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Pre-vasectomy orchiopexy

I had a torsion event as a teen and ended up with a left orchiectomy and right orchiopexy (tacking to prevent torsion). No major complications after that, now have two kids and am looking to get a vasectomy done to prevent future kids and add spontaneity with the Mrs. Pre-op consultation was fairly routine, doc didn’t mention any complication risks or concerns from the prior surgery.

Last week I went in to have my vasectomy and apparently my epididymis was really tender while the doc was trying to get ahold of the vas. I did have a few shots to numb, but pain was still there, just not as bad. I cried uncle when my hands and legs began to tingle and my vision was getting darker. We rescheduled for next month with general anesthesia. He did make an incision which he sutured up. 3 days after I noticed some bruising around the left side of my scrotum near the incision. The bruising spread across to the top of my testicle which is still tender 5 days out.

I can’t find many resources on vasectomy after an orchiopexy and I’m not sure if I should be concerned about the bruising or not. I’m concerned there is scar tissue from my orchiopexy surrounding the vas and making it difficult to move around. After finding this forum I’m kind of freaking out and wondering if I’m making a terrible decision. I am going to get ahold of the doc tomorrow and try to get info on the bruising. Has anyone else here had an orchipexy prior to their vasectomy? Did it add risks or complications??

Wow. I don’t have the technical answers you are probably looking for but I will say this. Given your situation i wouldn’t get a vasectomy if you paid me $5mil. I feel like you dodged a major bullet with torsion and you’re only asking for trouble. Shame on the fool that didn’t even have a conversation about the possibilities here. Given the risk and your history, I wouldn’t do it. That dirtbag is clearly only interested in one thing and I promise it’s not your wellbeing or your future worryfree sex life. Of course everyone on here has their own regrets and opinions but I feel like you’re asking a lot out of an already risky procedure.

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Ditto choooo’s thoughts. I contend that my vasectomist injured me during the pre-vas consult. I was hurting a bit a week later when he did the vas. Here I am 13-1/2 years later with chronic pain in the same spot.

You dodged a bullet. Accept the grace you’ve been given.

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I am going to echo the sentiment of the other two gentleman that have replied. You have had major trauma to that area and have lost one testicle and the other is unnaturally affixed to your scrotum (due to a congenital deformity/bell clapper I’m assuming). You seem to be leading a pretty good/normal life with one missing testicle and another altered one. I don’t know why on earth you would be the one taking the bullet here especially given the response you had during the first attempted vasectomy.

For humanity’s sake. Please think this thing over. I am not going to suggest your wife take on the responsibility because I’m very against human sterilization now as a result of what happened to me. How old are you and your wife? If you are 40 or greater I would just wait and use condoms or use a lot of caution until menopause takes care of things. Maybe you and your wife could alternate between the pill and condoms. A year duty a piece or something like that.

You have been given a chance to reassess.

We have more than one guy here that was on a second procedure down there and ended up having problems as a result of the operation. Varicocele guys, other torsion guys, hernia guy etc… You’ve already had major trauma down there. Imagine the pain you were in lasting for months or years.

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Man, I so agree with that. Well said @Choohooo.

@Jpops, I would definitely advise you not have the procedure, and I agree with the others that you are likely a bad candidate for the procedure.

Men with pre-existing conditions that are dormant, asymptomatic, etc are likely bad candidates. There are several guys that are as described on this site including myself. Based on everything I know, odds of you becoming a pvps statistic are higher than the average man. Honest docs and/or uro’s would tell you the same thing.

One thing is for certain. You stopped by this place, posted here, and got a proper warning of sorts. If you decide to go through with this, and things go south, you can’t say nobody tried to warn you.

Good luck with whatever you decide to do.

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I vaguely remember reading “back in the old days” (perhaps on the Yahoo board) speculation that men with any prior manipulation of the spermatic cord were not good candidates for vasectomy. I can’t place it, but I distinctly remember reading someone’s advice, maybe one of us, that guys with prior torsion, hernia, varicoceles, etc. should avoid vasectomy. Hearsay at the moment, but I do remember reading something to that effect.