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PVPS Low Back Pain Treatments/Tools

I like many with PVPS has a plethora of issues including pelvic floor, neck pain, low back pain, etc. The toughest one to deal with outside of the testicle/scrotum pain has been the low back pain. With that in mind, I thought I would post some things that help with the low back pain given all of the other issues in play and let guys post other suggestions:

  • Stability or exercise ball for sitting - my chiropractor suggested this one and it has made a big difference. Instead of sitting on a normal chair which can be painful quickly, I typically sit on this ball. The theory is that is forces you to redistribute your weight/tension more evenly. It has helped me quite a bit and does not make the scrotum pain worse. Then when I sit on a normal chair or drive in a car, I find that I better distribute my weight with the muscle memory from sitting on the ball.
  • Chiropractor - no brainer here. This has helped quite a bit for the low back.
  • Massage - another no brainer here. Deep tissue massage on back.
  • Gut health/constipation - since you may be taking narcotics or are just really tense, you can really get backed up frequently further adding tension to the low back. I use herbal tea, stool softeners, Mirilax, healthy eating to aid here.
  • Yoga - I have not done this yet but this was a suggestion by Kevin Hauber
  • Swimming or aquatic therapy - another good suggestion by Kevin Hauber and others on this board
  • Low Level Laser Therapy (LLLT) - has helped a little bit. You can buy one of these online for a few hundred bucks.

Andy - thanks. Yes, I agree with you. Thanks for posting, as it reminded me to go get my thera-ball out of my closet. And thanks for the hat-tip to Kevin Hauber. He’s a genius and trailblazer. He’s also an angel for being so willing to help others while he, himself, was going through so much. I know some may take issue with some of his individual positions or findings, but in the end, he’s a pioneer.

I never connected my lower-back problems to vasectomy until @Choohooo helped me understand the connection. My vas was March 2005, and I herniated L5/S1 in July. That was BEFORE any onset of scrotal/groin pain which started in October. I succumbed to spinal fusion in late 2012 after years of off-and-on therapies like you suggested above. The facet joints were shot and L5/S1 looked like a s’more (disc as the marshmallow smashed by the collapsed vertebrae.

Of course, no doctor will ever draw the connection. Lumber problems affect 40% of Americans, especially those of us with sitting jobs. And, of course, since my father has major lumbar problems, everyone assumes it’s genetic. Easy answer. Ironically, my father also had a vasectomy and has been a healthcare nightmare. He’s wheelchair and nursing home bound at 74. Pituitary tumors, hydrocephalus, obesity, heart disease, you name it. Poor guy is a mess, and I can’t help but wonder if it was all vasectomy-induced auto-immune related.

Who knows?

For joint pain I am huge fan of The Egoscue Clinic or his book Pain Free.
Its cheap used on Amazon and is some of the best $ you could ever spend.

There is also Sonima, this is also related to Egoscue stuff, but its free.
Anyway here is a free youtube vid.