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Post Vasectomy pain and thinking about a Reversal

Good afternoon everyone, 2 months post-vasectomy right now (which I know is early) I am having the classic pain that everyone describes in the testicles and referred pain in the lower groin. Feeling though I may have made a mistake getting this procedure, I am afraid that this lingering pain is going to stick around permanently. Does anyone have any insight on getting a reversal done early after the op or should I wait a year to see what happens?

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In my opinion, it is usually better to wait a year to see what happens with your pain. It is very likely that you will be having a lot less pain at the one year mark, and it will be very useful for your decision to know what that’s like before you pull the trigger on a reversal.

By all reports, waiting one year does not change the probability that reversal will help you. In fact, it might be better to let the nerves finish calming down before you go cutting there again.

If you are in a satisfactory place at the one year mark, then of course it would be nice to avoid getting a reversal. After all, it can make you fertile, which presumably you do not want. It is also expensive and comes with risks such as more pain or other complications. Reversal also fails to work for some men – usually you see rates of around 70-80% of men get relief from a reversal.

If you are in a ton of pain, or have pain or reduced sensation during ejaculation, it might make more sense to go back for a reversal earlier. But if you’re just having chronic soreness, I’d wait.

Ethan’s advice is good. I had a vas 7 months ago. When I was at two months, I had so intense pain I was desperate to get surgery to fix it. Eventually, the pain has settled down, much due to various advice I’ve found on this forum. It’s still uncomfortable and sore daily, but not as intense as it used to be.

Waiting a year or so, will give you time to see if things get getter by itself. A year will also give you enough time to read up and realize that a reversal isn’t the easy fix you may think it is now. Basically - it’s extremely easy to cut and destroy tissue in your body - any back alley thug with a knife can do that. But no one can really put things back together the way it was. Getting a reversal may give partial relief to pressure in the epididymus, but it won’t restore the delicate propulsive function of the vas, or the various nerves around it that’s been cut. A healthy vas is continous smooth muscle, after reversal there will be chunks of scar tissue instead, and possibly/hopefully an open hole in the middle. A reversal surgery adds extra cuts and scars, which may make things worse. So, getting a reversal or any other surgery should be after a very careful consideration.

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