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Reply-by email seems to be ok now


Reply by email is broken. I’m pretty sure it’s been broken since I cut over to the new domain ( but I’ve just never noticed until today.

Next week is march break and things will be fixed.


Hey victor
Does that mean PM too just curious?

Thank you for all you do on this site, you rock man.

Yes, unfortunately.

I’m not sure when it broke, but it was sometime after the domain cutover.

The codebase I’m running on is pretty old and some of the domain configuration wasn’t too happy when I switched everything over to

Sorry, ugh. I’ll have time on Sunday night to fix this up. Server is up, but I have to put the system into read-only mode and do a backup/restore to the new machine.

Dang it. Need more hours in the day.

Get to it when you can, the message you stuck at the beginning will get people to jump into the forum to reply until then.

And yeah, keep up the good work!

Testing one more time…

Ugh. Current status of inbound email handling is that Google is rejecting my server’s logins for some reason. I’ll dig in over the weekend, but everything else should be ok now.

I’ll probably switch over to an alternate email provider to see if that works better.

And this is the reply going in from my email.

Yay. Everything seems to be back up. Hopefully nobody sees any other issues - let me know if things seem borked.