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PVPS specialists in the Pittsburgh area?

Does anyone know of a PVPS specialist. In the Pittsburgh, Morgantown, Cleveland, Akron areas? Heck I’ll even go to New Jersey if there is someone who specializes in this stuff.

I saw Dr. Puneet Masson in Philly. Dr. Irvin Hirsch is also in Philly. Neither one specializes in PVPS, although they do work with men’s issues and urology. Dr. Joseph Alukal is in NYC. A few posters here have been to the Cleveland Clinic.

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At the Cleveland Clinic, Dr. Shoskes treats PVPS and is the only one (to my knowledge) in Ohio doing spermatic cord denernvations. He’s not a reversal/fertility guy. Dr. Sabanegh used to be the one who treated PVPS via meds and reversal, but he was promoted to president of the main campus last couple of years and I don’t know if he’s seeing new patients. I don’t have any insight on his replacement. @mklamut79 might know better than me.

Several others have seen docs in Columbus.


sabanegh is the president of the clinic, dr. sarah vij is the one who took over his practice, however he does come out of the office and do special cases sometimes. not too sure how many he is doing anymore, especially now with covi-19 and him being extremely busy.


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