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Pressure pain lower abdomen, balls and penis

1.5 months after my vas. The story continues…

Still have scar tissue on both sides (pea like shape), and occasionally have the pulling sensation at spermatic cord on left side while masturbating.

Now time for some new symptoms :frowning: . After my latest ejaculation, i experienced a strong pressure pain in lower abdomen, penis and balls. Went away gradually over the span of one hour.
Completely new to me, never had this pain before vas. Looked up a bit, found prostatitis. I do have to pee a lot (always have), cause i drink a lot of water. Though when i urinate, it’s a normal stream.

Anyone an idea of what it could be?

Thanks dudes.

Could be prostatitis but I doubt it. Here’s the problem, the issue all of us are dealing with is a problem specific to a unique surgery in a very unique location. Anything you find on the internet isnt going to be specific enough to tell you what’s going on. If the article isn’t focused on PVPS, take all the information with a grain of salt.

Small pee thing is probably a granuloma. We all have them, they are part of the healing process. Most likely what you have is nerve damage. We all do unless it’s congestive pain. Nerves can refer pain to other locations OR they can make muscles act differently and the new muscular compensation imbalance is the source of the pain. This happens most often in the pelvic floor.

You are very early on. Rest, stretch, lots of warm bath soaks, take it easy and pray for recovery. 6 weeks is nothing. Panic around 6 months. Your body needs time to adjust what the rerouted plumbing you elected to do to it.