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Post Vasectomy Reversal Pain

Hey Joe, just another day in paradise! My symptoms are similar, some days I don’t even notice and others I can really feel it driving in my car to work. I can still tell that things are working themselves out down there and not even sure what’s going on, but time is going to have to do because I don’t think another surgery is going to help me at this point. If I was in unending, serious pain a year from now I would do it though. How long has surgery been for you since the Neuro? In the morning when I wake up my testicles are hard and drawn up, but toward the end of the day are relaxed and hanging normally? It seems to be my vas is still irritated and causing the retraction? My only guess at this point. When I go see Dr. Werthman he always says it’s part of the healing process, and he’s probably actually right. It’s just the healing process is a very long painful process! I’m walking much longer than a couple of months ago and back into the gym, so I can see progress with my other pain, so just going to handle the new pain and hope it goes away, probably to be replaced by a new pain, but I’ll cross that bridge when I get to it. Probably the most important thing I learned from people on this site is to measure progress in months, even years. I was measuring by days and weeks and getting really frustrated, but after reading peoples stories I realized it could be a good long time, but others have had, and are having a recovery, so that keeps my hopes up and spirits high, which they need to be to actually recover! My best to ya, and send me a message any time Joe.

It’s funny buy right after my reversal my right side, which had been my good side became my bad side and the left side, which had tortured me for years was fixed!.

It’s funny but as time has gone by they have flipped again.

I’m convinced my issue is in the tissue surrounding the vas. The sheath. I have problems at night when I get erections. I have reached down there and I don’t think it’s the cremaster muscles pulling up it’s almost as if it comes from the abdomen. Like the vas and maybe all the structures are being pulled up in and there is a choke point around where there is scar tissue from previous surgeries. Like a traffic jam of tissue. Think of pulling on a thread in a sweater and it’s connected in one spot but loose in others and everything bunches up. That’s kind of how I feel That’s where the pain is coming from.

I am very hesitant to introduce a lot of new scar tissue to that area. I feel like a mini-micro denervation where about 1-2mm of tissue around the vas was ablated laproscopically using extremely fine instruments, focusing on the sheath around the vas, it would help me a lot. I think that’s where the angry nerves are again.

Just thinking out loud.

Have you done blocks like Botox? Or anything of that nature? Just curious I remeber someone saying they got multiple blocks and then hit Botox and after a long while it subsided. Just a thought.

Actually it was recovereds post back in August. my mind is foggy but he just sent me an email recently and that’s how I remebered.:smile:

I think Don hit paydirt with Botox from Dr. P. This was after targeted denervation and cryoablation. I thought botox was more for paralyzing motor nerves and not so much about sensory nerves but I am an IT guy and not a doctor.

I think I’d rather have a shot than a blade but apparently Botox causes some issues as well and that’s why it’s third line and not first.

Sometimes I think I may have just scarred closed on that side, the left and my body just doesn’t like that. I am light years ahead of pressure reversal me though but having experienced pain free I want that again. I am at a point where quality of life is poor right now.

Mike, Luckily I’m sleeping ok at night now. I still get a little sore here and there, but it seems as if my body is SLOWLY adjusting. Sorry to hear your still having issues like that! It does sound like a functional issue and surgery might be the only option. As I am feeling a little better every month I’m going to hold off doing anything for now, unless things get worse again. Seems like they may be able to see that tissue or swelling on an detailed MRI of the area maybe? I’m sure it won’t show up on x-ray. Sounds like the botox may work out well for that issue, to relax the tissue in that area if they can find it.

Well the other thing I’m told is I have a small hernia but the wording of the report was “possible” collection of fat in “possible” inguinal hernia. I was finally given green light for hernia surgery but my guts are not feeling right again. I’m like WTF did I eat? The hernia doc wanted to be sure diverticuliits was not active for fear of mesh infection.

You know I’m sleeping okay. Pain is not that bad in mornings to non existent these days. For me it’s just that first couple of hours in my chair at work and I am a bit sensitive. Then usually things get better but after a few days and by the end of the week I can have bad pain just trying to watch TV. It’s crazy though, on the way to work yesterday in my truck I was fine but then sitting at my desk things started hurting. I can’t stand it. Very frustrating. Mentally once you have so many up and downs you start to have a hard time enjoying the ups because you know the nerves can act up again. It’s maddening.

How’s recovery coming gwhitman?

Pretty good Bob! I still have some healing to do, but exercising about 4 times a week now! I still have trouble walking or running for long distances, but I’m hoping that will be all good by the end of the year. I can tell the swelling seems to go down a little bit extra every month. I still have a bad day here and there, but seems to be a pattern of recovery. I will post an update on how I’m doing when I reach the one year mark in November. How about you? How long ago was your surgery?

Just wanted to check if there were any updates?

Hey Jsh, long time for a reply, sorry, but have been doing much better. I still have issues with long hikes and running, but day to day much better. Not sure how long that will hold out or not, but just happy to be getting by with some days being totally pain free, other days I have pain, but it’s manageable. How about you?

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@gwhitman had a reversal in Sept. Seems my recovery has followed a similar path as yours and others here. Pain still at 2.5 months out, but i’m hopefully i’ll eventually get relief.

I think my girlfriend at the time was rolling me around in a wheelchair at the park at 2.5 months, and now I can hike about 4 or 5 miles, but with low level pain. So you still have a long ways to go, stay positive!

@gwhitman well i’m not nearly wheelchair bad, so maybe there is hope yet :slight_smile:

Yep, lots of room to recover, have a great holiday!

can you go more in to detail about your recovery. i am almost 11 months post reversal and still have pain at connection sites, and some pain after sex. i know it can take a long time to heal, how long did it take you to feel really really good? thanks.


post reversal almost 11 months, still in pain at connection sites. does this seem likely? based on your knowledge?


Hello Mike

I had pain for awhile but it was manageable. Or maybe I should say it was better than it was. I’m 6 years out and better but the last surgery I had took even longer to heal from and I still have issues. It’s not nearly what it was but you gotta believe your
gonna get better too. I got off the forum because I felt almost guilty I was getting better and Telling others my last story was the best thing I could do. Have faith Mike. Exercise even just a small amount helped me in all areas of my recovery too. Mostly
mentally because I realized I could.

Hope and pray you heal my friend…

Regards Joe


It looks like about 2 years since I wrote that. So I’d say about a solid Year and half or more of recovery. I had nerve damage after the surgery and it was painful to just move around. I worked out at the gym through it and did ALOT of stretching, and Qi-gong. Similar to Tai-Chi. The constant stretching every day really seems to help. I don’t know the details of your story, but are you having congestive pain or nerve pain. I had congestive before the surgery which the surgery, did seem to heal, but caused NEW nerve pain from the newer surgery. I feel mostly 100 percent these days. I can get pain, but only if I sit wrong or workout too much and the pain usually goes away quickly. Really long walks, which use to bother me really bad, are not as bad anymore. If I don’t stretch for awhile, i can feel the pulling nerve pain feel and I know I need to start stretching more. You may not want to hear that it takes years to get better, but if you can hang in there, there is light at the end of the tunnel.

hey brother, thanks for responding. i get that it can take a long time to recover, just was hoping to get some relief to help coax me into the final torture of this crap. i honestly don’t know if i have nerve pain or congestion pain. dr. never did a sperm analysis and i am going to demand to get one done, just to see what my counts are, and if i could be congested. i just have achy, heaviness, throbbing at the reconnection sites. the old testicle pain seems to have gone away with the reversal, but right where the reconnection sites are/above the testicles by inguinal area is where i am having pain. thanks for the response dude. do you remember how your road to recovery was around 10 months out? still in a large amt of pain? just get nervous with the one year mark coming up, and still dealing with issues.