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Post Vasectomy Pain Appearing 3 years AFTER Vasectomy

Hey Guys,

Quick update here. Just talked to the same internal medicine doc who fixed my umbilical hernia about 2 years ago. The ultrasounds did reveal a small hernia on both sides, but from what the doc said the ultrasound is almost too good at detecting hernias. He said they are so small that they are too small for him to do surgery on and told me that it is highly unlikely they are causing the epididymitis in my balls. I suspected this was the case, but he just confirmed it for me. Upon physical exam there are no hernias to be found. I don’t even think he would know where to begin to cut even if he tried. One piece of advice I would offer anyone is to listen to your body because that is the best voice much of the time. I have an appointment with the vas reversal doc (Dr. Spitz) in two days. Stay tuned for the next episode of “As The Vasectomy Spurns” . . . hang in there everyone.

Hi my PVPS brothers! I am writing this for my own notes as well as anyone else. So, I had my appointment with Dr. Spitz and he basically spit on my notion that my pain is even vasectomy related. Based on his physical examination, he basically thinks that my problem has more to do with pelvic floor issues rather than PVPS. So, he is referring me for physical therapy for several weeks. Personally, I would be shocked if he is correct in his diagnosis, but I suppose it is better to try something conservative first even if it doesn’t work. If my scrotal pain improves, maybe he’s onto something.

When he manhandled my balls today, it actually didn’t feel too bad. He even squeezed by hydrocele/vericocele and it was a little uncomfortable, but that was all. He was also pinching around where the vas sites were. Again, . . . no real pain.

My groin and crotch pain he says could be related to general pelvic inflammation. I have struggled with lower back pain on and off for the last 8-9 months (this whole Covid thing has had me sitting a lot more than ever before and maybe this is f**king me up). I don’t know though, I still find it hard to believe that general pelvic inflammation would be causing my epididymitis.

When I mentioned that I had my vas three years ago, he seemed to dismiss it as a cause for my scrotal pain. He said if I had just had my vas, then that would make sense. I told him though that I have heard guys tell similar stories to mine where pain shows up some time later. I truly believe that because it is rare that guys have pain years later (<1 % by most accounts), most urologists don’t want to believe that this happens.

As for the physical therapy, this is how I look at it. If it works . . . great. I’ll come back here on this forum and would love to tell you that it worked (and also feel like an asshole knowing what most, if not all, of the guys on this site have been through). If it doesn’t work, which I don’t think it will, then it’s at least one more thing to check off the list of conservative treatments. I agree with many of the guys here that panic surgery is probably not the best option and taking it one logical step at a time probably is the best. In a way, I am happy that Dr. Spitz is not willing to jump to a drastic measure . . . I get it. I believe Dr. Marks has also said the same to other guys on this side who have consulted with him. My worry is that if the PT doesn’t work, then they will recommend something else rather than a reversal. After reading lots of posts here, it just seems like doing the reversal should be the first surgical option (even more so that using denervation techniques). I don’t want them f**king up any more shit down there. I only want reconstruction.

Has anyone had success with physical therapy? For how long did you try it, if so?

Something else that just popped into my mind. I did have a bought with prostatitis about 5 months before my vasectomy and know prostatitis can cause pelvic pain as well. Upon physical exam by my original urologist, my prostate felt fine to him. I think I am going to ask my primary care physician if she can order up a PSA anyway, just to get numerical confirmation. When I had prostatitis before, I had excruciating pain on my nerves related to the urge to go pee. My PSA was up to 11.8. After a month on cipro, I felt much better and my PSA was back down to 0.8. I am not experiencing this pain now though, which would make me question my prostate being the cause. I’m just trying to figure out how I can have so much pelvic pain if prostatitis or PVPS is not the issue.

Sorry to hear that. Your initial review of him seems similar to my recent review on his take regarding how vasectomy can change the orgasm experience. To me, he came off as dismissive and/or evasive as he never even answered the question. By doing so, he was giving everyone including the entire viewing audience the run around rather than answering a simple question and giving everyone the honest truth.

The couple positive reviews I have heard about him over the years didn’t get into many details, but I didn’t gather that those men despised him after their related appointment with him either. I will be sure to remember your account.

I am with you on that. I think that is highly unlikely. Perhaps it is the other way around? That would seem more likely to me, but WTH do I know? Heh.

I suppose you will find out what that might be providing you stick with him for a while. You certainly do not have to do anything Dr Spitz recommends to you if you don’t feel right about it. I certainly wouldn’t.

I actually did a search on Dr Spitz prior to posting his name and the link. He doesn’t review out to well on several platforms. Seems people either love him or they hate him.

Regarding the other guy that was recommended in this thread - there are several moreless negative reviews on this site about him. I didn’t search for reviews elsewhere, but if you are considering seeing him as well, do some diligent research regarding what you might expect before you consider throwing money at someone else.

Don’t assume way too much. I would be rather shocked to hear this guy is recommending PFPT for what seems to be a bad case of epididymitis, spermatic congestion, or the alike - especially in a case that seems to have began somewhere ~2-3 years post vas.

By saying that, I am not suggesting that he may not bring up such an option in conjunction with something else. Hard to say.

You can read his own words here - #3.

His blog section.

That is definitely one way of looking at things. I don’t think the majority of men that give PFPT a whirl regret it. Did some men think it was sort’v a waste of time? Perhaps. I can’t say that I have ever heard a PFPT horror story. But, some of the invasive stuff isn’t for everyone.

BTW @keeping_faith - don’t get the idea that not finding any negative reviews or anything negative about anyone means anything. Generally speaking, people do not leave negative reviews for high profile doctor’s on websites like this one or even on “review your doctor” platforms.

All to often people do not want to jeopardize a relationship with a specific doctor. They do not want to burn any bridges. They fear legal retaliation, etc - and inturn, they remain silent.

In one hand I understand that thought process, but in the other hand I do not. To me, those kinds of senerios lead the person that is doing their own diligent research beforehand to the wrong conclusions, wrong thinking, etc - as the reviews are incomplete, biased, etc.

Reviews certainly mean something, but nobody should assume way too much.