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PVPS New York City

Has anyone had any luck with any PVPS specialists in New York City. I made an appointment with Dr. Stahl based on the library on this forum, but interested to hear if anyone has had any luck with him or anyone else in my area.

I have “chronic epididymitis” or at least that’s what my uro is saying it is but I don’t really trust the guy. Very painful left epi area and somewhat so on the right now as well, although not nearly as bad as the left. 4 months post op and haven’t had a day without pain of some kind.

This guy actually had PVPS as one of his specialties in the past. I had an appt with him, but had to cancel because it was in the middle of the Ebola outbreak. I never made it back to NYC, so I can’t attest to his competence. Sounds like he may be worth a shot.