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Retrograde Ejaculation and Atrophy

Hi all,

I’m new to the forum, hoping to find answers to issues I’ve had since my vasectomy in 2016. Within a month after my vasectomy I noticed reduced volume in my right testicle, that my ejaculation volume was much lower than usual, and that the right testicle did not feel situated in its normal position. I started having pain issues in 2018, especially in the perineum and above the right testicle. Around that time I started seeing urologists, all of whom said it’s not possible that vasectomy would cause reduced semen volume and that my advancing age (43 now) would be responsible for the reduced size of the testicle.

When I ejaculate it feels as if about a third of it comes out and I pee the rest out later. My testicle is smaller than it used to be. Sex drive is way down as is ability to achieve a strong erection. I’ve had lots of imagery done and all has come back normal besides small varicoceles for which I had a varicolectomy a few months ago, which didn’t help any of my major complaints. The latest diagnosis is pelvic floor dysfunction. I’m on week 2 of therapy but not convinced PFD is the root cause of the issue. I have discomfort roughly where the right side incision was made in the upper part of the scrotum close to the base of the penis. I experience great discomfort when checked for hernia on that side but not hernia is found.

I’m going to continue to give physical therapy a fair shot but I cannot stop wondering what else may be going on. Has anyone here had similar experiences?

Hi I just want to say. Urologist are full of sh.t your testicle could have had damage done to the blood supply to your testicle during your vasectomy which is why your testicles could be shrinking. My right testicle is the size of a marble

Hi, Frances. Thanks for the reply. Yup, it’s clear to me that everything was normal before the vasectomy and abnormal after. It doesn’t help my case with the docs that all the diagnostics come back normal, blood flow, testosterone, etc. I’m not sure if they knicked something in there or what. There’s a definite felling of something being blocked/congested. It doesn’t make sense to me that physical therapy would help but I’ll try anything at this point.

How long ago was your vasectomy

4 years ago. It’s always felt like something wasn’t right but has gotten worse over the last 2 years.

So sorry mate I had over 20 years of that crap kick in the balls feeling right side fullness etc. Vasectomy was my worst night mate. I am so sorry. I believe men are completely misled

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I can only speculate that the doctor nicked an artery and the scar decreased the volume of blood flowing to your testicles, which would explain the shrinking. As for the ejaculation issue, it is never the same. That’s the truth right there. Your ejaculate material changes. It is different for each man. In my case, it’s thicker. Volume also decreased. No doctor on earth will tell you that there’s a change in your ejaculate. But it happens.