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Question concerning denervation/neurolysis with Dr. P vs. denervation with other doctors


Hi, I haven’t been on the site for quite a while. A short history: vasectomy in 2010, ongoing pain right away. Reversal with Dr. P in early 2013 with significant pain relief. Within a year or two of the reversal I had two short bouts of pain, each lasting a couple weeks, each spontaneously resolving. Now I am suffering another bout of pain, but it has lasted at least 8 weeks now. I have been holding off on contacting Dr. P again, hoping this episode would resolve too, but I’ve pretty much given up hope. I am predicting that when I do contact Dr. P he will tell me my options are to redo the reversal, or his targeted denervation/neurolysis. Browsing the forum I see a lot of negative posts on denervation. My question is do these negative comments also refer to Dr. P’s more specialized denervation, or just to the traditional type that other doctors are performing? Thanks.

Jeff J.



I think many of us on here have the same concerns and q’s as you.
My 2 cents, if you are considering denervation only two people to reach out in North America.
They are Dr. P Florida and Dr. Jarvi in ON Canada. I would consult with both before you do anything !



When’s the last time you had an SA?

What were your post reversal SA numbers?

I’d be checking that stuff out before anything else.



I haven’t had an SA since shortly after the reversal. The numbers were good then. I assume that will be something Dr. P will order when I schedule a phone consultation.

Right now I’m gathering information so that I’ll be able to ask informed questions when I do talk to him. I don’t want to say that there is concern on the forum about denervation when in reality the guys here talking negatively about denervation are talking about traditional denervation, not Dr. P’s technique.

Another thing I’ve noticed about the forum is the discussion of orchiectomy. Back when I was more active on the old forum the mention of orchiectomy was pretty much taboo. Several comments on here that I have read are pro orchiectomy while being very negative about denervation, so I’m just trying to sort things out.

There for a few years I thought I was pretty much over this ordeal, but I guess not.



Has it been suggested to anyone about the difference between microsurgical denervation vs radio frequency nerve ablation?? & is it Just me or should we be dealing with neurologists or neurosurgeons & not urologists to investigate these options?



Hi Jeff, I had denervation with Dr P and my pain went from intermittent to chronic. I have made a few posts that if you have pain in the vas deferenes you may want to think twice about this surgery. The problem with the procedure is that nerves grow back. I felt better for about 6 months out and then have been in daily pain since (about 4 years ago).

My suggestion is not to have it, but if you are going to I would only have Dr P do it. I would want to know what the long term success rates are for this procedure - on the website it states 85% but if this is based on patients right after the surgery that is not a good indication as the nerves can grow back and can be very pissed! I have chatted with others who had bad outcomes even with Dr P. You should do a google search on what happens to nerves after denervation - there are some definite changes probably none which are good. I think that people with one-sided testicle pain might do well but if you pain is in the vas you are likely going to have nerves grow back in that area which are not going to be happy.



Can you redo the denervation after the nerves grow back? What has Dr. P advised?