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Put to sleep and surprised with a PUBIC vasectomy

I just wanted to contribute with my story.

I’m 37 and when traveling in romania I saw a clinic where i could do a cheap vasectomy and went for it (i wanted it since several years), from all the info i gathered on the internet, it was an extremely safe procedure.
Despiste the surgeon almost not speaking any english and we could barely communicate (he was in his 60´s), I went for it. I drawed a picture of what i wanted: open ended with fascial interposition.

In the day of the surgery (17th May 2021) first he removed 2 lipomas i had, one in the back and another in the belly, under local anesthesia, and then he went to the pubic area and made a first incision, and i told him i was feeling everything, then they put me to sleep, next thing i know…

I woke up from a general anethesia and he had performed the vasectomy with two 3 cms incision on the pubic bone, the testicles were left untouched.

I felt kind of betrayed because no one said i would have a general anesthesia (was painful to recover from it) and didnt even know at that time that a vasectomy could be performed in this way.
the whole internet only has one article about it

I was expecting a normal scrotal vasectomy…

I asked him if there was a possibility of vasectomy failure (recanalization) and he said thats impossible because he removed 3 cms of each vas. And as I understood he ligated the vas, so no open ended…

The good side of this was that the post op went really well and easy since the testicles were not touched.

My concern now is that i have been realizing since i started to wear boxers again my scrotum or at least one of my testicles is hanging lower and it goes towards inside my legs and i cant walk properly, also its harder to seat without adjusting it everytime.
Also the ejaculations are not normal anymore: first a sprinkle of watery fluid and after it only then the gelatinous fluid slowly arises. The semen seems is not properly mixed like before.
And the orgasm seems not so deep or intense and does not make me so tired and knocked out like before. i feel like some pressure in the testicles that is not released, its like it retains my sperm there and i feel pressure to my prostate and anus, and eventough i ejaculate the orgasm experience is not complete or worry free. its a diferent experience for worst.

So for this 3 reasons:
1-weird sperm and weird ejaculation
2-weird orgasm
3-low hanging testicles disturbing walking/seating

I was contemplating reversal, but i am not sure if its even possible due to the fact that my vasectomy had been performed in the pubic area and 3cms of each vas were removed.
So could it be there is not enough vas to be able to connect it back together?
As i understand this would resolve the ejaculate and orgasm problem, but not sure if resolves the low hanging testicles impairing my walking/seating?

Im on my 7 week now, no pains.
I am single and no one knows i did this.
I tough i was doing something good for myself, protecting me from accidental pregnancies etc but now i am disappointed and regret it.
And has the time passes and i dont see it getting better its starting to affect me psychologically

If someone can refer me some doctors anywhere in europe i woudl be grateful.
Thank you for all your contribute here.

Welcome Brace, and sorry you ended up like the rest of us. I was 38 when I had the snip, single, and no one knew. We are similar.

Wow, the surgeon didn’t go through the scrotum. That’s interesting. I’ve never heard of this procedure before for vasectomy. I wonder what the justification is.

Some posters here are in the UK. They may have some suggestions for you.

If you’re in the UK Dr Dawson seems to be the man who knows what’s up and specialises in reversals

If the Public health takes too long for my reversal I’ll be considering flying over to England to see if he can sort me out (I’m in Ireland)

I don’t think Dr Dawson practices any longer; just read this in a recent thread here, too. Simply use the search function on this site. In the UK, Duncan Harriss and Mike Henley have been repeatedly mentioned no this site. I contacted both via email but have not spoke to either one nor processed any surgical option with them, or in general. I am not based in the UK, just sharing what I read.

Ah I looked them up there, unfortunately Duncan Harriss has also retired

The first time I ever heard of a vascetomy was in the 70s, from a man who had, by his description, a pubic procedure. Apparently he had no issues, because he spoke highly of it. The scrotal procedure is just too damn easy for the uros.

UPDATE: it´s exactly 8 weeks since my pubic vasectomy and now i have Epididymitis on the left testicle. not sure if its because i used boxers for a week? I started taking an NSAID ketoprofen that they gave me when i first did the vasectomy, any advice on this?
Also i never heard anybody saying their ejaculate is like mine(first the watery fluid and only then slowly arriving the think gelatine fluid) any of you folks have it like this, or still normal semen like before?

If it is proper epididymitis i.e. visibly swollen, red and tender then you will likely need antibiotics to clear this - I got epididymitis when my system ran out of live sperm and my vas scarred over - from then on is when PVPS began, I took a 1-2 week course of ciprofloxacin and had no issues for around 3 weeks, since then I just get on-off pains in epididymitis and pains at the vasectomy site - I also feel like an 80 year old man with a constant virus :man_shrugging: roll on reversal