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Reversal after 3 months Story update

Thank you for the guy who wrote me. It makes me feel that I am not alone in this.
My vas was on July 4 in a well known institution in my country. They did not say anything about PVP, antibodies or cancer risk.
I found studies about the real effects in the body and this forum a week after the procedure and panicked.
Lost my job, my apartment and my girl because of my panic attacks and spent 10 days in a mental institution where the doctors could not understand my reaction.
Two months in a living hell. My right side in pain and doctors telling me it was all in my head. Weird orgasms when I masturbated.
Reversal for fertility on September 20. I had to lie to get the op. The surgeon, one of the best in my country, told me it would remain open until I came back for a second vas…
2 months later, I have a throbbing left testicle and a right in slight pain. This week I have to do my first SA. Semen has changed again and its not watery.
Im taking antidepressants. My family think this forum is not real… My psychiatrist says that people like you just had bad luck and that any surgery has the potencial to kill you or let you in a really bad condition. She says that I have to accept my new reality and dedicate at least one year to my recovery.

Take solace and be patient. Remember that the reversal only puts you in a position to START healing, it doesn’t correct it immediately. A year, unfortunately, is about right for healing and you’re only at 2 months. Hang in there.

Ah man. Hang in there. I had my reversal 4 days after you. Truly the lowest time of my life.

I found lots of help with a pelvic PT who knows about releasing nerves. For the mental side, I got real real low. 3 books helped me a ton (Mind Over Medicine, You are the Placebo, and TappingSolution for Pain).

Between the mental work and a Pelvic Floor Specialist knowing about nerves, i will beat this. Good luck man.

First SA today. Here the results:

Vas 4/7 (2019)
Reversal 20/9 (2019)
First SA 3/12

Volume 4 ml
Concentration 80 M
Motility 32%
Morphology 21% normal
Vitality 35%

Mild pain in my right side after vas. Slight discomfort after reversal. Still taking antidepressants.

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Is that 80m total or per ml?

80 million per ml. My cousin is an urologist an says I need to wear a condom now.