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Pulsed radio frequency


My problem is with My vas deference. I had inguinal hernia operation with mesh and 1 year later mesh is removed. Now i have 5 cmx4 cm scar tissue in inguinal channel and it disturbs vas deference and nerves. I have constant chronic groin pain. Pain is higher in evening and less in morning. I have pain during erection and ejaculation. My sex life is ruined. I feel that pain during Last 1 year. My life also ruined. I cannot use trouser. I have to use large pants etc.

When i Kiss my wife i feel pain in my groin. Every erotic thought cause pain in vas deference. Surgery doctors says the only Surgery can be removal of vas and it May create New pains. Also i know that unilateral vasectomy creates bilateral testicular damage.
Some docs says the pain May be improved with time… Just wait and use lyrica and antideprasant.

Uro offers to remove all spermatic cord and left testis. He says one nut is enough.

Algology docs offers pulsed radio frequency at level L1/L2. Thay say it May help for 1 year and after that the pain May not return.

Now " I have good days and feel like I can live with this or that maybe it’s going to get better soon. Then the pain return and I’m then looking at drastic action to fix it."

One big legend prof. Dr. Said dont do anything about radio frequency. He Said you Will be worse. Because the nerves can become more sensitive… He refused to examine me and Just showed the door. He Said dont read anything from İnternet and live with it. He Said, i am dummy. The other Algology docs are also stupid. They Just want to earn money etc etc…
İn every Day i want to DİE. I am planning it. 3 weeks ago a friend of mine (age39) killed himself. But then i remember my smalll Kids and wife, father etc… Then i say i must live for my Kids… They need father…

So please what must i do.?
Algology docs offers operation and legend prof Dr. Said it is very dangerous…???



Sorry to read this. I’m in a similar boat on my 3rd bout of pain since 2005. First bout resolved 5-6 months after reversal, second resolved after 6 months with Celebrex and Neurontin, and this one is much better though it’s taken 3 years and many injections.

I have avoided nerve surgery out of fear and hopes that time and pain management would work. My patience has paid off. I’ve had numerous injections and two round of pulsed RF (one of pudendal, one of GF). Whatever the reason, I’m 50% better all of the time since 2016 and 100% better (no pain) several days per week.

It’s hard to advise others. We don’t know each others’ pain level or tolerance. My only advice to everyone is to do your homework, get multiple opinions, and try to find the actual pain generators. Some doctors take a shotgun approach. Sometimes that’s necessary. But, if you can do the job with a targeted, rifle shot, avoid the shotgun (in my layman’s terms).

Pulsed RF is no big deal IMO. I believe it’s WAY less risky than surgery. Much less scar tissue from a needle than a scalpel. I’ve spoken with three doctors on pulsed RF, heated RF, and cryo. I like pulsed RF as an option.