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Recovery and hope

I am not a doctor. Please do not take my recommendations or comments as a medical advise, again I’m not a doctor or licensed medical professional. I’m just a regular guy trying to give my personal experience and hopefully help someone in need.

Quick summary of where I came from:
About 5 years ago, I had a vasectomy, and 2 years after that my health went down hill and quickly. I started having pain in my neck, constant vertigo, post vasectomy pain syndrome, acid reflux, crazy amounts of anxiety 24/7, and depression. (I have never been depressed in my entire life before, ever! ). I found out that my testosterone had dropped to levels of a 90 years old man. 3 years after having the vasectomy I decided to have a reversal, and like any normal person would do when trying to correct an issue, It’s put things back. Today is 1 year after the reversal and here is what I can tell you from my own experience.

Is it worth? The answer is not what you expect, but I would say “maybe” and only maybe after trying everything else first. I wish I would have tried other non surgical methods first but being sick and having a testosterone below 120 (ng/dL) was brutal.

Here is my personal suggestions from personal experience for anyone having post vasectomy pain syndrome.

  1. Have faith, pray, go to church, get closer to god, and never ever lose hope.
  2. Check your hormone levels with a good doctor that knows what they are doing (please don’t go to a testosterone generic type of clinic and call it done.) Go to a good doctor and pay for one. I recommend Dr. Meedhan, he does telemedicine so you don’t have to travel to see him.
  3. Work on having a healthy Gut. Eliminating gluten for at least 1 month, and then eliminating dairy the following month, and last month eliminating all sugars. Also stop smoking and drinking while you trying to heal your gut. May reintroduce the occasional drink later and after the initial healing process. Every individual is different you have to experiment with your diet and see what works best for you. Try to stay away from any man made products, try to eat things that are naturally made and from the earth. Your gut health should be your number 1 priority and your goal. I would recommend this book, specially if you are suffering from anxiety
  4. Exercise doing weight lifting and as your body permits at least twice per week for 30-45mins. Also go for the occasional walk in the park.
  5. Stop jerking off. Only normal natural intercourse sex.
  6. Check all your vitamin and mineral levels for any deficiency, specially vitamin B. I would recommend the brand Pure Formulas. They quality products.
  7. With the help of a doctor, try if possible to slowly stop using drugs. Again, this must be done with the help of a doctor, I’m not one. I would recommend trying first anything that is natural for example Kraton. Kraton can help you manage pain and a number of other things.

I can tell you that today I’m 1000 times better than when I first started. My anxiety is gone completely, my mental health has improved a lot, I’m still working on some issues but are minor compared to where I came from. I’m 100% pain free 90% of the time, I occasional feel a little pinch or discomfort but nothing like before. My sex life has also improved 10 fold, I gained size, and my orgasms are way more intense that before. Acid reflux is gone.
I would pray for each and everyone that is going through post vasectomy pain syndrome, I know how desperate this can be, ask for help and seek help. Please don’t forget to keep trying new things and have faith and pray for god to help you, he truly answers prayers.

I wish you all the best


Hi, An interesting read and my take on it …
1, Sorry ,but have no idea how or why this may help …
2,Testosterone in my case definitely lowered …
3,Why change diet after vas and reversal if no prior problems…A healthier lifestyle is a good idea but not just this problem .
4, I’ve heard weightlifting can be beneficial to testosrerone production.
5, What mechanically is the difference ?
6,Good advice see 3.
7, Fair enough .
How are you compared to pre vas as I for one have never been the same since my vas and my reversal helped but not cured …
Afew good points but i am not one for religion when concerning a medical problem. All imho and atb Rob.

It makes good sense and is in line with the main thesis of the researchers.

The main thesis about PVPS is still that sterilization causes an inflammatory reaction that makes the cell walls leak.

When the cell walls are leaking, unintended substances can enter the cells and the immune system has to do an even bigger job than just breaking down sperm.

So what we eat is important. Experts say 60% of people with autoimmune diseases (like PVPS) get better if they avoid gluten and dairy products for 8 weeks. But it is an individual study.

In the short run you will feel better if you avoid

  1. Things you are or have been allergic to
  2. All foods with natural toxins. There are rice, potatoes, cereals, whole grain bread, chilli, flax seeds, eggplant, palm oil, pineapple, almonds, nuts, alcohol, coffee and many salads such as. spinach etc. Avoid them at all costs.

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If the thesis is correct ,then why doesn’t a reversal make the patient 100% recovered .I agree that it could be an autoimmune problem if the body attacks the sperm .I think the researchers and doctors do not have a clue in reality about PVPS and issues surrounding it …
Then what explains the low libido,ED problems,lousy orgasms and all different kinds of debilitating pains the PVPS sufferers get…I eat a very healthy diet and don’t consume many foods with the natural toxins .I still have many problems after my vas and reversal and need something more than an improved diet … I want my former life back …Any help is appreciated and I thank you for the advice …atb Rob.