pre-reversal. I don’t even think my pain is in my spermatic cord anymore but in the tissue in the scrotum where I was accessed. I can feel the scar tissue there and that is where my pain is coming from.

My personal advice is to wait until March. If there is no improvement by then at a
ll then get some nerve blocks to see if denervation will even help you.

I agree - I wasn’t pain free until 6 months post reversal.

Curious did you have any SA (Semen Analysis) done to see if your ‘pipes are open’? Because if they are and you have decent amount of sperm AND motility then I would consider the reversal to have worked and if you are still in pain that was not the solution for you. BUT if you are not seeing many/bad motility of sperm in your SAs then the reversal might have failed which means it may have been the right solution but poor execution or the surgery or inflammation closed the reconnection off

That’s a good idea with the semen analysis. If I don’t get better, I may check, I haven’t yet.

Since my timing was way off on this issue, I’m wondering how long I’m supposed to have “as many ejaculations as possible” as doctors have prescribed post-reversal. Anyone know?

IIRC Dr Sheldon Marks told me to abstain for my reversal for 2 weeks post-reversal before ejaculating first. Then after that he strongly urged me to ejaculate every 24 hours ‘to keep the pipes open’. I kept up that regiment for about 2 years post-reversal.

I’d get a sperm test- you might even get insurance to pay for it if you can get a doctors order for it. I am surprised your surgeon didn’t ask you to do that. My advice is do that first and see what the results are. Sucks you gotta deal with this crap

Are you still open as far as you know?

As far as I know yes. The last time I was tested was about 2.5 years ago now and the numbers were 150 million total. If you do get tested try to shoot for consistency in terms of they tell you things like you need to abstain from ejaculation for, IIRC, 72 hours. So I always shot for 80 ours after to be consistent as possible.
Also just curious maybe I am getting the wrong impression but here are a sample of the post op protocol assigned to me by Dr Sheldon Marks (from memory of almost 6 years ago now)- have to be in ibuprofuen for at least 2 weeks post op- have SA done at 4 weeks post op- no ejaculation for the first 14 days (which I think is the longest I ever went in my post-pubescent life) = I almost had a nocturnal / unconscious ejaculation towards the end of that time- SA at like 2, 4, and 6 month mark to monitor progress
Typically they use SA’s to monitor progress and if they see things are going badly they will put you on predisone for a 2-6 week period which helps most guys.
Like I have stressed in other threads and areas on this forum I believe one of the biggest factors in failing a reversal is the amount of inflammation your body has both systemically (from being unhealthy and from the operation recovery itself).

David, why did you do a reversal?

I am not sure if you have seen my story here

but long story short I had many congestive PVPS symptoms and felt the reversal was my best (least invasive - putting things back the way they were vs cutting more out) first attempt to fix myself

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don, could you tell me about your reveresal and recovery? i am 7.5 months post reversal, and still at pain at connection sites. pain has gone down, as i have no more testicle pain, but more pain at connection sites, and just worry about it.


I am 7.5 months post reversal and at pain at connection sites, did you have any of this? how long did it take for your reversal recovery ?


At 6 months I was about 90% recovered I would say. I would have some pain and discomfort about 10% of the time. It probably took 12-18 months to be at 98-99% recovered (pain free) consistently. It also took me probably 2-3 years until I didn’t think about it at least once a day.

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How long after reversal would you say you were able to jog again? A big reason I am considering reversal sooner rather than later is so I can be pain free enough to be able to exercise again for the military.

oh shit bro, i didnt feel 90% at 6 months, yet alone 7.5. I would say that I have consistently a 5-6 out of 10 still. i still don’t run, just the jarring limits that for me. I hope time heals all. glad you are doing better though.

Mike, have you considered some injections to get the nerves settled down?