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PVPS sucks, some links and videos for educational purposes

Dear all,
Just posting some papers, videos and links for various treatment options that have been discussed on this forum for educational purposes. We have developed a clinic in Winter Garden, FL (Orlando), just focusing on PVPS and chronic groin/testicular/thigh pain issues. These are some resources that may be helpful. Our goal is simple - just want to try to help men suffering from PVPS and other chronic testicular/groin pain issues with some treatment options.

Our recent review article covering our treatment approaches:
Management-of-chronic-orchialgia-Parekattil-2020.pdf (801.8 KB)

Video describing our treatment approach:

The only publication out there directly comparing the neuroanatomy of men with PVPS to men who don’t have PVPS:
JU 7_13 Trifecta Nerve Complex Final.pdf (693.0 KB)

Educational video of spermatic cord block:

Educational video of vasectomy reversal:

You can check out our youtube channel at:

There are more videos coming - will have new ones for our targeted denervation of the spermatic cord soon, targeted cryoablation and botox injection coming out soon. Feel free to review some of the older videos on the channel as well.

We have one of the largest patient experiences in dealing with PVPS, have treated over 4000 patients so far (have been specializing in this area and doing research in this field for over 15 years now). We cannot discuss specific case scenarios due to HIPAA restrictions on this forum, but if you need help, please feel free to reach out to us to make an appointment (phone or office) and I would be glad to help you. Our office number is: 407-547-1654. Our email is: