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Racing track cars

Sorry about all the posts guys I’m new here and I’m trying to guage how my life will be if this thing doesn’t resolve itself. My hobby is racing cars. Is anyone else here a car enthusiast? Will I still be able to take my car to the track? How are you guys when driving? I’m a month and a half post vasectomy and I keep hearing I’ll get better with time. But how much better? The race track is about an hour away and my cars suspension is pretty stiff. It might seem silly but racing cars, working out, fucking my wife, and wrestling with my kids is all I live for. Right now I can’t do ANY of those things.

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I’m a car guy too, and yes it took me a long time to be able to ride in a car longer than 30 minutes.

I’ve noticed that some seats are worse than others, some cars worse than others.

It also took me a good 4 or 5 months post-vas to be able to do even a simple tire swap without being in excruciating pain afterwards, but I did get there eventually.

I used to love suspension and brake work, and although I can still do it, it usually causes increased pain afterwards, so I’ve taken up a newfound interest in electrical, audio systems, things like that, which are certainly easier on the body.

Driving is still uncomfortable for me, but it’s manageable. Heated seats are a godsend.

Hang in there.

What do you drive? I have a 2006 sti. Was gonna build it but I decided I wanted a lighter track car. Something mid engined rwd preferably. I WAS looking for one and me and my wife decided BEFORE the vasectomy we were gonna buy me another car at the end of December. I was super excited about it. But now I don’t know if I should even keep looking.

It can be rough. I had a 2004 STi and now a 2008 Forester STi and my track car is quite a bit stiffer in the suspension area. I could do a track day back when I was in PVPS hell but it wouldn’t have been nearly as fun I don’t think. Might want to give it a try and/or wait to hopefully heal up a bit more before heading out to the track?

I had the op Friday, was on an office based training course the following week with 140mile round trip daily… Don’t do this it’s retarded😕super painful!! . 2 weeks later I was back at work, heavy engineering… No problem. Only thing that has changed is I feel like I have old man balls… Hanging further south and probably larger than they used to be. When driving longer distances I feel like there’s not enough space for the nuts(bmw f20 118) and it is really really irritating, like I need a van without the centre console! The rest of a cars setup has, to me made no difference.

I’m a car enthusiast, not into track but like my sports cars, I have zero interest getting into a car these days. When I do, it’s painful, with the sport seats legs are kind of forced together, plus a bunch of pelvic floor pain. Suspension feels painful, need to buy some kind of old man car now that I have old balls that hang to my knees and are all bloated up and painful.

Anyone else uncomfortable with the new size? Or am I just overly swollen ? I bend over to tie my shoes and my ball sack swallows my penis, always trying to adjust. I miss my smaller tighter balls that I could take anywhere no problem.