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Hi All,

So glad these forums exist. Really nice layout. I have had off and on pains since my Original Vasectomy around 3 years ago. I don’t think the Dr did a bad job, I just had constant congestive pain from the procedure. Always had a constant full feeling in my balls and constant rectal pressure. I decided the pain was never going to really go away so I contacted Dr. Werthman in LA. He understood my pain issues and I went through with the Reversal about a Month and a half ago. The initial recovery period over the first week looked promising, very little pain except for swelling. However when the swelling went down is when I suspected something was wrong. My left side seemed to heal with no pain, but the right there seems to be a granuloma that formed. I can feel it from the side of my sack. Also around the area where i assume the vas was attached together it feels tender. What really scares me is when I walk my sack tightens up and starts to give me pain if I walk for more than a couple of blocks. I’m use to being physically active and this really sucks. How long does it take the vas to heal, and I was wondering if anyone else had similar symptoms and how long it took for them to resolve. I know I’m fairly early on in the healing process, but since one side has healed and is fine, I’m really suspecting something is wrong with the right. Luckily sitting and being still/sleeping I have no pain most of the time, just when i start moving around and my sack starts to tighten up. It also seems that on the right side the testical is riding higher up and when the sack gets tight it kinda bulges to the side. When I’m relaxed and they are hanging in the shower there doesn’t seem to be any pain, so I don’t think the pain is coming from the vas being pulled. Thanks for anyone who can give me insight into this, and Merry Christmas to all!

Man I feel for ya. I had a reversal and I was worried more about my right side since that side sits higher = shorter vas to work with for the original vasectomy and reversal. I had a small granuloma and/or hematoma form on my right side after my reversal. It took a number of weeks to decrease in size and eventually go away. But it was also the slower side to heal up compared to my left side.

You can find my story and recovery in the surgical section of this site. But in a nutshell it took me about 5 months before I could go for a normal/fast walk pain free.

Thanks for all the Information David. I did indeed read your story and you’ve been through alot! I am going to schedule an appointment in about a month to see Dr. Werthman and get my sperm count results. I have been walking around the block outside, and doing some pushups keeping my core tight and that doesn’t seem to bother me that much. I’m not sure what really “irritates it” it just seems to act up sometimes. Although if i walk longer than a block the sack starts to tighten up like it’s protecting itself. When did the “sac tightening” when doing physical activity seem to go away for you? I just ordered those natural anti-inflammatory you mentioned and the fish-oil capsules. The worse part is sometimes you feel like your improving and turning a corner, then the pain is back and worse. I definitely have some depression/anxiety setting in and have lost my appetite so going to start forcing myself to make smoothies in the morning and at night to keep my calorie count up. Good to hear that even though there may be pain and a granuloma formed that the vas connection can still be open. I am very worried about blockage myself. Thanks for responding David it’s good to have somebody to talk to.


I had a reversal with Werthman a little over 2-years ago. I had a very long recovery and still think I might be improving a little even today. At your stage in recovery I was in a lot of pain, unable to work, exercise, etc…. You will likely improve with time - I’d rest up and take it easy at least to the 3-month mark. I didn’t really start exercising until 9-months post reversal and still had some black and blue at the bottom of sack all the way out to 12-months. Sounds like we have some similarities, same doc, most of my pain has also come from right side, I too am very active… Time and patience… At least that’s what I needed.

The sac tightening is a normal body function I think. But having it happen and not cause pain was a while. But unlike you I didn’t really try to push things that often. I would try once a week or so to do walk and go from there. Honestly now, luckily I guess, it’s been over 3 years ago so I would even have to refer to my post / notes for refreshing my memory.

Another thing I don’t remember if I mentioned was the importance of vitamin C. It is used by your body to create collagen which is used for all sorts of tissue repair. So you have a lot of scars (Surgical and vas-to-vas connection). I distinctly remember that taking 2-3 grams or 2000-3000mg / day seemed to really help. So much so that I would get a noticeable decrease in pain for about an hour after taking 1 gram.

Just recently I started mega-dosing on vit C for some virus fighting (potential shingles) up to 12 - 18 grams / day (or until bowel tolerance). And it is interesting the other issues I had that seemed to clear up with it. Things like a 5-6 week soar wrist that was noticable when trying to do pushups.


Thanks for the feedback. Yeah, it seems the reversal is a much more intense surgery and it seems strange that they tell you the recovery will be about the same as a vasectomy? Maybe it is for some? It’s good to hear that with time things WILL get better, at least that’s what I’m hoping. It sounds like your recovery was pretty hard. I have some days with little pain, but then it comes back? That’s the demotivating thing. It seems Dr. Werthman is one of the top reversal Docs, but I guess everyone just heals differently and there’s just going to be some that have a longer recovery process, or how easy it is to correct what was done by the original surgeon. So what did Dr. Werthman do for you when you went in for your checkup and he saw what was happening to you?


I could up my Vit C. I’m currently taking the Dr. Schulze brand, but not in those dosages. I will up my dosage slowly and see how my body reacts. Glad the vitamin C is working out so well for you! I tried to walk around without tights the other day for a couple of hours and let things just hang so they could stretch out. Not a good idea, and paying for that today. I will be in my tights for awhile and not doing that until I think I’m beyond a no pain level for a couple of weeks. When I walk I do so pretty slowly and gingerly. Because of the depression setting in but not getting worse I am going to start juicing and making anti-inflammatory weight gain shakes in the morning because my appetite is pretty much gone. I’ve lost about 10 pounds in a month and a half. I didn’t have much fat to begin with from working out and now it’s pretty much all gone, but probably burning muscle too at this point so need to do something.


Because of the distance between me and Werthman we handled all check-ups over the phone. He checked in on me several times during the first year. I had my SA levels checked locally by the same guy who did my vas. I had this done around 3-months and my numbers were good, so it appears that the reversal was technically a success.

Yah I wouldn’t recommend the kind of vit C dosage I am doing right now necessarily just trying to give you a greater context on the amounts possible to be taken. It is also interesting that an individuals needs can vary GREATLY depending on what the body needs. Case in point when I am not sick at all my tolerance might only be 2-3 g / day but when I have a virus or something I am fighting off I can take into my body 20 - 30 g / day orally on top of 75g intravenously.

Yah on the tights FWIW to this day I still where the very supportive boxer brief style underwear because I had a few days (back in the 3/6/9 month post reversal) where I would try some boxers or even a looser fitting style of boxer briefs and I would end up with quite a bit of aching/drawing pain in my vas from doing that for one day.

So I’m almost at 8 weeks post reversal from Dr. Werthman and have good days and bad. It’s strange, but when I was healing nightly erections caused no discomfort and I was actually sleeping pretty well until about the last week when the stretching down there from nightly erections now cause pain from the right testicle which is now interfering with my sleep. This really sucks. I’m also getting feelings of a pulling in my abdomen on that side. Is this because the vas is reconnecting itself and the nerves are coming back on-line? Just getting a little worried because this pain is a big setback. I know the recovery is suppose to be alot of ups and downs, but this is getting ridiculous. The pain seems to be radiating from the connection site, and it’s been the problem spot of all of my pain. I guess the good news is that the swelling is gone and everything “looks normal” down there again. Just strange that one connection site is so much more sore and giving me problems than the other. Has anyone else had a similar experience in their recovery?

Hi G Whitman
I had issues out three to five months with my reversal. I had shooting nerve pains where I hadn’t had any, I had pelvic floor problems which could be your pulling issue. The nerves are irritated. Someone explained to me about 6 week to 8 weeks out they are still making sense of things. I finally sought relief like I said around three months. I remember really losing it in July the night before my sons birthday party and punching my truck and crying because I felt so fucked up. My surgery was in April 2014 with Dr. P and he reassured me for the PVPS suffers it could be as long as 9 months. By 6 months I was feeling great except my hyper retractle testicle which I just had denervation for. It’s a haul and a horrible roller coaster but hang on you will get better. Look into pelvic floor therapy too. It helped me tremendously.
Regards Joe

Since I’m almost at two months I’m going to hold out hope then. It just seems strange that I don’t feel like I made any progress in the lessening of pain since about the second or third week after the procedure. It does make sense that the nerves do need time to heal though. The pain I’m having feels like a dull pulling ache. It leaves me with this constant low level headache, which I think I’m getting use too strangely. I have been able to manage with T3 and advil so far, but it’s JUST enough. I will definitely look into pelvic floor problems as this could help with the vas needing to stretch maybe? I do feel pain when the one testicle drops low when it’s relaxed, not sure if it’s a length issue or a nerve issue at the reconnect site though. I may be having that hyper retractile testicle issue myself. I know time will heal some problems, just hope it will with the ones I’m having. I understand the frustration which comes with these issues now. How is your denervation recovery going? Thanks for the information Joe.

It’s been really tough I have been icing and drugging and have started to get some relief from the burning. Anxiety is through the roof as I feel new aches and pains. I can’t help but wonder as they come on if it’s temporary or a new piece of luggage I can’t possibly handle. I don’t know how anyone returns to work in two weeks. I have been in bed longer than my reversal. Today I have been on my feet a lot but still haven’t ventured out far from my home. Tomorrow is three weeks and I have been told it should start to get better from here. Plus I have a consult with Dr. B too. I am sure he will put my mind at ease for a little while at least till the next pang. Lol Thanks for asking I hope you get relief soon and can leave this all behind you.
Regards joe

Well I hope you pull through ok Joe. The anxiety of worrying if you’re going to get better can be one of the rougher things to deal with, even besides the pain. I believe with enough time and therapies that the body will just eventually give up and return to normal :smile: I’m sure your close to beating this thing. Hang in there!

Well this has definitely and continues to be a roller coaster. My right testicle vas connection which has been giving me a hard time since the beginning is finally starting to feel better, and now my left testicle which has been completely fine and giving me 0 problems since the reversal is starting to ache. I just went to Dr. Werthman today and he said that I have some inflammation down there. Yep. My rectal pressure has also returned which coincides with the inflamed left testicle. This has me concerned because this pain has been gone since the procedure. Going to start Bactrim today and see where it leads me. Maybe it is an infection somewhere??? I’ve been wearing my super tight underwear day & night and that seems to be helping the right side heal better. I thought letting everything move around a bit at night was a good idea, nope. If I can get this left side inflammation down and get this new pain resolved, I think I will be in a good place. I’m on a pretty intense anti-inflammatory diet, so I hope this has some bearing on my outcome. Just when I thought I was turning a corner and now this!

Just wanted to give an update to my experience here and had a couple of questions for anyone with some answers. The nerve pain that had been there after surgery seems to be gone, which is a great relief, however it has been replaced by left testicle congestive pain. I am roughly 2 months 10 days out from reversal and my left testicle is rock hard and it seems to be trying to pull itself up into my abdomen all the time? I have been using ice & heat packs to “loosen it up” and allow it to descend somewhat, and this has helped a little. Since the surgery I have just got pain with movement pretty much, and now this new pain just comes out of nowhere. I dealt with some congestive pain after my original vasectomy but this seems to be worse. My SA numbers came back not too great, but I don’t think terrible “4million” count after a couple of months. Coming off a medrol pack and bactrim, which doesn’t seem to be helping. Did anyone else get the “hard testicle” try to ascend into abdomen pain after their reversal, did the pain improve after a while? Starting to worry that the pipes might be shut down there on one side, the other seems fine. Thanks for all your guys advice and help as always.

That sounds a lot like a hyperetractile testicle. I went through that from the very begging of vas after my reversal it got worse. Cold would bring it on and cause pain. My numbers were very low also first counts were something like 18mill. I also felt the hardness and thought I was restricted on the left side. All my issues were left sided after reversal. Occasionally my right would send a shooting pain too but my left was the biggest problem and hyper retractions were rough.
Good luck time will still be your friend it did start to happen less often but I wanted neurolysis to stop it and so far it has. In the five weeks since neuro it has not happened again
Regards joe

That’s some good advice. I’m going to ride it out as long as I can stand and see if time and patience is on my side. If not I will definitely look into the neurolysis if it doesn’t improve. May ask you for more details if that time comes. Thanks Joe.

Haven’t been on the site in awhile and just wanted to give my close to 4 month update. Every month seems to introduce a new pain, but old pains seem to subside. Progress? I feel I’m making progress as I’m walking around like a normal person now and have mild pain on and off during the day. The new pain of the month is feeling like I’m getting punched in my right kidney. I had this pain before following my first vasectomy operation and know it’s a referred pain from my testicle. They are still very hard 4 months out and I can tell they are still under a lot of pressure. When I wake up in the morning they tend to ride up high in the sack and strangely during the day they relax and drop down, not sure what that’s about? Anyway, I am back in the gym doing light exercises, but no heavy weights or running yet. Maybe in 3 to 4 months? However, still being in pain, it is less now than it has been, which is a blessing. Still in more pain than before the reversal, but hoping it gets better. Sadly, yes, reversal pain can be more than after the original vasectomy, as I am finding out.

Hey G --Mman I relate to the right kidney issue mine has been going on since original vas. I was out a month and everything came on. I’ll spare the detas but test after test shows nothing. I wish there was a way to signal a nerve to locate its disfunctional. This has been the worst part of this whole thing. When it pops up I have such trouble and now I am starting to get it on the left side too. If you find anything out about this condition please let me know. I think after I wait this out for the next several months I am gonna try to get a block on the right side to see if it helps. The funny thing is it is not always there causing issues. I can go a few days sometimes and then it returns. I hope you feel better reversal took awhile for many of us. Here. I should have waited longer before jumping the gun on neuro… 8 months was too short a time and it was completely unnecessary I just didn’t listen to my inner gut when it was screaming at me.:disappointed_relieved: