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Prostatitis symptoms

Well first off I hate that I have to post here but I want to thank everyone on this forum. It’s nice to know this exists for support.

I’m 32 years old and got the snip two weeks ago. I know I’m early into this but I already have prostatitis like symptoms. I have frequent urges to pee, minor pain after urination, abdominal pain, and fullness in testicles. These started about 3 days after the procedure. I went to my one week post op with my urologist and he pretty much said I had a bout of prostatitis that was not associated with the vas lol. My doctor works with Dr. Marks here in az by the way. He gave me some pain meds and an alpha blocker (can’t remember which one). I’ve been taking these for the past week and have not noticed any improvement.

I know I’m early into this and a lot of the advice would be to wait to see where this goes, but I’m looking to see what has worked for people with these similar symptoms. I’m really trying to relieve my anxiety and stress over this but it’s been hard. I am going to try to exercise in the next week to try to help relieve these symptoms. I know it’s way too early to be thinking reversal, which trust me I’m already thinking, but has this helped with these symptoms?

Sorry you’re here, but welcome anyways.

I had ‘prostatitis’ symptoms about a week after my vas was done. Difficulty urinating, bladder/prostate pain, which took a few weeks to settle down.

With that said, my abdominal, testicular pain did not go away and I had a reversal just over two weeks ago.

I too posted here early on, 7 days post to be exact. I was in a lot of pain and was debilitated for a long time. It took about 6 months before I could stop taking heavy duty pain meds etc and I waited almost another six months before getting a reversal, but in reality, I should have done it sooner. If you don’t make significant improvements by six months, it’s time to act IMO.

@MikeO had horrible prostatitis symptoms for five years and they vanished after his reversal.

So I’m guessing it was Dr. Burrows that did the vas right? I’m curious, did he mention the possibility of chronic pain? Did he mention the AUA guidelines of 1-2% severe chronic pain with negative impact on quality of life? Seems that it doesn’t matter who does the vas, statistically speaking, if you do more than 50 vasectomies, eventually every doc will have a bad outcome.

I don’t want to go attacking Burrows, but he treats PVPS guys and I think it’s disingenuous to not warn about vas complications. Then again…without vasectomies, there would be no reversals.

Anyways, hang in there man, you might just be having a rough go of it and hopefully you can leave this site. Try some hot baths, NSAID’s, but be careful of vigorous exercise if you’re still in pain - ease back into it.

Thanks for your reply!

I did get mine done from Dr. Burrows. Before I got the procedure, I read his reviews and many people I know got this done by him. They all have gone on to live pain free and here I am with this. I guess I’m still in the “why me?” phase. The doctor sold me on the vas, telling me it was a low-risk procedure, the only real complication was possible infection. He did not mention the stats you listed. I will take it easy on the exercise, just going to limit to walking and yoga type.

Did your reversal relieve your abdominal and testicular pain?

So far, I think the reversal has helped with the abdominal pain, but I haven’t lifted anything really heavy yet, so I can’t say for sure.

Perhaps a slight reduction in testicle/epi pain, but too early to tell really.

I’ve had nerve pain symptoms (stabbing, burning pains) right from the get go and those haven’t really changed at all, maybe with time, who knows.

Pretty disappointed that he didn’t mention the American Urological Association’s Guidelines:

“Chronic scrotal pain associated with negative impact on quality of life occurs after vasectomy in about 1-2% of men. Few of these men require additional surgery.”


Good luck man, hang in there. It’s early and you might just get totally better on your own.

The fact that he told you it was unrelated to the Vas is infuriating. Sure, there’s a chance it’s complete coincidence but thats gotta be much smaller odds than it being caused by the vas. That being said beyond what he’s given you is really all you can do. Rest, ice, heat, etc. whatever works you, do it. I had a lot of prostate symptoms and they have calmed down but not gone away. I can live with the pain I’ve got but it’s still frustrating. I am going to give it at least until the year anniversary before i let anyone do anything surgically. Sucks that it was ICVR that did yours. I would have thought they would have at least been upfront and honest with you.

Considering the prostate now only has semen, but no sperm flowing through it (the proximal vas is now dry I guess?) it only stands to reason that it could become inflamed/irritated. That’s just a theory and no one really knows for sure why so many PVPS guys have prostatitis like symptoms.

FYI bacterial prostatitis is actually pretty rare and is easily treated by antibiotics, non-bacterial ‘prostatitis’ is kind of an outdated term and is more commonly just being referred to as chronic pelvic pain syndrome.

The more I read on here, the more tempted i am to travel to Canada and pay cash to see Jarvis group if i decide to do anything surgically.

Thanks again for your replies.

Like you Kyvas, if it stays like this, I can probably live with it as I’m not in horrible pain. Just a little burning after urination and the occasional abdominal pain. I know time is on my side so I’m praying these symptoms just go away on their own. I hope you get better and do not need to go the surgical route. Hang in there.

I’m pretty disappointed he didn’t mention the stats either. At the same time, I’m pretty quiet and not outspoken so I should’ve been more adamant about the explanation of risks. Still, I believe your job as a physician is to inform your patient of all risks regardless if they ask or not.

Sucks that you’re here but this website has been more help then any doctor I’ve seen in the last 6 months.

I have a similar problem. I’m 31, 180lbs, 5’11 and I’m about 6 months post-vas. It’s hard to say if our situations are the same but I’ll tell you what I’ve found and what I’ve done to work around it. Maybe it’ll help you.

Excess swelling of the scrotum (almost 2.5x normal size I’d say) led me to passively change my posture to compensate. I did not realize I was even doing it for almost 5 months.

Basically, a few weeks after my vas I developed dibilitating burning pain in the perenium and around/in my rectum area. Frequent stretching helped a lot, as well as trying to keep my pelvis straight while walking. This is pretty hard to do though. I now wear pants that are baggy in the crotch and that helps a bit. 25mg of benadryl at bedtime reduced the pain by 90% +- 10% for about 12 hours, seems to relax the muscles down there quite a bit in my case. I also take 600mg of advil every 12 hours. This hasn’t totally solved my problems but I went from suicidal blackout pain to being able to work and somewhat comfortably lay on the couch after work. Sitting for long periods of time is guaranteed to bring burning pain the next day.

I swore up and down I had a UTI or they pulled something during my vasectomy. I now feel, in my situation, it’s just the radical change in posture that has caused most of my pain issues. Once I started treating posture problems, my pelvic pain got much better. However I have a lot of congestion that simply won’t go away and I’m probably going for a reversal in the end to (hopefully) get the pressure/size back down.

Hopefully this helps.

I have to say I’m a little torn at the moment. Literally just got off the phone with ICVR about 20 minutes ago and Dr. Burrows is calling me back Wednesday to chat.

Yeah sorry to hear that. I’m just barely into this so I’m not entirely sure about the ICVR. From what I’ve read on here, Dr. Marks is one of the best and a lot of people swear by him.

I’m not saying Dr. Burrows is a bad doctor, again I’m early into this so my symptoms may get better. I don’t know…

I’m starting to prepare myself for the worse. I’m going to give it another week or two and go back and see Dr. Burrows. Maybe he will be more supportive at that point and give me other options. Right now, I’m just very stressed as everyone I know that has had a vas has been done by Dr. Burrows with great results.

I’m sure the skill of the surgeon has some play in it but it seems to be more of a roll of the dice on the, “who gets vas problems and who doesn’t.” Everyone is different. What’s disappointing is how there doesn’t seem to be any pre-testing to even try to consider you may have problems. Also they don’t give you a real, factual warning up front and that just makes me angry. Frustrating how it’s easier to make a vas appointment then it is to make an appointment to see any other doctor in the US.

I work in a shop with 95 other guys. Most of which have been snipped and everyone I’ve talked to about this is in disbelief I wasn’t fine after 2-3 weeks. I know the younger guys in the shop won’t have it done now after watching what happened to me.

You’re still early on and could very well turn out fine. I know it’s hard but don’t dwell on it. I didn’t show improvement really for several months. Besides the congestion throwing my posture out of whack, I would be 100% fine today, it just took 5 months for me instead of their, “3 days and you’re fine” BS.

Just got back from my massage therapist whom I haven’t seen in 4 months. Pelvis 1.5 inches lower on one side, both legs twisted outward all to hell and lower back was a disaster. Already feeling better… just hope it stays that way.

This is a good point. Personally, I think a lot of guys here maybe 50% or more have PVPS from a surgical error. I’m sure mine is mostly nerve damage. I felt a tingle shoot up into my stomach on the right side during the vas. Wanna guess which side is my bad side? Sure I had congestive pains, but that wasn’t really the worst of it, and if that’s all I had, I might’ve just been able to deal with it.

What’s surprising is that most guys don’t have pain. It doesn’t make sense. You block off your testicles and the sperm is trapped in your epi’s and your testicles NEVER stop producing sperm, your epi’s swell up to twice their size sometimes, blow out the end of the vas, it just doesn’t make sense who some guys don’t feel a thing. I’ll never understand that.

I don’t understand how most guys go without pain either. My epis are easily 2-3 times bigger then my boys now and it’s almost terrifying to look at, it just looks like it hurts. I very rarely get congestive pain, just achy all the time. When something pushes on me I’ve started to notice I passively flinch away, like, “hey, don’t do that, it’s wrong” like it should hurt but I don’t feel pain. Maybe I got incredibly lucky…

My left side hurt like hell during the vas. Felt like the guy was trying to pull my prostate out through my crotch the entire time. I remember thinking, “yep. That’s going to hurt like hell later” but I never felt pain in that area after the surgery.

This is just awful. I mean there are so many stories on here and it seems EVERYONE has a different experience. I will admit, it is hard to be on this site and read a lot of these posts. It starts really messing with my anxiety/stress levels. I am naturally a worrisome person and I always think the worse is going to happen. Maybe it will and maybe it won’t. I hate that I have no idea what is going on with me right now. I am so upset that I have pain associated with this “simple” procedure as everyone says. I’m only two weeks in and I am having the biggest regret in my life ever going through with this. I am just hoping someday I will get over this anxiety and live a somewhat manageable life.

I love how these urologists are presented with guys with NO PRIOR symptoms and then have the fucking nerve to say “this isn’t related to the vasectomy.” My God, how do they look themselves in the mirror? If they’re that fucking stupid, how did they get through med school?

Of course your symptoms are related to your vasectomy. The question now is whether they’re temporary or longer-term. We will all hope and pray it’s just a short-term reaction to the change in your body. The odds are in your favor, but for a PVPS-conversant urologist like Dr. Burrows to deny the relation to the vasectomy is an outrage.

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Yea, I totally agree with all that.

While I am a fan of ICVR, and Dr Mark’s specifically regarding his highly honed reversal skills, technique, surgical protocols, and follow-up protocols, this isn’t to be confused with the idea that I am a fan of vasectomy, or all of ICVR’s protocols such as informed consent/full disclosure.

Theres actually another story on this site of another man that was never informed of the risks of pvp/s via reversal purely for infertility at ICVR.

It don’t matter to me who these offenders are, these people need to check themselves. Many of them are playing both sides.

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I’d already read this prior to my previous post, but thought to elaborate a bit more on what I was hitting on earlier, and weigh in a bit to the OP.

@Dpm12, I find the fact that you were so poorly informed regarding the risks, let alone possible side effects of the vas to be mind blowing considering where you had your vas at.

I have several theories on why all the prostate issues post vas, much of which is first hand, and what I’ve learned from others. I’ve experienced a lot of it myself, especially from my beginning’s, to midpoint in my timeline (over 7 years post vas, and two reversals later here).

From nerves, to the lack of sperm no longer flowing through your mixing area/prostate, to some sort of blocked off bacterial issue because of isolation via the vas, other thoughts, etc. There are many reasons this stuff happens IMO, and some may suffer from several things at once.

Of course it’s possible you may have had a pre-existing condition. This is probably un-likely, but it’s worth considering anyway.

I personally think the lack of sperm flow has a big part to do with it, but that doesn’t explain guys that are experiencing these symptoms within a matter of days post vas (as I did myself). I definitely don’t think there’s a one size fits all answer to all this prostate stuff post vas.

For what it’s worth, I don’t experience a lot of major issues with this prostate stuff anymore. Not enough to effect my quality of life, make me uncomfortable often, having odd sensations all the time, very little of that anymore.

I’m not cured, but way better to the point where my prostate doesn’t cross my mind much. If, and/or when it does, it will be after I ejaculate. Nothing crazy like I was experiencing years ago tho.

I went through some nasty prostate stuff in my beginning’s, and it followed me out off, and on post reversal, and redo reversal.

I was experiencing some seriously bad episodes after I would ejaculate post redo reversal. It didn’t start immediately, it took some time. It felt like I had to pee really bad, burning in my urethra, and had a broom stick up my rear end. All if this combined into a very centralized, awful feeling, and would last for hours.

It was bad enough to nearly make me cry. I’d just ball up in a fetal position, and try to sleep it off. Oddly enough, I would wake up the next morning, and the sensations were gone. There was no pattern, rhyme, nor reason to my episodes. Could happen one week, or twice in a couple weeks, sometimes not happen for several weeks/months. It really sucked.

The good news is, this stuff doesn’t get me like it used to anymore. I’d say my last major prostate craziness episode happened no longer than two years~ after my redo reversal failed (my second vasectomy reversal).

If there’s any point I would like to make, it would be that I don’t have any sperm flowing through my prostate/mixing area, and haven’t since fall 2013. I certainly don’t fall into the “I had a successful (far as fertility) vasectomy reversal, and my prostate problems vanished”.

I will note, I never experienced any prostate weirdness, sensations, craziness, absolutely nothing along them lines prior to my vasectomy. I had my vasectomy at age 35.

On to my next thoughts, I find it very disturbing that guys like yourself were never warned, and are being told this prostate stuff isn’t related to your vasectomy.

Theres no doubt in my mind these guys (ICVR) hear about these symptoms often enough from pvps/reversal for pain guys. I’m seriously blown away that Burrows took that approach, or is of such an opinion. All I can say is, wow.

I will also note, when I had my redo reversal at ICVR in 2011, I signed a document with a witness present (that signed as well) that clearly stated the majority of the risks involved with the procedure.

It covered the fact that that there was no guarantee that I would even be fertile afterward, may not help me, could make me worse, other risks, complications, etc. It had the word PVPS on it clear as day. It was the most forthcoming document I’d seen in all my surgical, vas, post pvp/s experience’s.

I’ve actually read several men’s post reversal recovery stories where they noted it pissed them off when they flew all the way to AZ, and were presented with such a forthcoming document.

Anyway, just trying to be of some insight to yourself, and anyone else that read this thread.

Hope you get better brother.

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I don’t remember signing that document but I have to say when you are in excruciating pain you sign that in a heartbeat. I was terrified when I got my reversal. It was not a pleasant experience. It’s the only thing I’ve done that has moved the needle in the direction of less pain and for that I’m grateful.

Personally I think a document like that is great, however, I think it should be emailed as a PDF to a patient beforehand so they can read it. I don’t remember signing it but I’m sure I did.

I wasn’t upset, or anything of the sorts regarding the document I signed. I’m pretty certain they gave me the pre surgery valium after I signed, lol.

I do remember how terrified I was of a second reversal after I signed. I remember being in tears in the dressing room where I prepped myself into a surgical gown. I remember thinking, please work, please help me, please be worth it.

I’m sure you remember the pvps, reversal pvps studies, and other pvps documents you were given by ICVR to approach your insurance company with far as trying to get some reimbursement. I felt that was a very honorable move on their part.

But once again, given the fact that @Dpm12 says he was never warned of anything much other than possible infection, and guys like myself got all the stuff I’m talking about, there seems to be a big double standard going on here, and/or something isn’t adding up.

If I had to guess what ICVR (or any next door division of it) pre vasectomy paperwork looked like, I would’ve expected the basics; congestion, sperm granuloma, epididymis, infection, hematoma, recanalization, and at minimum the AUA guidelines (2%) far as pvps.

I’m not a fan of the 2% AUA guidelines considering what Canada, and the NHS guidelines site, but I would’ve expected to see pvps on their pre vasectomy paperwork, and informed consent paperwork (sign here).

Hard to say what’s going on here, but it don’t sound good.

I used their documents but my insurance company still shot the claim down. I didn’t’ fight it. I should have. It was all me doing this. I wrote a huge claim and narrative. They just never pay immediately. I didn’t know how to fight it and just wanted it done. I wish my wife had helped me more. 8.5K is nothing to shake a stick at. That would be a great resource here: a repository or guide to getting claim reimbursement. I would have given it all to her parents who actually picked up the bill.