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Post vasectomy pain in Abdomen 5 months later Mystery to modern medicine!

Hi All,

I had an NSV (Non scalpel) 5 months ago on the NHS in the UK… instantly had cramping pain in abdomen… everything else healed fine, no pain anywhere else but cannot seem to shake it. Doctor has tried me on Diclofenac (anti inflamms), Cipro (anti biotic in case of prostate infection), and currently use Amtriptyline (nerve modulator). Nothing seems to shift it. Diclofenac when taken for a few week does improve the pain but it never actually goes and if i do any kind of vigorous movement it flares up and i am back to square one.

I have had a scan of abdomen and genitals and no issue seen, had prostate check and all normal… given up on the NHS now as they are just trying different pills on me so i have booked an appointment with Dr Doherty at the Birmingham prostate clinic. Private appt so will hurt the wallet but what can you do!

Has anyone had anything similar? Because when i search for this issue there is nothing that seems similar, the only condition that seems close is ACNES (Abdominal cutaenous nerve entrapment syndrome) so i am wondering if when the they snipped the ‘cabling’ a nerve strand has gone awry and got trapped somewhere. Clutching at straws really!

Any help would be appreciated.


Loz is this anything like your abdominal pain?

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There are many on here (including me recently) and in the literature who suffer abdominal pain as part of pvps.

Thanks Don… what i rarely find is anything on people who have only Abdominal pain and no other symptoms… of course i understand it can be referred pain… but my scan showed zero signs of any of the standard issues associated with PVPS… the NHS docs seem to be at a loss over what it could be and are trying me on multiple different pills… the only one that helps seems to be diclofenac (anti inflammatory)… Hopefully a private specialist may be able to help, but it will not be cheap… oh well i would rather have a credit card bill than feel like this and potentially ruin my relationship with my wife.
If you do have anything that you think is relevant if you could provide links that would be great.

ljtomono1 Hi and welcome Mate, This is me all over severe abdominal lower cramps and continous rumbling in that area started 2 days after vasectomy definitely linked. I am coming up to 5 months with no answers, ct scans, ultrasounds cant find anything. I am lucky though i get the whole package with mine sore testicles, swollen cords as well. The other guy who has this that i know of is Kevinb on here am trying to get more info off him as we speak.He doesnt post much and is a long timer on here. I am happy this forum is here as no one in Australia believes these symptoms.I have tried every medicine possible and anti inflammatory did nothing. . Cheers Laurie

Thanks Laurie… sorry to hear about your issues i guess im ‘lucky’ that its just my abdomen… although given the odds we were all quoted i suppose none of us are really ‘lucky’! I am trying to keep the pain to a bearable level until i can see a private consultant… i am also considering deep tissue massage.

I will talk to the consultant about ACNES… abdominal cutaneous nerve entrapment syndrome and see if this is a possibility of this being the cause.

@ljtomono1 i doubt its ACNES because that is more to do with gut problems. Mine runs all the way from testicle cords to lower abdomen. Let us know how you go. thanks.

Will do, thanks Laurie… perhaps i am clutching at straws

I have abdominal pain. It moves around. Sometimes it’s over in my right flank just above my hip. Most of the time it between my belly button up to my ribs. I believe it’s a damaged nerve. When I do sit-ups or twisting exercises it gets much worse.

@Choohooo mine is just below belly button and moves around to and is more towards my right hip. Also since the day of my vasectomy with in few hours i got rumbling and gurgling cramping its defiantly linked because my cords are swollen and pain radiates from there. Also my balls are very sore like i been kicked. I am doing the antibiotics doxycycline for 2 weeks at the moment to cover all bases but after 6 days its done nothing.

Same deal with me… each time i feel a bit better and try to for a run or do some press ups i am back to square one and it takes 3-4 weeks of anti-inflammatories to get me back to a manageable level of cramps. I think its nerve related also. Perhaps the ACNES that i mention above apparently it can happen when healing from surgery… but hey im no doctor!:wink:

Ya I have the gurgling as well. Early on, if I’d suck my gut in and out it would make this really strange sound. That was proceeded by two months of diarrhea but I was taking natural anti inflammatory supplements so I don’t know what was doing what. The stomach issues have largely cleared but the pain hasn’t. I’ve got my own ideas about what’s going on…

What do you think it is? Open to ANY ideas!

I had the same thing.I had dull pain right testical,but really bothered me is when I ran(and esp if I was shouting and running)I would have these terrible burning sensation cramps in my abdomen running from the hairline up.Very bad pain.I would stop and see if I needed to piss or what.I also had what seemed a gurgling sound and would press my side in with my hand and it would respond.Very strange.

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@Mainman Hi. How long till this goes away? Does it ever go away? Abdominal pains doing my head in. Thanks?

That was the final straw for me.It took 12 years with the last 4 post vas becoming worse and worse for me before I got a reversal.Cum volume to zero.Cum consistency like glue.Right testical pain,and right testical ache.Also very hard time to cum either thru masterbation or sex with wife.My balls seemed to pull right into me and felt like I just Couldn t get there.Super frustrating considering pre vas I had a huge sex drive ,and large volume of cum.Vas was certainly the cause.I have no doubts.

It never went away until I got a reversal.Had it bad for the last 2 years.Burning sensation.Had a clean bill of health.

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Good to know you got it sorted!:slight_smile:

Everyone with abdominal pain, what side is it on?? Left or right?

Mine is right side in from hip area running up to flank area.