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Prostate cancer

Hi men I have just read an article on the net about prostate cancer. It is intitled enlarged prostate vasectomy and prostate cancer. Written date is the 21st of July 2019 i am curious to see if anyone else has developed prostate issues as the article suggests that a vasectomy carries a 20% more chance of aggressive prostate cancer. If this is true and supposedly 1 to 2 % are said to developed PVPS then what are our chances. They are saying that it is now seen in men 35 years old.sorry men I think we were0

This was a driver for me getting a reversal in 2006 (in addition to hoping for pain relief). Post-vas, I registered a 4.2 on a PSA a level at which they start looking for prostate cancer. I was 40. Since the reversal, my annual PSA has been 0.6 to 0.8.

I experienced pain in the prostate, got woken up at 3 am a couple of times. Never had this before vasectomy, and it stopped after reversal

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I describe my pain to all docs as being in the prostate. When I press on it, via the bladder, it hurts. I got it checked with 2 US, 2 rectal exams, 1MRI, and bloodwork - all negative, including normal PSA. I wonder what it is.
I feel relieve after going to the toilet, both peeing and pooping, as if some pressure is released. Either there is something with the prostate itself or some nerves being compressed. I have almost no problems with sleeping and am normally with low pain in the morning.