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Question - Does MSCD (Denervation) leave your testicles completely numb?

Question re; MSCD (Denervation) - Are your testicles left (fully or partially) permanently numb to any sensation following a denervation surgery?

I’ve read mixed results watch for my post my surgrey is tomro

I asked my surgeon this, and he said no. Haven’t had denervation, though, so I can’t speak from experience.

Did you do it, and if so, what was the outcome? I’m scheduled for this in a few weeks, starting to get nervous.

Testicles are not numb at all. Kind of surprised. I have numbness on the skin over the incisions that is permanent. I’m still having pain at the surgical sight but I am better than having nut pain. I mean, it used to feel like my nut was in a vice so now I have burning pain/pressure in my pelvis in the sub-inguinal area where denervation is done. Next step is radiofrequency ablation of GF/IL nerve. Maybe peripheral nerve stimulator. So many damn nerves go to the balls. Rant over.