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Quality of life in men with chronic scrotal pain Aosama Aljumaily, Christopher Wu, Hind Al-Khazraji, Allan Gordon, Susan Lau & Keith A. Jarvi

Quality of life in men with chronic scrotal pain
Aosama Aljumaily, Christopher Wu, Hind Al-Khazraji, Allan Gordon, Susan Lau & Keith A. Jarvi, Canadian Journal of Pain

Pages 106-111 | Received 24 Jan 2017, Accepted 06 May 2017, Published online: 17 Aug 2017

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Thanks for the article. It’s funny how obvious this is to us sufferers but you have guys measuring it here like its not. Should be required reading for women.

The numbers clearly show bad vasectomy outcomes severely damage the quality of mens lives.

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To qualify, this is article is covering higher end chronic pain from multiple sources, including vasectomy.

How this maps back to the somewhere between 1 % & 5 % of those who have a vasectomy and get the “worst” forms of pain outcomes is uncertain.

If it’s at; 1% = 1 in 100, to 5% = 1 in 20, of the outcomes that the article describes, then that’s pretty poor odds of getting into a very poor place from an elective surgery imho.

The article describes my own chronic pain experience pretty well unfortunately.

This research was self-funded by the corresponding author.

This says it all. Only a few bother…

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It’s pretty sad that I have read this paper a few times already. On the flip side I remain optimistic as am seeing Dr.Jarvi to help rid me of my pvps.


I think you are going to the right place from reading this publication.

I haven’t had sight previously of a paper that really walks through and quantifies the quality of life impacts of higher end pvps chronic pain like this one does.

Q to all, are there and other papers like this one I have missed?

Makes for a very sombre reading, and also makes me even more angry with myself as if I spent as much time researching vasectomy as I did few months prior when I were buying a car, I wouldn’t have been in this predicament.


This report is a real kick in the balls, pun intended.

thanks for the article, I have read a lot of me in there, and I am pissed that I have taken this long to do something about it, living with pain has a debilitating affect on our lives. I am sure our wife’s would not have been so demanding of vasectomy if they had known the effect it can have on them and their marriage, mine was led to believe that nothing changed and was never sympathetic to me. She was delighted that I had it. No wonder we can develop negative feelings for them, apart from the ED, and the pain and the loss of sexual function as in my case.


Of course they would not have been. However, I think there is a failure of imagination here that is part our own selfish human nature and exacerbated by a gender gap/differences and fed by what I can only refer to as pro-vasectomy propaganda. I don’t know what else to call it. This is truly one of those things people can’t wrap their heads around unless it happens to me. What do you think the odds of you wife sharing this with her friends are? I can tell you I will be cold and dead and in the ground from this and I still don’t think my wife would lift a finger to dissuade anyone from this operation if it meant having to acknowledge the hell I went through on her behalf because she could not discuss the issue in a win-win way with me.

In my case I foresaw this. I instinctively knew, based on what I knew about the operation, it was a bad idea. I ended up getting pressured and then seduced by all the “simple operations”, “Just a little tube the size of spaghetti”, “1 in 1000/3000 risk”, “great worry free sex without condoms forever…”, “never seen any problems”…


agree and I knew all this as well, yet was pressured into it, she is not keen on me having a reversal because, that means she has to admit that she was wrong.

I have to say, I thought going in to get my vasectomy that I was behaving at the peak of my rationality.

I thought I was protecting my wife’s health and my family because I love them, and those things are very much instinctive and also part of how men are socially conditioned from childhood to be protectors and providers for those around them, and of course to your own family members the most.

MAN I was green.

As the risk information provided was so poor, I mis-analysed the risk benefit and almost destroyed our nuclear family unit.

The way vasectomy is cynically pushed hard at men without giving the full data on risks, particularly by attempting to exploit their very best human instincts is utterly immoral.

It knocked a good number of my prior social perspectives to become much much more questioning and sceptical.

I sometimes wish I could put the scales back in my eyes, once you see the selfish underlying agendas vs. what is said in the sell and the pressure it’s really really ugly stuff.