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Removal of clips?


Is there any chance something as simple as removal of the surgical clips on the ends of the vas could offer relief from PVPS? I’m approaching 6 months post vas… still too early to consider reversal or othet major surgery, but I’m wondering if the clips themselves are contributing to my pain. I can’t pinpoint the origin of my pain (it is most noticeable in the pelvic area, not the testicles or scrotum) but I didn’t know I’d be left with clips inside my body and I don’t see why they would be necessary once the ends of the vas heal.


A lot of guys wonder the same regarding the hemoclips. I’ve read posts by men that suggested the clips were the reason for their pain. Some claim to be being poked by them, and then some.

It’s actually said by some that are in the know that removal of the hemoclips can make you worse. I’m not sure about statistics though. I know many experienced reversal surgeon’s remove them during a reversal. These methodologies, and/or ideas contradict themselves to some extent. All at the same time, any corrective surgical procedure in that area has a chance of not helping, and/or making you worse.

I think it’s fair to say that the hemoclips become imbedded in scar tissue over time. In your case, I’d guess they already are by now. If you’ve read much about this vasectomy pain subject, you are already aware that scar tissue could be part of the problem as well. Hard to say much regarding your case specifically as I have no idea how your first day, weeks, etc were like pain wise.

It would seem that having the hemoclips removed would be a similar procedure to a redo vasectomy, but idk all the details for certain.

I personally wouldn’t disturb the area you are talking about without going the whole distance via vas to vas reversal, but that’s just my opinion. You make hemoclip removal sound way less invasive, and perhaps less risky than a vas to vas reversal, but I’m not thinking that’s completely the case.

Think about it like this, the more mucking around that gets done down there will likely compound further issues should your first, second, and so on attempts be failures. I’m talking about nerves, patency, and then some. That’s another reason why I would personally skip redo vasectomy, non reversal clean ups, and so on, and go for a reversal first should you choose to do anything at all.

Perhaps you should wait several more months before taking action. If you’ve been making progress over time, you may get better in months to come. But, ultimately, you must do what’s best for you, not what’s best for me, or anyone else.

Best advice I can give you is to talk with someone thats done a lot of what you are considering. Someone that is truly in the know regarding statistics, and the outcomes of them men regarding the procedures we are talking about, and/or comparing.

Also, type “where are the clips placed” into the search bar on this site. There’s a link in that thread that may be helpful to you far as getting a better understanding of hemoclips, placement, methodologies, etc.


Thank you for your response. I hadn’t really thought about the fact that the clips may now be embedded in scar tissue, but it makes sense.

I definitely agree that chasing any sort of further surgery means risking that not only may things not get better, they may get worse. I am going to give my body a lot of time to heal on its own before I seriously consider the knife.