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Reversal considered

Hey guys, hope y’all get better. I’ve been following a few here for a while but never posted. I had my vas July 2018. Had an hematoma that resolved. But since day one I’ve been reading stuff of pvps, antibodies, t levels, cancers and been so depressed and started massive anxiety. Unlike most of you here I don’t have pain that stopping me from doing anything but I’m considering reversal and I have a few questions. In last 4 months I got twice on the right and once on the left something like a lump on the tail of the epidimyte. It did not stop me from doing anything besides constant stress. I had pain for first 4 days about just upon touching them that’s it. I could still play soccer and all did not need pills to manage pain really. After that pain completely disappeared even if I squeeze the lump and then the lump slowly disappeared. I also got a cyst on top of the epi prior to those (confirmed by ultrasound) and it all went away. For the first bottom lump on the right epi ultrasound said everything was normal. All 3 lumps to me felt the exact same, hurt for the little time then then disappeared. The first lump On the right I remember going to 2 doctors. One said if I remember correctly that it might be antibody reaction. The other said it’s nothing to worry about it will go away as it did. Few weeks later I saw a great uro for something else but he said lump
Seemed to be just a cyst but it was pretty much the end part of of it. Then happened same thing on the left tail Of epi, I went to the first urologist of the first lump and he said it’s a inflammation it will go away as it did. Now the third one happened and same feeling and all I went back to the first uro and he said it was a cyst. Pain is gone but lump still there but much smaller. My scare to all this it’s that this is happening due to sperm being full in the epi and that it might one day cause me greater problems. Hence why I want a reversal just so sperm can come out and I don’t have to worry about this anymore. Also I just want to go back to normal
The way I was created.

My concern is if the reversal will work as a vas to vas reconnection. I wonder if those lumps mean blowout and that they can cause the reversal to fail. I know reversal has 5-10% chance of failing afterwards because of tissue scar. I live in Canada and reversal here is free but long wait. Therefor I’m going to private clinic so I could have it done within a month and this uro does about a few a week therefor he is experienced in the field compare to uro working is hospitals here.

I’ve been considering reversal since beginning but I’m scared of complications and side effects of surgery and of it would work since for now pain is not an issue but I’m scared to get them further down the line. I know cyst does not affect fertility so should not affect reversal but this lumps happened 3 times. Will they affect my reversal chances? Also is a sperm granuloma only happen at the top of the vas where it was cut? Does a blowout hurt? And can inflammation of the epi just Be because it’s full and that why made a harder lump and then went away so there was actually no blowout just and extension and irritation? Could they all be just a cyst/spermatocele? I’m only 1.5 years after vas. Thanks for your input. Also since I don’t have pain currently and would
Have to deal just with the procedure pain, would I be pain free faster than people with reversal On this forum?

Can someone help! Please

@Francis I see you post a lot can you shed some light?

Hi there read some of my past posts and if you have any questions then feel free to ask. Keep in mind that some where written while I was in pain and besides the depression the vasectomy made me bitter. I feel a lot better now and pain free. I hated that I was pushed into vasectomy and felt all the that my testicles were separated from my body that feeling was not good for me or my depression. I felt that I was lied to by my Dr as some of the men that I worked with mentioned the pain after so I asked all the questions and was told discomfort for a couple of days then back to work. Right pack of lies. Remember that this effects men differently and most of these posts are about each man’s journey.

But about my symptoms do you feel like vas to vas would work or that I have a blowout?

@Choohooo what are your thoughts?

Depends what’s causing the lumps. Epididymal cysts can be “normal” and typically aren’t something to be concerned about. I have two on my right side that were there pre vas and are still there today. No one seems to care about them. They could be granulomas if they’re at the terminal ends of the vas deferents. Not all granulomas are painful. In fact, most don’t typically cause pain. Most everyone develops granulomas post vas, it’s just the small subset of being with painful ones that get all the attention.

Whether or not a vas to vas reversal would be successful is up the the surgeon at the time of surgery. They typically don’t do vas to epi reversals unless there’s an issue with the epi side of the vas. This commonly occurs with the vas is too short or damaged in some way by the vasectomy.

If you’re not in any pain, I’m not sure I’d be in a big hurry to reverse. It might help, it might not. It really depends on what’s causing your other underlying issues and that’s a more difficult question to answer. If you feel like you made a mistake and you’re not going to be happy until you’re fertile again, reverse it. Why not? But…I’d be hesitant to expect things to all go back to how it was pre vas. Maybe it will, maybe it won’t. Only you can decide if it’s worth it or not.

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Thanks for your honesty. If I get same little problems I would not mind. But I really want to be normal again and feel like I can decide to have another kid. I’m only 31. And I’m scared of all the other underlying issues and scared pvps to come one day I want to eliminate that risk. You feel me? And if I got a blowout would have I been in pain? I hope once they open the vas I’ll have sperm coming out. Also surgeon said my tubes felt in great shape. Only 1.5 years post vas my chances should be good no?


If you haven’t developed PVPS by now your chances going forward is pretty good. I would be more concerned about incidental damage that may occur during reversal. Although rare, there are men on here with post reversal pain. As for future problems from vasectomy, that’s 100% up to you. Time will tell if we all made the worst decision of ours lives. Of course, those of us on this site realize immediately it was a bad decision but I’m referring to long term systemic issues. The literature simply doesn’t support any long term issues at this point. That very well could change as we progress and technology improves.

Thanks for the input. Incidental damage are rare. I’ve found two surgeons that do this routinely and one which I’ve already spoke too and asked specific questions and he kept saying it possible but it’s never happened to me. Obviously he can’t guarantee it. Also most people have pain from reversal but it’s mostly because they had a lot from pain before it, hence why they decided on A reversal unlike me that just wants to return to normal due to anxiety. Does that make some sense? One uro said he would make same type of holes as the vas and bring the tubes out and sow them together, in other words he works on the outside of the sack. What do you think? Chances should be good no? Also those little lumps or inflammation are scaring me towards the pvps @Choohooo

Vas to vas worked out well for me

I think my uro said the exact same thing about my vasectomy and I spent yesterday in bed, 4 years post vas. I think most would agree that reversal is significantly more invasive than vasectomy. And yes, there are at least 3 guys on this site who had zero trouble with vasectomy, reversed to have another baby, and now live in chronic pain. One of those guys was reversed by the best reversal surgeon in the country.

If you feel that reversal is going to help your anxiety, go for it. It’s done some amazing things for folks on this site

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Thanks guys what about the whole prostate cancer issue and testosterone? Should I reverse for that scare? I know For antisperm it won’t fix cuz it’s already there most probably. Also last question what’s the risk of chronic pain or nerve damage during reversal? One surgeon told me not to play in there cuz nerves can be sensible with 2 operations. @Francis @Choohooo

Thanks a lot for your feedback boys it’s really the hardest decision I’ve had to make. I want to me healthy long term for my kids.

@RingoStar can I get your input on all this matter as well. Thanks guys.

I will keep my input as simple as possible.

I would never discourage anyone from getting a reversal with the exception of guys that would likely need a vas to epi repair/s. I have read, seen, etc, incomparably more positive vas to vas reversal stories than negative ones, and that’s why I would never discourage anyone. All at the same time, I will not encourage anyone either. Men need to make their own informed decisions. Nobody has to live with anyone’s surgical outcome but themselves.

Based on what I have seen, read, etc, the risk of ending up in a worse situation in the long run is rare. Rare as in - something that doesn’t happen often over long periods of time with a single highly experienced VR surgeon. I tend to think that guys who are already having pain issues are higher risk too.

What are the odds of ending up in a worse situation post vas to vas reversal? Hard to say. Do 1-2% of reversal paitents end up with long term chronic pain as an outcome? I’m certainly not thinking so, but wth do I know.

How many guys remain patent (fertile) long term post reversal? IDK. I don’t think it’s as many as various highly experienced VR surgeons websites suggest. There is some data out there (very little) (study/s) that suggest pretty high long term patency in the majority of cases. I don’t buy into those statistics either. They seem considerably overrated to me.

Bottom line - I have seen an incomparable number of positive vas to vas reversal stories vs negative ones. But, shit happens, and we can all count on it happening to someone/s. If your surgeon tells you that nobody has ever been made worse, that’s great news, but it doesn’t mean you won’t be the first.

Good luck, and keep us posted.

You don’t think the 5-10% scarring chance is real? If so there’s no point of reversing if the whole testosterone drop and prostate cancer thing scare me. If things go back to me being vasectomized. How long scan scarring keep working after surgery? If you read higher up I don’t have pain as we speak.


Like I said, I do not believe many of the mainstream statistics that I already mentioned^^^.

You and I ignorantly fell for the mainstream vasectomy statistics at some point. Why do you seem to think that the mainstream VR statistics aren’t misleading too?

I understand you want to do this. I’m not sure what else to say. Odds are you will be fine.

Thanks appreciate the honesty

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