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Procedure causing death

So the doctors say as a result of the surgery my liver and kidneys are shutting down and jt would take a miracle at this point to turn things around
I guess I learned the hard way

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Welcome to the forum @Pain555.

Can you please give us some more details? How are you sure that the vasectomy is the culprit here? How did you come to this conclusion? Can this be proven? Please give us the whole story, or the short detailed version, if you would, please.

Hey man what are you saying?

Also, with documented studies like the one below being posted on PubMed in June 2021, I am curious if anything to do with the link below may or may not be relevant to this discussion.

Givin the fact that stories like yours are a first for my eyes and/or ears, and givin the timing of your story, I would like to at least address such potential alternative possibilities.

Before this I had my yearly physical
All my levels and organ functions were normal
I had the procedure a few weeks later
Pain from the beginning
Pain spread from testicles to my abdomen up to my chest and up to my shoulders
As well up my back to the top
Also spread down to the bottom of my feet
Impossible to sit and stand
Neurologists said it caused some type of degenerative neurological condition
Doctors then ran tests MRIs to rule out issues with back or pelvis area etc and nothing
Started having worsening pain as time went on nothing helped all the different medicines possible
Doctor though to check organ function to see if it was affected as a hunch Snd kidney snd liver is failing
They do not see it as a coincidence as healthy male non smoker non drinker with fully functioning befor this suddenly has failure
They def attributed it to this

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Hey @Pain555, I am sorry to hear this. I’m still not sure what to make of this. You are also the first that I have heard of that had doctor’s that wanted to check for potential organ failure because of vasectomy related anything.

You never did mention if the PubMed article was relevant to your story or not.

Hi. So mate am I reading this right you attributed your vasectomy to all these problems. I am speaking with a friend who has the kidneys pain as you and therefore I am curious kidney and liver failure.

And BTW, I have been researching this topic for over a decade. In that time, I have never ran across many of aspects of your story.

The autoimmune response topic does get a lot of attention on this website and elsewhere, but the “official data” doesn’t support a lot of what I/we postulate on this website fairly regularly.

But, being diagnosed with organ failure at any point in time due to the vasectomy itself… That’s a new one on me. On that note, again, I am rather baffled by this horrific story.

This is nuts, how old are you? I am so incredibly sorry you are going through this.

The pubmed article about the Covid vaccine would have not applied to me

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I am 38 so not something I get thought would happen but every surgery could potentially kill a person I suppose

Hopefully it’s not the case too
I hope if anything from my story they ban this in the future once someone has died from jt
Though the advocates will prob say it was a coincidence and it’s still safe etc

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IDK about the rest of the people that have read this story, but I have been thinking about @Pain555 story since it was posted on this site.

What are your doctor’s trying to do for you if anything @Pain555? How long have they given you to live assuming your condition is terminal?

What was your doctors hypothesis as to how this is happening? If they concluded as you described, they certainly must have some sort of working hypothesis.

If what your doctors are saying has been conclusively proven to be true, please share those critical details with us. Like I said, stories like yours are a first for me and countless others and I am still thinking there might be another potential explanation here. Or, I am hoping there is anyway.

I have read many stories over the last decade that described what could very well be something related to a non typical autoimmune response. There are several such inconclusive stories on this website, but nothing that comes close yours.

Some people, including myself, have likely wondered if you might have some sort of contributing nerve damage issue. Perhaps a combination of nerve damage issues and an autoimmune response? Perhaps one, the other, both, or none of the above? I have given your story a lot of thought, and I sure as heck don’t have any concrete answers.

The website below is probably about as fringe as it gets when it comes to potential side effects of vasectomys. Pretty much everything that gets addressed on that website has been addressed on this website. In the other hand, there are topics on this website that don’t get addressed on don’t fix it dot org.

Below is another write up by Kevin Hauber, whom is the admin/owner of don’t fix it dot org.

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Hey @Pain555. Just wanted you to know that I have spent a great deal of time researching for you since you posted on this site.

It’s impossible to say what’s going on in regard to your liver and kidneys shutting down, but one thing I keep seeing over and over again and has gotten my attention on several occasions (including this morning) is - do you think it’s possible that pharmaceutical medications could be the culprit?

I could post a slew of links to relevant information and quotes, but here are a couple to get you or anyone else started.

Mean cumulative dose of ibuprofen and time to onset were 30 g and 12 days, respectively. Hepatocellular injury was the most frequently involved liver injury pattern. Six cases developed vanishing bile duct syndrome. Full recovery occurred in 11 patients after a mean time of 14 weeks, whereas five cases evolved to acute liver failure leading to death/liver transplantation.

Published reports on ibuprofen hepatotoxicity leading to liver failure resulting in liver transplantation or death are available. However, due to the apparent low absolute risk of ibuprofen-induced liver complications, ibuprofen can be regarded as an efficacious and safe NSAID.

(Ringo) - Notice that according to that PubMed paper, ibuprofen is said to be efficacious and safe, even though a minority group of users are associated with the risk of liver failure and/or death - even with short term usage.

This a dangerous medication and only used in emergency. There are lawsuits on it for ruptures of tendons; usually starts in feet and legs but can injure any tendons. It can cause your liver to shut down. Take with care. Any side effects should be reported. This medicine made me very sick…"


I didn’t do well on any of the medications prescribed, and in fact reacted so negatively that I ended up in the hospital a month after my vasectomy when my intestines started bleeding, causing incredible abdominal pain to accompany the testicular pain. It went from bad to worse.

Anyway, I won’t be posting anything else in this thread unless I hear back from you. I hope this tragic story makes a 180, and soon.

Good luck brother

Edited 7/03 to add the first PubMed link.

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I wasn’t given any any of those antibiotics or medications you mentioned as the doctors kept saying give it time
And it will get better
No one thought it was an infection they all
Said give it time but time hasn’t been my friend
I really don’t know how to process all this
I’ve tried to make a bucket list to enjoy things as much as possible even though it’s hard with the intense pain around the clock


This sounds awful! Where are you located?

I am located in Long Island
How about you
I’m scared I never imagined the excruciating pain that came from this procedure and then pending death

I appreciate your research
I suppose there is always a risk of death from any procedure
I’m not sure what to do anymore

I’m in Alberta, Canada. I really hope that you find some other way to help yourself. Have you considered alternative therapies? Craniosacral? Acupuncture? Lymphatic Drainage?