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Q & A with the Good Doctor

Thank you for the information. It is very helpful. Have you decided on what you are going to do?

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I’m leaning toward reversal, but I’m going to give it some weeks if not months before deciding. My symptoms have improved and I can manage as is, but I’m still not completely normal (takes me a min to get an erection instead of 5 seconds, for instance, and the feeling isn’t 100% down there). My beard is growing slower than normal, so I know my hormones are being affected as well. Even if I do improve without the reversal, I’m concerned about possible future setbacks since I had such a hard time at the start. I would hate to not do it and then 4 years later symptoms have worsened again and I’m outside the ideal range. As others have stated, there’s also just something positive about putting myself back together and trying to heal. If anyone has info regarding whether a reversal improves prospects regarding prostate cancer and other negative outcomes, I’d be interested to hear that too.

Please keep us updated if you decide to go down the reversal route. Hope you keep trending better.

Thank you. I will definitely keep you updated on what happens.

Thanks for sharing this with the forum. This is a great time and money saver for some of us. Please keep us updated. I am guessing this a phone consult you had with PUR ?

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Correct, it was a phone consult. He suggested a follow up call in a few weeks, so I will keep everyone updated on that.

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I’m at 8 years and still at least partially open as I check with a microscope every few months. I think physician skill and patient overall health play a role here.

I think saying they all fail sets the bar a little low.

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Had my follow up call with the doctor and thought I’d share some highlights from the Q & A. Again, this is just my best recollection and I cannot make promises to the exact accuracy; please use it as info only and not in place of seeking your own medical advise.

Q When you say all reversals fail eventually (which indicates something like tube blockage and not necessarily a return of symptoms) is this based on personal experience or research?
A Research

Q What kind of follow up do you perform with reversal patients?
A First a follow up call a couple months out to see how things are progressing; he also tests for sperm; for the first 2-3 years he prescribes occasional periods of anti-inflammatory and steroid drugs; after that he does annual evaluations and retests for sperm

Q What do you recommend with auto-immune type symptoms
A Leans toward reversal

Q How many reversals have you performed?
A More than 1,000; more than anyone in the world (Update: I believe this statement was in regards to doing more reversals with the specific technique of the Davinci Robot Arm, and not more reversals than anyone period)

I hope this helps! I’m moving forward with reversal and will keep you updated on my results.

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i am really thankful for you updates and posts. i really apprecaite it. i’m now dieting and it does seem to help a bit but still, a good doctor in such situations is a god sent. thanks.

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I can’t help saying… More than anyone in the world? No way. Please do your own diligent homework ladies and gentlemen. Unlike those who specialize in reversals only and have done so seamlessly for decades on end, Dr P specializes in a wide array of surgical corrective procedures, and has done so for how many years? There’s no way that I believe that he’s done more reversals than anyone else in the world.

Perhaps the “more than anyone else in the world” was a simple mistranslation, a misunderstanding, a type-o, IDK.

Best of luck all.

Good points, @RingoStar.

In hindsight, I think there may be some context missing. Earlier he did mention how he performs a multi-layer VR with the Davinci robotic arm and I believe it does state on his website he has performed more of these surgeries then anyone. So when I asked “how many have you done?” meaning “reversals” he might have answered in regards to how many has he done employing this specific technique, which I believe would be more than anyone in the world.

I’m certainly not trying to misquote or misrepresent anything, so thank you for bringing this up!

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Yeah, that’s very possible.

Edited to add the link below as it seems relevant to this discussion.

Had my vasectomy in 2011 and one year later a reversal due to pain issues. Eight years later I still have some sperm although numbers are not as good as four years back. Issues were resolved for first couple of years after the reversal but still get epididimytis at least once a year but only on left side. The vasectomy was the worse thing I could have ever done to my body.

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Tomorrow is reversal day. Wish me luck! If you believe in prayer, then please say a quick one for me. I will keep everyone updated on my progress. To recap, here are the symptoms I’ve been experiencing:


  • Diminished sensation in penis
  • Increased difficulty in achieving erection (takes a minute instead of seconds)
  • Softer erections
  • Brain–penis disconnect (hard to explain, but you know it if you’ve experienced it)
  • Almost complete disappearance of nocturnal erections (it used to be difficult to pee over night due to erection practically EVERY time; that hasn’t been the case at all since the vas)


  • “Pins and needles” tingling in arms, legs, hands, feet, and fingers (off and on sometimes for hours during the day and almost all night long)
  • Extreme tightness in knees (no visible swelling)
  • Lots of popping and cracking in all joints
  • Strange crepe paper like sound in connective tissues in knees (only lasted a few days)
  • Weakened knee joints (had minor tear due to walking too fast)
  • Tightness and numbness in both hands (this has progressed to a 24-7 issue)
  • Basically classic rheumatoid arthritis symptoms, and an advanced case too


  • Slower and softer growing beard (FYI–my “T” was tested a month after vas and came out at 542; however, I suspect it may have been quite high prior to vas, and my andro wasn’t tested, which I know is associated with a TON of hormone symptoms)
  • Natural oils in skin and hair have completely dried up (doesn’t feel like my hair anymore, which used to be soft and silky; it freaked my wife out to feel it now and even stabbed her hand with the roughness when she gave me a haircut)
  • Sudden feelings of anxiety and helplessness/hopelessness that def didn’t feel like me; this happened early on and seems to have balanced out; I wouldn’t even bring it up, except I’ve heard similar stories from so many others; FYI my worst case of this occurred soon after vas before I even knew anything was wrong and not just normal, short-term symptoms


  • Random shooting pains varying from a 5/10 to a debilitating level in my waist, testicles, lower back, foot, hands, wrist, shin and toes; these come and go (different areas at a time, not all at once) and don’t last for very long, usually anywhere from 5-15 seconds; I’ve had maybe one occurrence per day on average

Prognosis for Reversal
A lot of individuals have noted an improvement in ED symptoms post-reversal, so I’m cautiously bullish on this improving.
The Auto-Immune stuff is rarer, however, the Dr. did say he has had good success with these types of symptoms improving or disappearing altogether with reversal; this is the area I’m REALLY hoping for success, as the alternative reality is quite bleak (you know it is bad when I’m focused on this more than the penis problems lol)
Regarding hormones, the Dr. didn’t think this was an issue and said it would take a couple months for symptoms to show. I can assure you that my symptoms listed above are real, and manifested pretty quickly (every symptom listed above started occurring between 48 hours post-vas up to about a couple weeks), so I think there is more to the hormone connection. In fact, EVERY SINGLE symptom I’ve described above shows in the medical literature to be possibly related to hormone malfunction. Rheumatoid arthritis is specifically known as a side effect of hormone imbalance, and obviously the ED stuff would fit that mold, particularly considering the equipment still functions but seems to be missing some hormonal support. I’ve considered the possibility that everything I’ve gone through is hormone related and perhaps not auto-immune at all. If so, that would seem to more strongly support the possibility of reversal working. Of course, I don’t know for sure.

A thought: many of us question how we can have this long list of horrible symptoms and other men seem to have none. It seems statistically unlikely until you consider that perhaps for many of us, it really only is one thing that has gone wrong, but that one thing carries many symptoms. For instance, if your hormones are messed up, almost anything can happen to your entire body. If you activate an auto-immune response, almost anything can happen to your entire body. It’s all connected, the reproductive system as a whole and the body as a whole. If one thing is off, it can cause all of the other dominoes. Our woeful medical system with its “silo” approach of course is ill-fitted to address it (or even acknowledge that this problem exists).

Anyway, I’ll get off the soap box. I’m ready to keep my mind in a positive place, where it really has been, perhaps surprisingly, with everything I’m dealing with. I’m ready to be whole again and to start healing. Whatever comes my way, I’ll feel better about addressing it from this new state of being, which of course is the closest thing to being put back to how I was.

Thank you all for your support and for listening! I will provide updates.

Best of luck I hope and pray it works for you

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Best of luck! I wish you a quick recovery and that your symptoms improve or even disappear!

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Best of luck brother!!!

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Thank you all for the well wishes! I’m going to start a new thread with a reversal recovery title, so people in the future will be better able to find it in searches. I will provide an update in this new thread soon. So far, while not perfect, things are going as well or better than I expected!

Good luck man. 6 months post reversal here. Survive those first few weeks and it gets better!


Thank you. Glad to hear that!